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Alan Handelsman and his Resonance Tuning

Alan Handelsman sales a card that can heal, and do much more.

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Auroville, Atlas City Project, Resource Based Economy

An absolutely incredible non-monetary spiritual city found within India known as Auroville. There is a short documentary on how Auroville came into being and it's progression since 1969 to make the inspirational city that it has become today. This city is an enormous inspiration to the resource based economy community and my own personal thanks and gratitude to the incredible individuals who have participated in making a dream city like this come to life.

Atlas City Project
The Atlas City Project is a planned community living in the RBE (Resource Based Economy) to be built in America as a transitional model of the Venus Project.

Solfeggio Frequencies sound healing

In this video, I speak on more regarding Solfeggio Frequencies sound healing, copper pyramids and out of body experiences

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2012 - rewriting DNA

DAVID WILCOCK DECEMBER 2009 on Norway Spiral, DNA Upgrade, 2012 and UFO Disclosure.

Connecting to the Akashic Records

In this video, everyone will be shown how they can connect to the unconscious collective that can bring forward an unlimited access to all information throughout the entire universe by becoming con...

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