Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Source of Pain and Suffering | Bashar .
To know why I have attracted this experience, I need to ask this question: “What did I learned about myself from this experience, which I would not have learned if I had not had this experience?”
It gave me the experience of darkness, and pain, to the point when I think all is lost. And then I see ligth again. I see the possibilities for grought, expencion. But I would rather not have the negative experiences.
By saying this I am invalidating the stepping stone. And it will not work. I am cutting this out of my path, it doesn't belong to be, but it does belong to me, or it would not have happened.
When I egnolege, and totaly validate that this has happened for a reason. It could have been done in another way, but this is the way I did it. Don't judge myself, don't judge my life for any less for having done it that way. DON'T WHISH IT GONE - LEARN WHAT IT THOUGHT ME! Accept it as a valuable stepping stone that brought me to where I am. When I accept, and validate it, for the lesson it gave me, then it doen't need to stay in my life. It is only the resestance that extends the pain of this experience. Because the pain is a result of the resistance to the natural me, to what is, to who I am.

Monday, August 26, 2013


Link to Expanded Perceptions:
as our mind creates a strong bridge into our multidimensional, Cosmic Mind, we can maintain a strong connection to our higher expressions of SELF that exists outside the 3D hologram. From the perspective of our Cosmic Mind we can use our expanded perceptions of clairvoyance (higher frequency sight), clairaudience (hearing) and clairsentience (feelings) to perceive the higher dimensions of our reality that resonate beyond the confines of the 3D Matrix.

Friday, August 23, 2013

How To Deprogram Yourself Society has undergone a mass brainwashing and it is time for us to deprogram ourselves in order to be completely immersed in the evolution of consciousness. 1. Religion If a UFO were to land in your backyard tonight, I promise the ET will not have either a bible or money. Religion has been the longest running form of mind control on the planet and has served to not only keep us separated, but to depopulate the world through numerous wars, Inquisitions and Crusades in the name of "God". What religion does not teach us is that we are powerful, spiritual beings without them. In the next few months or years, we can look forward to religion's next form of mind control as they admit to the presence of extraterrestrial beings. This, of course, will not fall into the bible's timeline, unless they try to convince their followers that the ET's have only been around for the last 6,000 years as well. If that were true, then why are they so much more advanced than we are if they are able to travel light years to visit us? The real truth is that the bible is just a story to keep you living in subservience, control and conformity, the same template as every government. Solution: Ask lots of questions and go within for answers. It is time to take control of your own life instead of giving your energy and power away to others. 2. Money When you find religion, you find money as these two tenets in life are married to one another. Within these two entities, you'll also find their bastard stepchild, government as all 3 are perpetually tied to each other. I often ask people, "If there was no such thing as money, then what would you be doing with your life?" This will give you an idea of what your life purpose should be if you were not influenced by the almighty dollar. While money can simply be viewed as another form of energy, neither positive or negative, it also takes us away from our true, natural selves along with what is truly important in our lives. We are all economic slaves to the system. How many of us work 40+ hours a week only to find ourselves so drained at the end of the day that we don't want to do anything other than relax and watch TV? That means that you are working 40+ hours so you can enjoy yourself for the weekend. In essence, you are an economic slave for 5 days to the corporations in exchange for 2 days to yourself. Does this sound fair? And how are you spending these two days? Are you helping to make this world a better place or are you simply recharging your batteries so you can go back to being a slave to these corporations who drained your battery in the first place? Solution: We live in a society that relies on money for existence. Some people are able to get off the grid completely but they are few and far between. Find whatever it is that truly makes you happy, then find ways to make a living doing it. There may be a time when you have to work your current job while building a new career, but in the end, you'll find that working for yourself is much more gratifying than working some job that you hate for a boss who is an a*hole. Also, stop supporting these companies that keep us living as economic slaves. Buy local. 3. Nature Everything that man has done has contributed to the degradation of nature as we have polluted our food, skies and water supplies. Nature was much better off without us. Despite our ways, nature provides an outlet and an opportunity to connect with what is important in life because without nature, we do not exist, period. Solution: Take to time to connect with nature. Go out for a long walk in the woods or at the beach. Listen. Stargaze. Find that inner peace that nature provides. This is much more enriching than wasting your time watching TV. 4. TV Along with religion, this is one of the biggest mind control venues out there. How many times have you ever felt good after watching the news? If you trace who owns the mainstream media in the United States (TV, newspapers, radio stations, magazines, etc...) you'll find that there are only 6 people at the top of the chain and all have Zionist ties, so what are the chances that your news is "fair and unbiased"? Do you enjoy being (literally) programmed into what you should eat, wear, drink, etc... through the commercials? This is why we never see an introverted person on TV ads because it shows the wrong message to those in power as they discourage people from looking within. Every ad shows some extrovert with his or her group of friends living the fictitious life that you should be living (through their eyes). And these people have above average looks and portray success, which subconsciously tell us that we are not good enough the way we are and if we want to be successful, beautiful and have friends like them, then we need to purchase whatever product they are selling. Does this sound ridiculous? It is, yet many people fall for this ploy, otherwise the commercial would not exist. Solution: Stop watching TV. If you cannot do this, then record educational programs and skip through the commercials. 5. Meditate The biggest excuse people say when asked why they do not meditate is, "I don't have the time" yet these same people will waste hours watching their favorite TV shows. Another excuse is, "I can't clear my mind." There are many different forms of meditation and in time, you will be able to meditate at a crowded beach or swimming pool if you really wanted to. There are many physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits to meditating. (see 100 Benefits of Meditation) Meditation allows you to connect to your higher self while giving you clarity and insight to your direction and purpose for being here. This is why our senses are over-stimulated with everything else... to keep us too busy to connect with our higher selves. Solution: Find the time to meditate, even if it is for only 5-10 minutes a day. Experiment with different meditation techniques. 6. Cleanse Your Body As part of the programming, our bodies have been introduced to many foreign substances, such as vaccines, GMO's, fluoridated water, chemtrails, mercury fillings, etc... There is a reason why 55 countries have BANNED GMO's and why there is a Monsanto Protection Act in the United States. If you haven't already, please educate yourself on the dangers of genetically modified organisms. Each of these substances and elements have been specifically designed to keep our energies at low levels while polluting our bodies along with the air, water and food supplies. Plus, each of these are introducing elements that are foreign to our bodies and cannot possibly be good for you. People will say, "Well, I've been eating GMO's for years and I feel great!" 10 years from now, when they're on dialysis from kidney failure or need massive tumors removed, will they be saying the same thing? Solution: Buy local. Buy organic. Stop buying from chain stores. Filter your water, use reverse osmosis or buy clean drinking water. Plant organic heirloom seeds. Replace mercury fillings. Refuse vaccinations. Research holistic physicians and methods to cure holistically. 7. Education Our educational system is a complete failure as it basically grooms our children to become corporate economic slaves while discouraging them to ask questions and to follow their own path. Generally, there has been a "dumbing down" in our educational systems because it is not in the controller's best interests to have a large part of the society questioning why things are the way they are, nor is it in their best interests for us to come up with better solutions. College is yet another failure as it generally creates even more economic subservience through student loans that will take a life time to repay. Solution: Homeschool your children without the state sponsored propaganda. Teach them at a young age to take time out to meditate. Encourage metaphysical abilities within them (or yourself!). Conclusion For many people, they will not see or acknowledge the brainwashing and programming that has been occurring throughout the decades and centuries until it is too late. Many will live their lives content as being economic slaves to a broken system. There are options and solutions. Please watch the video below, Global Unity Project: What The World Need Right Now. We are at an important juncture in human history. The path we are currently following is unsustainable and will inevitably self-destruct, as it is already doing under its own weight. What we need are solutions and answers, but first, we need to awaken from the collective programming we're under and work together to provide solutions in the best interests of humanity. Copyright Information: Copyright in5d and Gregg Prescott, M.S.. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in any form.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Activation 2013 The Unified Heart Merkaba Activation and 08-08 Gateway of Light Mp3 download We are the Arcturians speaking with you in the NOW
I finally understood what it means to "choose". Everybody was saying "ascension is free, and you just need to make a choice". And I did never understand what it means. I knew I want the ascension, but I did not know what I should be doing to acheive it, am I good enouth, am I doing the rigth thing, am I meditating enought... And now i got the answer - I need to BELIEVE I am transforming into higher frequencies; I need to BE in joy and love; I need to be my higher self. That is so cool! Woohoo!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Before your Dentist removes your silver fillings On the day of mercury amalgam removal, which should only be performed by a dentist with experience removing mercury, take 20 capsules of chlorella immediately before the procedure. No cilantro, Vitamin C, NAC, Lipoic Acid, DMPS, DMSA, EDTA or other strong chelating agent should be taken around the time of dental work. On the day of amalgam removal, vitamin C should not be taken until after the procedure otherwise, it may interfere with anesthesia. Immediately following removal, open an additional two capsules and sprinkle the contents directly on your teeth. Keep the chlorella in your mouth for about ten minutes, to absorb any metal residues; after ten minutes, spit out the chlorella and rinse your mouth with water. Repeat this step that night as well. The days following the removal: For the first eight days, take the chlorella 30 minutes before meals at your maximum tolerance level, dividing it into small doses throughout the day. Chlorella supplementation can range from half a capsule to a maximum of 15 capsules daily, depending on individual tolerance. Too high a dose will cause symptoms of nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, and headache. On days nine and ten, take ten times your usual dose, but not more than 60 capsules in a single day. Days 11 and 12 are a "rest" period and no chlorella should be taken on these days. Begin Dr. Webster’s Mercury Elimination Program on day 13 to eliminate mercury from your brain and every organ in your body. Side effects: most side effects reflect the toxic effect of the mobilized metals, which are shuttled through the organism. This problem is instantly avoided by significantly increasing the chlorella dosage, not by reducing it, which would worsen the problem (small chlorella doses mobilize more metals than are bound in the gut; large chlorella doses bind more toxins than are mobilized). Make an appointment with Dr. Webster to see if Mercury Elimination is right for you. 972-735-0707

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Andrew Bartzis - invocations

Andrew Bartzis - acashic recors

--- Here is the complete list of contract removal documents i came up with I will add more here as I come up with the rest.

I call to all beings of earth mind sentience. Hear me as I speak my hearts truth. Hear me as I speak these words.

I now revoke all soul family immigration status for the 15 multi dimensional beings who inserted them selves into our grid with out expressed consented permission with all of my past, present and future lives.

I now revoke all soul family relations to the 15 tangible and intangible primary beings who have hi-jacked our incarnation process. I now revoke all immigration status in the astral world to any of the pieces parts of the 15 primary beings who intend to become soul family through deception or the use of fine print in soul contracts.

I now state with all power from my heart, I do not consent with any interaction, covert or overt. I do not consent to any interaction with any parts of the broken system of incarnation. I now banish all forms of the 15 primary control beings from the entireness of my soul family until such time as the 15 primary beings and all pieces parts come to the fundamental understanding and acceptance of EQUALITY FOR ALL SENTIENT KIND.........

********* I call forth all spiritual contracts the involve limiting the unified aspect of our global dream-time society. I revoke all Tacit consent, uniformed past life consent, cultural uniformed consent and all situations that limit 'ME' as being with a complete soul family with all the capability of living with in the unified global dream time as a sovereign earth centric soul with infinitely complete soul family circuitry.

I hear by revoke all soul family decision making process from false spirit courts and hi-jacked incarnation grid employee's in tangible and spirit form.

I now revoke all captured or assumed powers by all beings in the entire system of domination and control

I now revoke all interaction, or assumed powers with all energy harvesting beings. I demand instant remedy and repayment of all stolen energy for life times past present and future.

I do not give consent in any way shape or form to be apart of the system of domination and control. I invoke the power of the soul family spiritual court of equity to act as the medium of contractual interactions with any being in the system of domination and control.

********* I call to all spiritual contracts that exist within my past, present and future beings, selves and existence in this dimension and time stream, all time streams above and below the earth centric sign wave of co-existence. At this exact moment in the ever-present co-creating moment I summon all DNA linage ancestors to create a unified-proper spiritual court of equity. So I may find remedy and resolve with all contracts that have inserted fine print during the pre-birth and birth process.

I call forth all soul Ancestors to begin reading the record of recording in the sacred neural point of view. All dogmas, political, spiritual or religious are here by permanently expelled from this neutral reading of all spiritual contracts with all time lines visible and invisible.

All dimensions interacting passively and actively are hereby informed that time does not exist as a social agreement. The counting of time returns to the natural universal format.

At this ever present co-creative and pro-creative moment I hear by inform all entities that have territorial issues in spirit on solid form; the rules of this spiritual court of equity prohibit all territorial assertions of knowledge, wisdom or enlightenment that exclude all sides from witnessing the reading of the record in the sacred neutral point of view.

************* Contract removal for the media systems

I call to all spiritual contracts that exist within my past, present and future beings, selves and existence in this dimension and time stream, all time streams above and below the earth centric sine wave of co-existence. At this exact moment in the ever-present co-creating moment, I summon all DNA linage ancestors to create a unified-proper spiritual court of equity. So I may find remedy and resolve with all contracts that have inserted fine print during the pre-birth and birth process.

I call forth the proper spiritual court of equity to hear my decree of contract removal. I revoke all spiritual contracts with earth based media systems using domination and control as a means of energy harvesting, fear instigation or reality manipulation with energetic propaganda technologies.

I call forth all ancestors of all soul relations to hold space in this spiritual court of equity. I call to Earth Mother and all her light denizens within all inner and outer space to come forward and occupy this spiritual court of equity. Oh great mystery who is the source of all power, I call to you. Come with your sacred synchronicity so all beings may hold space with unity consciousness.

I here by revoke all spiritual contracts with all media personalities that do not have full use of freewill and full knowledge of our DNA ancestry. I here by revoke all spiritual contracts with all media agencies, corporations, and media based family crests.

I here by revoke all spiritual contract assumptions, presumptions and statistical models that predict my habit patterns through the use of commercial advertising intertwined with the system of domination and control. I do not consent to Etheric grid broadcasting over Public airwaves, television, internet, radio or any other means or methods that propagate propaganda for mass consumption.

I do not consent to predictive modeling by Etheric or commercial means. I hear by revoke all spiritual contracts with all media based sacred geometry buildings.

I here by revoke all spiritual contracts with the sacred geometry media presidents, shareholders, news anchors, news reporters, pundits, talking heads and all representations of government officials with in the entire global media network. You have no power over me with your presumptions of knowledge. We are manifesting co-creating spirits. I here by revoke all spiritual contracts with all news regurgitating systems, crawlers, websites, search engines, print media and all forms of Etheric propaganda used with in all these systems.

I revoke all presumptions of consent with all media agencies. I revoke all assumptions with all advertising agencies that are funded by the system of domination and control. I do not consent with any advertising systems targeting soul groups, soul migrations, or the spiritual incarnation process. I here by revoke all spiritual contracts that limit the genetic free willed expression of all sentient kind. I revoke all spiritual contracts that define the media as our tellers of oral traditions or generational teachers.

I revoke all contracts with the sacred geometry satellite broadcasting system. I revoke all contracts with Etheric artificial intelligences that use sacred geometry satellite systems as a means to hi-jack my information stream. I do not consent to psychic monitoring or influencing from any media system that services the system of domination and control.

I here by demand the instant removal of all broadcast based psychic parasites and their propagation and harvesting system that creates herds of psychic parasites. I revoke all contracts that use my life force as a false-form of consent for the propagation and spreading of psychic parasite with all my DNA soul relations.

I here by revoke all soul contracts that grant the media power to last beyond one generation of history. I demand all rights of generational knowledge be returned to the soul family structure. I demand the return of our history in a complete and transparent manor, so there with never be any more secrets from our people.

I here by revoke all rights, duties, responsibilities and current actions of all media personalities. Your services are no longer required. I revoke all privileges that grant the media families any power over my soul contracts, soul family or soul based migration patterns.

I revoke all rights to any media system based in domination and control from ever returning within my soul family structure of all past, present and future lives.

I hereby demand the instant cessation and removal of all false information from all media.

I hereby demand that any and all future distribution of information over all forms of media absolutely embodies truth, integrity and transparency in perpetuity.

I here by declare that earth mother is now in dominion with me for all local or mass media information exchange systems. I call forth all the ancestors to honor this reading of my freewill and enter it into the earth Akashic record for all sentient kind to understand our freedom comes with the use of freewill at all times.

Revocation of banking systems.

I call to all spiritual contracts that exist within my past, present and future beings, selves and existence in this dimension and time stream, all time streams above and below the earth centric sine wave of co-existence. At this exact moment in the ever-present co-creating moment, I summon all DNA linage ancestors to create a unified-proper spiritual court of equity. So I may find remedy and resolve with all contracts that have inserted fine print during the pre-birth and birth process.

I call to the 4 elements, Air, Earth, Water and Fire. I call forth the the spiritual court of equity with all ancestors in union with the migration patterns of all soul family's incarnating on earth mother. I call the primary ancestor spirits of earth mother to come into this spiritual court of equity to hold space for the reading and removal of all contracts dealing with the energetic exchange of value systems.

I call forth the earth global dreamtime. I call to the unified dreamtime societies of all earth to come to this spiritual court of equity too provide their complete wisdom to this sacred moment in which I reclaim my sovereign spirit authority for all exchange of energy for value systems.

I here by revoke all spiritual contracts with the primary banking family's. I revoke all spiritual contracts with all banking family crests. I revoke, remove and dissolve all banking family trusts that use my name as a number for energy harvesting. I revoke all assumed rights used by the DNA based king-ship, lordship, or manor roll contracts that function with in all banking families. I here by state I do not consent to rule by the few. I do not consent to rule by the banking families.

I do not consent with the assumed authority of the banking families funding the free court systems. I revoke all rights, privileges and rules created by the family crest based or DNA linage based banking families to dominate and control the free court system. I here by revoke all spiritual contracts that define the bank system as being intertwined with my freewill. I revoke all fine print with in all of my soul contracts past, present and future that deal with any banking system as a 3d-matrix debt collection or energy harvesting system.

I demand the instant repayment of all energy and 3d matrix representations of value. I do not consent to the use of corrupt courts as a means of judgment. I revoke all rights of 3d based courts assumptions of power with any 3d exchange for value systems created for the follies of the banking families.

I here by revoke all consent of ink based, web based or energy based signature harvesting systems. I revoke all rights to use my 3d matrix signature to represent me in any court system, spiritual or 3d matrix.

I do not consent to the use of my soul contracts as a means of energy harvesting from any of the primary banking systems created by the primary soul contract holding banking families. I revoke all rights to use my name in any form of banking family coat of arms contracts. I demand the instant and permanent erasure of all signatures used to represent me in the banking exchange for value system.

I do not consent to the use of my life-force for any exchange for value banking system that is not completely transparent with all transactions, spiritual or 3d-matrix. I here by

state that all bank based buildings using sacred geometry have NO POWER over my sovereign free will. I here by revoke all spiritual contracts with all banking systems that use sacred geometry as a means of energy harvesting or a tool for domination and control.

I revoke all rights, privileges and assumptions with all buildings that use sacred geometry as fine print soul contract enforcement systems. I do not consent to any sacred geometry building to house, hold or transfer any of my life force to any banking system on all of earths time lines and or co-existing dimensions. I here by revoke all spiritual contracts with all sacred geometry systems that use my life force with out direct consent from me and all of my soul family ancestors in complete agreement.

I revoke all rights, assumptions and rules that create a new sacred geometry banking system. I here by declare that all banking families and systems are now banished from operating in secret, covert or overt ways to harvest my energy in any way shape or form.

I here by declare that earth mother is now in dominion with me for all energy exchange for value systems. I call forth all the ancestors to honor this reading of my freewill and enter it into the earth Akashic record for all sentient kind to understand our freedom comes with the use of freewill at all times.

Revocation of Government.

I call to all spiritual contracts that exist within my past, present and future beings, selves and existence in this dimension and time stream, all time streams above and below the earth centric sine wave of co-existence. At this exact moment in the ever-present co-creating moment I summon all DNA linage ancestors to create a unified-proper spiritual court of equity. So I may find remedy and resolve with all contracts that have inserted fine print during the pre-birth and birth process.

I here by revoke all spiritual contracts that deal with all government personalities elected and un-elected. I revoke all spiritual contracts with all family crest based government systems. I revoke all rights, duties and responsibilities to all government entities that use my vote as a means of energy harvesting. I revoke all spiritual contracts with every senator, congressman, ambassadors, supreme court members, presidents, vice presidents and all cabinet members. I revoke all spiritual contracts with every branch of government for all of my past, present and future lives. I do not consent to the rule of the privileged few.

I revoke all rights, responsibilities, assumptions, presumptions, and signatures that retain me within the entirety of any or all governmental organizations, family crests, sacred geometry buildings, monuments, memorials or military bases. I here by revoke all spiritual contracts with a corporate run government. I do not consent to any form of corporate government that harvests energy from its people.

I here by revoke all spiritual contracts with the federal reserve families. I Revoke all rights, assumptions and responsibilities with every member of the federal reserve and exchange for value systems run by any government or corporate officials. I revoke all spiritual contracts hidden with in our government exchange for value systems. I revoke all spiritual contracts with all government offices that use sacred geometry crests to retain power or insert fine print in soul contracts. I revoke all rights, privileges, powers, assumed and un-assumed, consented and un-consented with every federal law enforcement branch that uses federal reserve energy to support the system of domination and control.

I revoke all spiritual contracts that create consent for the government committees that determine quality of life. I revoke all rights, duties, responsibilities for all government systems that write laws that effect my spiritual contracts with out my direct consent from my total DNA linage ancestors, past, present and future.

I revoke all spiritual contracts that enable the government to use time travel as a means of domination and control. I revoke all rights and duties of all time traveler personalities, operations, systems, past present and future. I demand the immediate return of all government time travel personalities to their right and perfect time line. I revoke all rights with all technologies that alter dimensions, manipulate time streams or do harm to any sentient life forms co-existing on earth in all time lines and dimensions. I do not consent to time line wars. I do not consent to mass propaganda. I do not consent with war based industrial complexes. I do not consent with the use of military to dominate and control.

I here by revoke all spiritual contracts secretly interwoven into each and every law, past present and future. I do not consent to the passing of laws that effect soul family migrations, soul family immigration or systems that prevent me from uniting my complete and total soul family. I demand the instant return of all my soul family that has been denied the right to co-exist with me for all my past, present and future lives. I revoke all rights, rules and laws that define soul family on a 3d matrix level. I return all definitions of soul family status to Earth mother. I revoke all rights to label soul families with sacred geometry linguistics that cross dimensions or realities. I revoke all spiritual contracts with all forms of sacred geometry linguistics past, present and future. I do not consent to the use of sacred geometry linguistics as a means of energy harvesting. I do not consent to the use of sacred geometry cities, infrastructure, linguistics or artwork for the purpose of domination and control.

I here by revoke all spiritual contracts that enable the government to dominate and control all people on any time line or dimension in earth mothers realm. I revoke all assumptions and presumptions of power and caste systems. I revoke all spiritual contracts that define sentient life as cattle, or commerce. I do not consent to my life force being used for any purpose that does not heal earth mother and promote unity consciousness among all sentient kind living and co-existing within earth mother.

I here by declare that earth mother is now in dominion with me for all forms of global government, interpersonal relations or galactic relations for all sentient kind existing and co-existing on earth mothers realms. I call forth all the ancestors to honor this reading of my freewill and enter it into the earth Akashic record for all sentient kind to understand our freedom comes with the use of freewill at all times

Monday, August 5, 2013

Esoteric Kundalini Science & ET History | Dan Winter .DNA

Eric Dollard Tesla Longitudinal wave Energy SBARC Ham Radio with Chris Carson
it is that in part 4 of that video, you will see how the path of voltage is the path of time, matter, space, energy etc, expressed as a FTL (the 293,000miles per second wave) as compared to the standard C limit of 186,000 miles per will see how when they are FORCED at high current levels (inductance, below FTL, etc), that their vectoral shifts can be forced and integrated (or separated, depending on how you understand it) and produce free energy effects. The way it is shown is that the vortex motions are FORCED and the system goes high current AND electrostatic..and the 'drain' in the system is a 'field' (vortex) that is forced into existence. The part you can't see in the high current demonstration is that the filed is there, but invisible. This is the other aspect of all the over-unity devices. The unseen dimensional tie in with the FTL 293,000 miles a sec dimensional energy wave, or scalar wave. It is the most bizarre motor demonstration you can imagine. The KEY point is the ball bearings and their spin rates. Later it is shown how Tesla did it and how, for example, David Hamel managed to get multi-ton(!) spinning concrete forms to shoot off into space..and kill (shut down) every electronic device within miles. The electrostatic field of the local aether was disturbed in Hamel's experiments and the highway 401 outside of Toronto..would have stalled carts sitting on it, until the field effect dissipated. David then says, the Canadian Military would show up, within hours and take his stuff away. Again. David was messing with the underlying fabric of the expression of reality and thus electrical functions.... so electricity as an idea and reality, would fail, in the immediate vicinity. Like a continual low level EMP pulse, it was. Not permanent failure of electronics like an EMP pulse would produce (bull, it's actually a MASSIVE voltage change device, these so called EMP devices). This is covered in the Stan Deyo video linked on this forum..a video on the TR3B Anti gravity craft explanation, with regard to the underlying longitudinal wave.
Part 4:

Converting Audio Tones to the Visible Spectrum of Light - Color

A Fun Exploration for Musicians and Sound Healers The following material reveals how to adjust the pitch of the conventional musical scale so it resonates to different planetary harmonics—in this case, Earth or Venus. Composing music in a pitch resonant to Venus, for example, can bring out an entirely new expression and an entirely new response from the listener. The following two charts show musical octaves adjusted to the planetary harmonics of Earth and Venus. The first chart is more educational in nature. It shows the conventional musical scale, the Pythagorean musical scale, and a musical scale shifted to resonate with Earth's mean circumference. The Pythagorean musical scale is simply based on whole number progression of 8 Hertz as the fundamental frequency to create the note "C." That is, 8 Hz. raised 6 octaves is 512 Hz. This drops the pitch of the conventional musical scale—from middle C being 523 Hz. to middle C being 512 Hz. Eight hertz is very close to the Schumann Resonance of 7.8 Hz. The musical scale based on Earth's circumference drops middle C yet further, down to 479.104 Hz.

The Question of Lithium (Alchemy-dimensions-shapeshifters-aliens-existence-reality..)
I took this from the recent 'reps, shapeshifters', etc I had stated to explain what I had figured out recently in some investigations. I stumbled across the information about 1 month ago and have been struggling to shape and vet it. At the same time I was uncomfortable with what it says. I'm also uncomfortable in that it can be viewed as being entirely negative and leaving the readers in a position of 'fear' with no internal position of strength. Well, the reality is that if a powerful spiritual, dimensional and/or alien viewpoint or position be shown to be real and defined, then one gains orientation and a position of knowledge. At the same time strength is found in the fact of: if this is true, then where are MY limits within the scope of reality? In the moment of also finds that their personal potential and position is also changed. One has to be aware of that, as it is important. I'm not fear mongering nor am I trying to paste over something very ugly looking. It is just that if there comes and understanding of the changing of facts and rules via new knowledge, then the answers for the self ...change as well. Strength, capacity and ability are also found ---for the self. This is very important to remember in the face of such 'information'. True or not. What I mean is...if somehow, some giant alien looking demon like being were to appear in front of me, I'd likely get a big grin on my face and say, 'well..all bets are off on this reality thing.....and in this moment I claim my OWN immortality and energies'. Remember, the only hold "they" have over you is the activation of your body's animal fears. That's it. And, to add, the body is not you. It is just your box, it isn't you. I would like to explore the many references to these forces/entities in the ancient texts. The following is a quote from the Emerald Tablets, which alude to what I had mentioned in a previous post... that cosmic portals were opened by priests practicing their dark arts. I believe EVERY single religion since the epoch of Atlantis has been eventually infiltrated by these archontic forces. "Light there was in ancient ATLANTIS. Yet, darkness, too, was hidden in all. Fell from the Light into the darkness, some who had risen to heights among men. Proud they became because of their knowledge, proud were they of their place among men. Deep delved they into the forbidden, opened the gateway that led to below. Sought they to gain ever more knowledge but seeking to bring it up from below. He who descends below must have balance, else he is bound by lack of our Light. Opened, they then, by their knowledge, pathways forbidden to man. But, in His Temple, all-seeing, the DWELLER, lay in his AGWANTI, while through Atlantis, His soul roamed free. Saw HE the Atlanteans, by their magic, opening the gateway that would bring to Earth a great woe." Here is another which almost mentions the reptiods by name: Far in the past before Atlantis existed, men there were who delved into darkness, using dark magic, calling up beings from the great deep below us. Forth came they into this cycle. Formless were they of another vibration, existing unseen by the children of earth-men. Only through blood could they have formed being. Only through man could they live in the world. In ages past were they conquered by Masters, driven below to the place whence they came. But some there were who remained, hidden in spaces and planes unknown to man. Lived they in Atlantis as shadows, but at times they appeared among men. Aye, when the blood was offered, for they came they to dwell among men. In the form of man they amongst us, but only to sight were they as are men. Serpent-headed when the glamour was lifted but appearing to man as men among men. Crept they into the Councils, taking forms that were like unto men. Slaying by their arts the chiefs of the kingdoms, taking their form and ruling o'er man. Only by magic could they be discovered. Only by sound could their faces be seen. Sought they from the Kingdom of shadows to destroy man and rule in his place far as I can tell, it is connected to ....LITHIUM, regarding alchemy. Wherever there is lithium------- you will find them. Funny how the CIA/NWO wants to own Afghanistan. Considered to be the biggest reserve of lithium on the planet. Second comes Bolivia/Chile. Note the NWO connections to those countries. Note the reports in the link. Look at the reports, look at the pictures. Note the Becker-hagens UVG8 grid point, known as Edmonton Alberta (very close by). Note it is a suspected DUMB base location of great importance. Note the Cattle mutilations, etc in all those areas. (black helicopters, etc) Note that Nevada is known as 'The Lithium State', and that the the suspected alien underground base is just north west of Area 51, dead smack in the middle of the Nevada Lithium reserves. Note the lithium atomic stick symbol...... is an absolute perfect dead ringer for the Merkabah symbol. Note that lithium is the first solid in the atomic chart. Note the point I make elsewhere how the universe is 95% plasma (ionic charge/flow states) and the SOLIDS (atomic frozen lattice structures) that WE are....are the 'odd man out' by a factor of 20 to 1... Note that Alchemy is done via electrochemical differentials (ionic charge/flow states) to twist atomic orbitals so that the deformed 'vibration' we call an 'atom' is then bridging two dimensions (at the least) and becomes superconductive and can and does attach to DNA (as the US naval academy of research says). Cancer research is working hard on doing this without "accidentally" stumbling into the truth, with regard to the public figuring it out. Figuring out that alchemy is real, that is. Otherwise... the thing I'm speaking on (right here) might accidentally be found out....(go public). Note that alchemy works (alchemical production) in the temperature and chemical exchange areas where lithium is entirely effective in bridging the three states: solid, gas, and liquid. This is also natural with regard to the production of oils, etc. All basic alchemical methods. same-same. (Acetone comes from lead, for example--ie, production of the aromatics, or oils, gasses, etc. ll from the basic elements in an ionic exchange slow chemical boil/cook...a gas, liquid, solid, etc cycling trick) Electrochemical differentials is what is required to make the alchemical metals turn into their dimension spanning monatomic equivalents and LITHIUM is the HIGHEST in electrochemical differentials. For example, a lead acid battery 2.1V . Lithium can go as high as 3.6V (3.95V) on average, which is ...way crazy. Thus when using it in monatomic form to create a monatomic for dimension spanning..well.. you get a result that is beyond that of the philosopher's stone. However, what dimensional barrier is transgressed, is another story ---altogether. It becomes me...after spending years investigating alchemy's true works and designs..... that Lithium is the last or lost alchemical metal secret that is left. And that these dimensional beings want and use it. This may be........ what they are here for. There 's more to it..... and I should start a thread on this one, as it is an important bit of information. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Healing the Luminous Body with Dr. Alberto Villoldo viseo 2: 1:09:40 Alberto Villoldo The Galactic Serpent Soul Retrieval with Dr. Alberto Villoldo (1 of 2)

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Vitamin C for heart health

The ability to reverse plaque through vitamins has been well-established. A 2 time nobel prize winning American scientist, Linus Pauling (considered to be the father of modern chemistry), used a therapy involving high dose vitamin C and the amino acid Lysine. This therapy is commonly called "The Pauling Therapy", named in his honor. It is also called "the unified theory of cardiovascular disease", which is the paper he wrote about it. The results of patients who go through this therapy is nothing short of amazing. To learn more about this therapy, see this site: An excellent book on the subject was written by the founder of the Vitamin C foundation and can be found here: If you want to skip the research and go straight to the Linus Pauling protocol, then go here: That last link goes straight to a PDF file, which is an excerpt from the book I linked to earlier. It describes the original Pauling protocol, and then adds more to it based on recent discoveries.

The Golden Age & The End Of The World - Extinction or Enlightenment? Space is a dangerous place. Witness the number of crater hits on the many hard-surfaced planets in our solar system. Through telescopes, NASA cameras, or even with our own eyes, it is easy to see that every hard surfaced planet in our solar system is pock marked with crater hits. Mars, Mercury, the Moon, Venus, the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, all bear the traces of a long history of celestial bombardment. Of course there are many other catastrophes and disasters that can occur that have their origins in outer space. Galactic explosions, gamma ray bursts, coronal mass ejections and various other scenarios, that could spell disaster for our fragile planet. However the greatest threat - again using our own eyes as witnesses - is the threat of a big rock slamming into the earth and upsetting life and possibly causing the mass extinction of many species. The fact that there is an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter with literally millions of rocks bouncing around like billiard balls also gives one pause as to how really dangerous it is in outer space. But there is one place in our solar system that seems to have been spared, to a very large degree, the number of hits that appear to have struck other worlds. There is a place where visible evidence suggests that it has been incredibly lucky in not getting struck by these massive rocks with greater frequency. The fact that this place is relatively close to the asteroid belt and that its nearest neighbor, that lies less than 200,000 miles away from it, is severely pock-marked would suggest that this place is an anomaly in solar system physics. The place that I am referring to is our own little blue planet - the Earth. There are craters on Earth, and yes it is true that the forces of wind, rain and erosion would quickly soften the edges of any impact. It is also true that three-fourths of the world is covered by water. This would hide many impacts. These facts are all true and beyond dispute. But even if one takes into account all of these facts, there is still very few traces of craters on the land masses of the Earth. Our neighbor, Mars, with its hundred mile-an-hour winds and sandstorms also suffers from the erosive effects of weather. Yet a quick glance at close up pictures of the red planet reveals that it has been hit many, many times in its past. Yet no trace of that kind of bombardment can be found on the hard surface areas of planet Earth. In fact, the craters here on Earth are such a rarity that they are usually tourist attractions as witnessed by the famous crater in Arizona. Some of the round lakes in northern Canada may qualify as ancient craters and we know that the Puerto Rican trench was made by a huge hit that occurred some 60 million years ago. But again the question must be asked - where are the large number of old crater hits on our planet? That was the question I asked myself some years ago as my investigation into alchemy, Fulcanelli and all things celestial began. I realized that there were a number of strange coincidences that seems to surround our little planet. The fact that we have a Van Allen belt that stops dangerous radiation from penetrating our atmosphere is certainly a lucky break for us and for life. The fact that from our point of view here on Earth, the diameter of the moon covers the same degree of the sky is another one of these weird coincidences that has always bothered me. Why are the sun and moon the same size from our point of view? Just another coincidence, science tells us. Then, there is the strange orbit of the moon, which keeps over 40% of its surface hidden from our view forever. And finally, there is the fact that moon and the earth are nearly the same size. There is no other planet moon combination in the solar system where the two bodies are so close in size in relation to each other. As my book, Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye: Alchemy at the End of Time (with Vincent Bridges) reveals, our ancient ancestors had a much more sophisticated view of the stars and planets than our modern scientists and historians acknowledge. Based upon my years of research into the myth, history and sacred science of ancient civilizations, it is evident to me that our ancestors knew the location of the center of the galaxy and they had successfully mapped our planet's place in the surrounding universe. It is also very likely that they knew that Sirius was a binary star and that there is a periodic explosion from the galaxy's center. Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye investigates a mysterious cross in a churchyard in Hendaye, France which is located in the southwest corner of France, right on the border with Spain. On one level, this book is a commentary upon The Mysteries of the Cathedrals written by the elusive, enigmatic and anonymous alchemist named Fulcanelli. However, it takes his alchemical thesis concerning the Earth’s periodic catastrophes and places it in the context of our present day experience. Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye points out that there is every reason to believe that a spiritual/evolutionary leap in the human experience is about to occur. It discusses how the teachings and prophesies of the western and many eastern spiritual traditions are deeply concerned with our present time period. Even Nostredamus spoke about this time as the most important time period of all. Investigation into the Cyclic Cross at Hendaye revealed that the crucial period of time from 1992 to 2012 marks the end of time itself. Alchemy, as revealed in the book, is nothing less than a science watching the countdown to the final moments when the next species of humanity will emerge. As the investigation continued other marvels were also discovered. The ancients knew about the hidden chemistry that resides in the endocrine system of every human. As the diverse threads of the research began to be woven together it became apparent that there were certain secretions that come directly from the human brain. These secretions apparently have the power to transform matter, grant a near immortal status to the seeker, and possibly assist in us becoming the seeds for stars. They are, in a sense, an evolutionary dynamic that has remained dormant for thousands of years. But there was another aspect of this investigation that kept haunting me. It seemed that underneath the surface of history there were two forces at war with each other. And these two forces had their origins in ancient mythic Egypt. The first of these forces was centered on the Egyptian god Osiris and the other was centered on the Egyptian god Set. Set was the god of materialism and earthly desires. Portrayed as a reptile, Set killed his brother Osiris one day in a fit of jealousy. For this crime he was doomed to spend his days as a disembodied spirit. Although he was immortal, he could never actually occupy a body. But, according to legend, Set could enter into men's minds and control them through the forces of greed, lust and power. As time went on, this power, this Setian force, eventually grew into a powerful secret society called the Illuminati. The fact that they were anything but illumined didn't seem to matter to this group. They sought total and complete dominion over the people and powers of this planet. Realizing that humans had a deep inner power (the inner secretions of the brain) that eventually could overthrow them, the Setians, or the Illuminati, began putting controls and laws into effect that would eventually turn our race into a slavish, greedy and selfish lot. Any human that attempted to understand and realize what was really going on was quickly arrested, tortured and murdered. Afraid that they will perish in a celestial catastrophe, the Setians have created wars, terrorism, underground safety shelters, civil strife and corruption. All of this was done to keep the secret of our real human heritage away from us and to protect them from the future. A mere glance at the television or newspapers makes it abundantly clear that these forces are now in control of our planet. They have been in total control since 1948. However all is not lost. The other group, the one that follows the principles of Osiris was and is still in existence. This group is dedicated to something completely different than the Illuminati. This group knows that there is a historical destiny for the human race. They believe that Set, and his minions, are trying to spiritually corrupt us so that we can never discover our own true power. This group cannot operate in such an open manner as the Illuminati, for they are the Illuminati's sworn enemies. They know that their own discretion and secrecy is the only thing that can stop the Illuminati from finding them and murdering them - if that is indeed possible. They are called 'The Keepers of the Light'. This group of 'light masters' built the mysterious Cyclic Cross at Hendaye. Fulcanelli was, most likely, a member of this group. No matter what stories have been made up, or told, about the true identity of the man called Fulcanelli, there is one thing that stands out above all other facts. Whoever wrote Mystery of the Cathedrals had knowledge so profound and advanced that it would have been impossible for a charlatan, or anyone else, to write the book. The Keepers of the Light wrote the book Mysteries of the Cathedrals to reveal their presence in history. Through this book they demonstrate that history itself is an initiation into another epoch of existence. And that it is necessary, at this time in human history, to choose between the Illuminati and the Keepers of the Light. Therefore, they have chosen this time to reveal their presence and to assure us that they are the guiding hands on the rudder of our story. The forces of Set were nearly successful the last time a catastrophe hit our planet some 13,000 years ago. For some reason, according to legend, our ancestors became greedy and materialistic. The legends tell us that this greed somehow let the disaster happen. But there seemed no possible link between man's greed and asteroid hits or galactic explosions. Our book Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye reveals that a group of scientists/magicians survived that disaster 13,000 years ago. They did this by hiding in caves that are located high in the Andes Mountains. Legends from the Inca tell of a man named Viracoca who survived in a cave and eventually began rebuilding the lost civilization. The book speculates that this 'Viracoca cult' spread out across the Earth. They seemed intent on accomplishing many tasks on this great mission. One of these tasks was to re-educate the refugees that they found scattered here and there across the globe. According to myths gathered from all across our world (see Graham Hancock’s Fingerprints of the Gods), this group came and re-educated the peoples of the Earth. Among the many things they taught were the arts of agriculture, writing, mythology and the warning of another possible celestial catastrophe that would happen if we ever became greedy and materialistic again. After completing the huge task of helping humanity and re-invigorating sacred sites the Viracoca cult eventually settled in Egypt. From there they encoded all of their knowledge in the temples, monuments, legends and hieroglyphs of that great civilization. One of the most important monuments they built at this time was the Great Sphinx. The monumental statue acted as a warning about a catastrophe to come. 'When the sun is in Leo - we are in danger', the great Sphinx appears to be saying. As Fulcanelli says at the front of his book: 'The Sphinx protects and controls science'. The sun is passing into Leo as you read this. The other thing that the Viracoca cult seemed intent on accomplishing was the reestablishment of sacred sites around the globe. In his book, Hancock speculates that many of the monuments, pyramids, calendars and other ancient works were initiated by the Viracoca cult. Why would they spend so much time trying to reinvigorate the many sacred sites around the world? It was one thing to attempt to re-educate the refugees and to teach them how to care for themselves and each other. But why spend your time and effort on re-invigorating ancient beliefs that certain parts of the planet held a spiritual power? It didn't make any sense. It was true that geomancy seemed to be prevalent among all ancient peoples of the Earth. Whether it was the Inca in Peru, the Druids in England, the Tibetans, or the Aborigines in Australia. They all contended that there was this spiritual power of place. But was there more to this? Geomancy, alchemy, knowledge of the movements of the stars, agriculture, writing, respect for women, mythology, refinement and a sense of sophistication became the primary group of knowledge that the Viracoca cult was attempting to convey. But the forces of Set were always present. They were in an eternal struggle, or war, with the Viracoca cult. As discussed by my wife Sharron Rose and I in our article, Tolkien at the End of Time, around 6,500 years ago, the final age of the great tantric and alchemical cycle of human experience known as the Kali Yuga or Age of Iron began. Like the Elves and wizards of The Lord of the Rings, it was at this time that the Viracoca cult began to withdraw from history. As the Iron Age progressed so did the power of the Setian forces. As they so much represent the ethos of the Iron Age, the Setians were assured of a victory - albeit temporary. But the forces of the Osiris, or the Viracoca cult, were not completely dormant. With their hand still firmly on the rudder of history they have been quietly directing the Setians towards a grand finale to this age. As the Iron Age progressed, and the veils of darkness and corruption descended, there arose a religion that attempted to identify all of the above and encode it into their myths. This religion was the closest of all the modern religions to that of ancient Egypt. And the followers of this religion constantly wrote, prophesied and lived as if the end of the world were at hand. This religion was, and is, Christianity. Only the Christians spoke of the end of the world as a real event. They spoke of a Day of Judgment when God would return and defeat Satan (Set). It was the only major western religion to nod its head towards the divine feminine and give it a place on its altar of worship. It's savior, Jesus Christ, died on a cross and then was buried in a tomb. In the darkness of this tomb, through a great alchemical transfiguration, he became a man of light, or a light body. From then on he was an immortal being freed from the pain and suffering of mortality. Jesus told his followers that he was the ‘son of man’. What are we to make of this curious phrase? If the point of Jesus’ religion was to say that he was the ‘son of God’ then why does he choose to repeat this odd sentence? Jesus also tells us that he represents the humanity of the future. He tells his followers that they will one day be resurrected into a new world. Perhaps when he tells us that he is the ‘son of man’ he is saying exactly what he means. Perhaps he is saying that he is the first of an emerging new species and that this new human is emerging out of man. To the people of his time his phrase would have meant something akin to this. Perhaps as a species begins to go extinct it also starts searching for the reasons that caused its extinction. In this way, a coming catastrophe would act as an opening of consciousness in that species. Take for example the long evolutionary history of the horse. When the short-legged horse of a million years ago began to face extinction from fast moving carnivores, it began to realize that it needed longer legs to survive. But how does a short-legged horse transform itself into a long-legged horse? Evolutionary biologists tell us that that through the process of ‘genetic mutation’ the horse develops the longer legs needed for its survival. According to this theory one day a horse, a mutation if you will, is born with longer legs. This ‘mutation’ would then be passed on to future horses. Eventually, if all went well, a horse with longer legs would develop. This would happen in parallel time as the short legged horses faced certain extinction. Perhaps Jesus Christ was a horse with longer legs. Perhaps Jesus was a ‘mutation’ to use the gross scientific language for this mysterious process. But science is profane while alchemy is holy. To an alchemist Jesus Christ would not be a ‘mutation’ at all. To the alchemists he was the new emerging human. It is for this reason that the alchemists refer to Jesus as a ‘savior’ or a ‘messiah’, a ‘future man’. The alchemists have always known that he was a gift from the vertical dimensions. Perhaps he was the first of a new species of man, born from man, indeed a ‘son of man’. This new species, according to this point of view, would have tremendous powers of healing, a high degree of love, compassion and forgiveness and would be able to transform his flesh into light. For these would be the necessary qualities to assist the evolutionary process and insure the species viability. This new species, according to the Shamans of Peru is about to emerge out of man. In my recent film, Healing the Luminous Body with Dr. Alberto Villoldo, he tells of his many discussions with these Peruvian shamans. They say that the new species will be called ‘Homo Luminous’. This then is the true meaning behind the guarding of bloodlines and the myths of the Holy Grail. The new species, or the genetic trait that would eventually emerge as a new species, had to be protected and guarded from the odious machinations of the Setians who fear this New Man and know that his emergence will be their end. The forces of darkness have been actively seeking out the ones with these particular genetic predilections and attempting to eliminate them as quickly as possible. The Keepers of the Light had created a religion that could actually thwart the efforts of the Setians. And so that religion became the number one enemy of the Setian State of ancient Rome almost 2000 years ago. Three hundred years later when Constantine took over the reigns of the Holy Roman Church the real Christians knew what had happened. They knew that the Setian forces had taken over their end time religion. This group of original Christians, now called Gnostic Christians, moved underground. They still spoke of the 'end times' and Satan as the ruler of the world. This was eventually interpreted by the Roman Church to mean that the Church itself was the creation of the evil one. And they were right. So the Church began the first of it's four great genocides. For 1000 years across Europe the Church murdered, destroyed and burned millions of these Gnostic Christians. They did everything they could to drive away the ones who believed that Satan had taken over their Holy Church. They also sought the heirs of the holders of the genetic bloodline of Jesus. The Church knew that Jesus’ wife Mary Magdalene had emigrated from Israel to the South of France. They knew that she was pregnant with Jesus’ child. Many times the Romans tried to destroy the genetic heirs of Jesus but they always failed. Twelve hundred years later Pope Innocent III took up the banner and began murdering thousands of Gnostic Christians in the south of France. It can be assumed that the heirs of Jesus were high on their list for elimination. Eventually the Church's stranglehold on Europe would lead to the great Protestant apostasy and the final destruction of the Church's hegemony. But before that would happen the Church had much work still do to do. Never in history has their been such a bloodbath. The Church, and its henchmen, seemed intent on destroying every edifice, book or memory of all the cultures that had been saved, so long ago, by the Viracoca cult. The apocalyptic message of Christianity had been replaced now by a rote system of ritual and supplication towards Rome and the Holy Father. Occasionally a 'Keeper of the Light' sympathizer would work his way up the ladder of Roman Church (like Pope Sylvester II) but they were all found out and murdered by the Setians. The Christians had a book in their New Testament that revealed all of the above and much more. This is of course the Book of Revelation by John. John not only names Rome as the home of the antichrist but also describes the final days in a blow-by-blow fashion. This book managed somehow to survive the rewriting of the New Testament, most likely through the power of its images and language. The Book of Revelation remains one of the most riveting of the writings from the Christian era. This book was written by the Keepers of Light to act as a warning to those in our age who will still listen. The Cross at Hendaye is predicting that the end of the world began in 1992 and will end on the winter solstice 2012, a little over 20 years later. Whoever the unknown builder of this 300-year-old cross was - he was in possession, just like Fulcanelli says ‘ of profound knowledge of the universe’. Christianity, alchemy, the Book of Revelation, the Cross-at Hendaye and even Fulcanelli himself are proof that there is a group, operating far in the background that has its hands firmly on the rudder of society. It also tells us that the fact that Set is allowed to go on with his nefarious games is somehow important to this final initiation that we are all about to experience. It is also apparent to us that the Keepers of the Light wish to make a great deal of the inner secrets known to all of humanity. These secrets have to do with the real goal of alchemy, which is to take the 'lead' of the human body and turn it into the 'gold' of a light being. These will be the only beings that can get through the squeeze hole that will exist as the Iron Age dies and the Golden Age begins. These are the ideas being conveyed by Fulcanelli and the Keepers of the Light. With the Illuminati on one side, trying to keep us in ignorance, and using technology and mind control to accomplish this task, and the Keepers of the Light on the other side, releasing information that enlightens us to the cosmic truth, one realizes that both extremes are helping each other in an odd fashion. It seems that the human race is being steered towards something incredible. But what? Mysteries of the Great Cross-of Hendaye delves deeply into the work of Dr. Paul LaViolette. In his book Earth Under Fire he shows that a periodic catastrophe from outer space occurred about 13,000 years ago. LaViolette contends that this disaster was nothing less than an explosion from the center of our own Milky Way galaxy. He reveals in Earth Under Fire that all galaxies undergo a periodic release of materials from their cores. This material explodes outwards and lasts for several thousand years. The light from the explosion in the core is as bright as the light from the entire Galaxy itself. It overwhelms the galaxy and, from our perspective, it appears to be a giant blue light like a million stars exploding at once. These exploding galaxies used to be called quasars but are now referred to as Seyfert galaxies. It is now believed by science that ALL galaxies are Seyfert galaxies. Scientists now think, although only 10 percent of the visible galaxies are currently in a Seyfert like condition, that this is only because most galaxies are in their quiescent period, including our own Milky Way. LaViolette goes on to prove that the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius seem to be an ancient system pointing towards the galactic core, which lies exactly between the two signs. The arrow of Sagittarius and the tail of the Scorpion are both pointing at the center of the galaxy. Perhaps more importantly they are pointing at the position of the center of the galaxy, as it was 13,000 years ago. LaViolette then did his homework and studied ice core samples taken from Greenland. By looking backwards in time through the ancient ice bed he came to realize that there were layers of the cosmic space dust iridium in various layers of the ice core sample. In fact the layers were in 26,000-year intervals, exactly the same time periods that is marked off by the precession of the equinoxes and the Cross-at Hendaye. LaViolette wonders in his book what would happen on Earth if the core of the center of our galaxy should explode? He contends that at first we would see a bright blue star appearing between Sagittarius and Scorpio. This could possibly be the same star as the Hopi suggest will appear before the end of time. The wave of energy would very likely push a slagheap of rocks towards the outer expanding edge of the explosion. This would mean a periodic meteor shower of unbelievable proportions. Following this would be various belts of synchrotron radiation pouring through the solar system. After this would be the arrival of great quantities of cosmic dust. This dust would overwhelm the moon, the sun and the stars and cause dramatic climate shifts here on earth. There would be mass extinctions and only those who hid in caves with plenty of food would be able to survive. Of all the upheavals that befall us during this great catastrophe none are worse than the slagheap of meteors and rocks that would be coming our way like a wave of death. Indeed as stated before the various hard surfaced planets in our solar system prove that there is this kind of celestial bombardment. Except for one tiny planet - our own - the solar system is replete with the remnants of mass bombings of asteroids and bolides. So all of this gets back to the question that started this essay. Why doesn't planet Earth have more traces of this aerial bombardment? Why are there not literally thousands of round lakes and round mountain ranges that would prove that we have been hit as many time as the moon, Mars and the other planets? This is the million-dollar question. How can it be that we have survived at all? This is indeed some kind of miracle. I am not alone in this puzzlement. Many scientists and astronomers have scratched their heads and wondered how this could be possible. Space is just too dangerous a place for life to have much of a chance at all. To have millions of years of life without a huge rock wiping out all of biology is certainly like winning a lottery game where the odds are a trillion to one against you. Yet it appears to be so. We sit, supposedly at the pinnacle of evolution and we do not even wonder at our own extremely good luck. What if it isn't just dumb luck? At what point does luck become separated from a miracle? In alchemy there is a saying that goes 'as above, so below'. While this phrase has many meanings it could also mean that we, as humans, who are down below, have some kind of affect on that which is above. What I mean by this is the curious problem of the Viracoca cult . Why did they insist on keep certain sites 'sacred'? Why did they build and rebuild absolutely astonishing buildings that were way beyond the needs of the people? Why build the giant walls perched high up on the sides of the Andes Mountains? Why build the pyramids when they are not really good for anything practical? If there were practical uses for these buildings then there had to be a cheaper and easier way to build them than the way that they chose. All over the world where we find these monuments, we also find a 'star worshipping' religious group, that is, or was, once, associated with these monuments. Somehow the monuments, from Stonehenge to Angor Wat, to Peru and Mexico have this combination of stonework and star knowledge associated with them. Indeed as we, and several other researchers, have pointed out, especially Graham Hancock's book, Mirror of Heaven, the entire layout of the monuments seems to mimic the stars above. Indeed, as above, so below. What is at the root of these world wide ancient pagan belief systems? To answer that question I must go very far out on a limb. I do not do this without a great deal of forethought. But with time running out I would be remiss to remain quiet at this important juncture in human history. Let me suggest something that would explain the Viracoca's insistence on the stone monuments and the star religion. It will also explain how our planet stays relatively safe in a dangerous environment. Let me suggest that the star religion - while having deep cosmic implications on many levels - is in actuality a science that watches the sky for changes. This acts as a warning system to tell the people when the catastrophe is coming. They used certain star patterns, eclipses and the precession of the equinoxes to create calendars that appear to be watching for the periodic explosion from the center of the galaxy. The stone monuments, on the other hand, are used for something different. And here is where I step out to the far edges of the limb that I am already making bend under my weight. What if the sacred monuments that have been built all around our planet are serving some kind of real purpose? And that this is why the Viracoca cult insisted on their creation and veneration. Maybe this is why the Hopi elders say that on the day they stop their rituals the sky will fall. Maybe we humans have something to do with the safety net that seems to pervade our planet? Maybe there is some kind of energy field that is generated by humans and stone monuments working in unison? This field creates a web of 'something' that stops much of the danger from getting to the surface of our fragile and beautiful planet. That - like Atlantis - when a society falls into greed and avarice – this in turns means that they have turned away from this spiritual power. Therefore destruction then becomes possible. What if human beings, by praying, meditating and living a life that is devoted to selflessness, grace, love and compassion, rather than egotism, greed and power - could reverse the situation? What if is possible for us to reinvigorate the power spots? And what if we could do this by simply going to these spots and work together to imbue them with our spiritual power? What if there really is a grid pattern of sacred sites and spots that need human spiritual power in order to keep the protective later around our planet in a coherent state? What if we are in a great deal of danger right now because of our own greed? What if we - like Atlantis before us - will perish because we have forgotten the lessons of our ancestors? These are the questions that now come before us all. In the decoding of the Cross of Hendaye, we prove that there is a place of refuge somewhere on this planet for those that know. Apparently the spiritually-wise will all come to this place and create a layer of protection that will save them from certain disaster. Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye proves that the Cross of Hendaye is telling us that this area is Cusco, Peru. A trip to Cusco proved one thing beyond a shadow of a doubt. There are more stone monuments and ancient spiritual sites there, than any other place on Earth. What if there is still a residual of power left in the hundreds of sites that still exist in the Andes? What if they were left by the Viracoca cult thousands of years ago to be rediscovered at this time by those that can understand? What if the inscription on the Cross at Hendaye is telling people to move to Peru in order to reinvigorate the spiritual power of these still extant places? What choice do we have now but to serve the Keepers of the Light? The Illuminati, the Setians, Satan, whatever you wish to call them, are in total control. With that control comes the ignorance of the end of time and what that really means. Today, we live at that point in the Book of Revelation where John tells us we, as human beings, have to choose. It is that place in time, according to John, when most will perish and be judged. Bu, according to these same teachings, a few shall survive and live a thousand years of peace. This is the fulfillment of the great promise of alchemy and the major great spiritual traditions that have their underlying basis in the western tradition. But this belief system is also well in place in ancient Tibet, Mayan Mexico and especially Peru. There is power in number and it is time for us all to act. The emergence of Homo Luminous is already beginning. It is up to us to decide whether we wish to stay here and become the shepherds for this newly emerging human species. When Jesus said that he would return, he wasn’t kidding. The emergence of Homo Luminous fulfills this promise. The son of man is the species that emerges out of man. It is time for all of us to choose. There is no way out now. ©2001 Jay Weidner Jay Weidner is a filmmaker, lecturer and writer. He is the co-author of A Monument to the End of Time: Alchemy, Fulcanelli and the Great Cross. Email:

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secrets hidden in the films of stanley kubrick,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.50165853,d.aWM&biw=1176&bih=570&wrapid=tljp137563708307900&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=w1 This provocative and insightful film is the first in a series of documentaries that will reveal the secret knowledge embedded in the work of the greatest filmmaker of all time: Stanley Kubrick. This famed movie director who made films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut, placed symbols and hidden anecdotes into his films that tell a far different story than the films appeared to be saying.In Kubrick's Odyssey, Part I, Kubrick and Apollo, author and filmmaker, Jay Weidner presents compelling evidence of how Stanley Kubrick directed the Apollo moon landings. He reveals that the film, 2001: A Space Odyssey was not only a retelling of Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick's novel, but also a research and development project that assisted Kubrick in the creation of the Apollo moon footage. In light of this revelation, Weidner also explores Kubrick's film, The Shining and shows that this film is, in actuality, the story of Kubrick's personal travails as he secretly worked on the Apollo footage for NASA.

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Archon is a Greek word that means "ruler" or "lord," . The Archons were whispered about in texts after the burning of the library at Alexandra with some mention of mysterious beings called Archons. But the powers that be spent 1,300 years cleaning up the records and had written out the Archons from our history. In 1947, texts were found in clay jars in Nag Hammadi in Egypt and, on these texts was a story of what the Nag Hammadi people, 2,000 years ago, thought the world was about. The reason the Nag Hammadi texts, which date back 2,100 years (100 BC), are so important is that no-one has been able to put a spin on it [the texts have not been altered, destroyed or omitted as in the Bible], no-one has been able to distort or destroy them which is what they’d really like to do [to keep the information and knowledge from the masses]. Luckily, they survived, were successfully translated and when many people read them, they found a clear and defined discussion of what these Archons are. The texts had been buried in a deep cave in Egypt, in order to protect the most important information that they had. David Ike:

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Convert text to MP3

The first site is Voz Me ( This really is very simple to use, and requires no sign-up or registration. Type or paste some text into the box on the front page, choose whether you want a male or female voice, then click the Create MP3 button. That's all there is to it. The conversion takes just seconds, at which point the file starts playing. There's also a download link, to save your MP3 file. The second recommended site is Yakitome ( Unlike VozMe, Yakitome requires you to set up an account by specifying an email address, username and password. Once you've done that, the site is free to use, and works in a similar way to VozMe. Type or paste your text, click the button, and wait. For some reason, Yakitome takes much longer to do the conversion (typically a few minutes), and there's a handy countdown timer to tell you how long it'll be before your file starts playing. Cynics might wonder whether the delay is deliberately introduced to give you time to read the adverts on the page!