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Childbith Homeopath 2

Online book:
Homeopathic medicines for pregnancy and childbirth
By Richard Moskowitz

Aconite and fear of labor
Aconite 1M – fear of pain and panic attacks.
Nux vomica 200C - for a premature urge to push during labor.
Belladonna 1M – fast intense labor with lots of fear – desire to escape -lip of the cervix remains.
Pulsatilla 200C - for a labor that stops and starts and won’t really kick in.

Acute Homeopathic Self-Care for Labor:
* The best homeopathic medicine for extreme fear of death is Aconite. It is also an excellent medicine for trauma, shock, and bleeding and is sometimes used routinely following labor and can be used for exhaustion during labor.
* Caulophyllum is one of the best medicines for stalled labor.
* If you are feeling weak after losing blood, China can be of great benefit.
* Cimicifuga can be a great aid for women with late labor with cramps in the hips or pelvic pain from one side to the other.
* If you feel sleepy, exhausted, and can't keep your eyes open during labor, try Gelsemium.
* To speed up the birth of an overdue baby, try Pulsatilla.
* Sepia, among countless indications, is good for exhausted women who feel like moving around and exercising during labor.

To stall (stop) premature labor: Caulophyllum (blue cohosh) 1M

Childbirth Homeopathy 1
Before Childbirth
ANXIETY, anticipatory, Aconite 200, Gelsemium 200
BREAST, injury to deep tissue, Bellis Perennis 200
BREECH presentation, Pulsatilla 200 (36th week)
BRUISING, caused by baby kicking, Arnica 200
DREAMS, anxious Aconite 200
EXHAUSTION, Arnica 200 or Kali Phos 200
FAINTING,with air hunger, Carbo Veg 200
FALL, with shock, Arnica 200 / on coccyx, Hypericum 200
FEAR of childbirth, Aconite 200, Cimicifuga 200, Gels 200
FLU just before due date, Gelsemium 200
INSOMNIA,with fear Aconite 200 /waking 3am Bellis Per 200
INDUCTION alternative to, Caullophyllum 200 (see also LATE LABOUR)
KICK from baby, causing soreness/bruising Arnica 200
sudden, sharp, upsetting, Staphisagria 200
MALPOSITION of baby (at 36th week)
breech, Pulsatilla 200 / transverse, Pulsatilla 200, Arnica 200
NERVE PAIN, sudden, abdomen, groin, leg Bellis Per 200
PANIC about birth, Aconite 200
after previous bad birth experience, Cimicifuga 200
PARALYSIS, due to fear, Gelsemium 200
PREMATURE LABOUR, after fall Arnica /fright Aconite 200s
RESTLESSNESS, with anxiety Aconite 200
SCIATICA, caused by position of baby, Bellis Per 200
TRANSVERSE lie (at 36th week), Pulsatilla 200, Arnica 200
UTERUS feels sore, ligaments over-stretched, Bellis Per 200
WIND, trapped with excruciating pain, Carbo Veg 200

During Childbirth
ABUSIVE, Chamomilla 200
AFFECTION, absence of any, Aconite 200 or Sepia 200
ANGRY, Chamomilla 200
ANXIETY, Aconite 200 or Cimicifuga 200
APATHY, Gelsemium 200
BACK pain during labour, Gels 200, Kali Carb 200, Puls 200
BLADDER, labour pains around, Caullophyllum 200
BLEEDING bright red, hot, profuse, constant,Ipecac 200
with nausea or gasping for breath, Ipecac 200
alternates with contractions,Pulsatilla 200
dark Gelsemium 200, Ipecac 200, Secale 200
dark and fluid, Secale 20
as a preventative against, in long labours, Arnica 200
CERVIX fails to dilate, Caullophyllum 200 or Cimicifuga 200
half open or hard, Sepia 200
rigid, Gels 200, Chamomilla 200, Cimi 200, Caul 200
remains tightly closed, Cimicifuga 200
wide open, but contractions stop, Gelsemium 200
CHATTERING nervously, Gelsemium 200
CHOKING feeling in throat after contraction, Gels 200
CHILLINESS with shivering, Caullophyllum 200 or Cimicifuga 200
with shuddering, better warm covers Sepia 200
atonic (flabby) weak, Caulophyllum 200 or Gelsemium 200
slow or stop, Caullophyllum 200 or Gelsemium 200
alternate with bleeding, Pulsatilla 200
extend to back, buttocks, Kali Carb 200 or Cimicifuga 200
extend to thighs, Caullophyllum 200 or Cimicifuga 200
move up the back, Gelsemium 200
move from side to side, Cimicifuga 200
finish at the throat with choking sensation, Gelsemium 200
push the baby upwards, Gelsemium 200
prolonged tonic contractions, Secale 200
lack expulsive power (esp. second stage) Pulsatilla 200
fine, needle-like up from cervix, Sepia 200
"hour glass" contractions, Cham 200, Secale 200, Sepia 200
cease and bleeding starts, Cimi 200, Puls 200,Secale 200
painless, Gelsemium 200
strength weakened by fruitless efforts, Secale 200
CONVULSIONS or threat of,
Gelsemium 200 or Cimicifuga 200 or Secale 200
DENIAL Arnica 200
DEPRESSION Cimicifuga 200, Pulsatilla 200
DESPAIR, Gelsemium 200, Sepia 200, Cimicifuga 200
DILATION see Cervix
with no other symptoms, Kali Phos 200
during long or difficult labours, Arnica 200
causes contractions to stop, Caullophyllum 200
with backache labour, Kali Carb 200
with unbearable pains, Chamomilla 200
with weepiness, Pulsatilla 200
with long contractions, Secale 200
better for moving around, Sepia 200
FACE, flushed Gelsemium 200
FAINTNESS Carbo Veg 200
of death Aconite 200
and terrible sense of foreboding, Cimicifuga 200
FEET, cold Sepia 200
FORCEPS delivery, Arnica 200, Calendula 200 (see also Bellis Perennis 200 & Staphisagria 200 if symptoms persist)
GLOOM Cimicifuga 200
GROIN, labour pains around, Caullophyllum 200
HEADACHE, Kali Carb 200
HEART pains, Cimicifuga 200/ beats too hard,Aconite 200
HEAT,feverish Caullophyllum 200/ flushes, Sepia 200
HYSTERIA Gelsemium 200
IMPATIENCE Chamomilla 200
IRRITABILITY Chamomilla 200, Kali Carb 200, Sepia 200
JERKING movements or gestures, Cimicifuga 200
slow, Caullophyllum 200, Pulsatilla 200 or Sepia 200
slow, long and painful, Arnica 200
too fast or violent, Aconite 200
LARGE BABY, Arnica 200
due to fear, Aconite 200 or Cimicifuga 200
due to anticipatory anxiety, Gelsemium 200
NAUSEA constant,Ipecac 200 /better fresh air, Pulsatilla 200
OXYGEN STARVATION, mother or baby, Carbo Veg 200
POSITION of baby abnormal, Pulsatilla 200 or Aconite 200
PULSE slow and full, Gelsemium 200
RESTLESSNESS Aconite 200 or Pulsatilla 200
SCREAMING Aconite 200 or Chamomilla 200
SHIVERING Caullophyllum 200 or Cimicifuga 200
SHOULDER of baby gets stuck, Arnica 200
SPEECH, thick and drunken, Gelsemium 200
STILLBORN BABY, give mother, Cimicifuga 200
STUPIFIED expression, Gelsemium 200
STRAINING excessively (!) Arnica 200
SYMPATHY helps,Pulsatilla 200/ irritates, Sepia 200
THIGHS labour pains in, Caullophyllum200 or Cimi 200
absent, Pulsatilla 200 or Gelsemium 200
between contractions, Caullophyllum 200
TREMBLING Caullophyllum 200, Cimicifuga 200 Gels 200
if contractions stop, Secale 200
UNCONCIOUS, Gelsemium 200 or Carbo Veg 200
UTERUS see CONTRACTIONS-VAGINA, hot, dry, tender, won't dilate Aconite 200
VIOLENT (fast) Labour Aconite 200

After Childbirth
after many children, Secale 200
groin area, intense, Cimicifuga 200
long-lasting, Secale 200
extending to hips, buttocks, legs, Kali Carb 200
worse if baby feeds,Arnica 200,Cham 200,Puls 200,Sec 200
with sore, bruised feeling, Arnica 200
with weepiness, Pulsatilla 200
with disappointment/resentment about the birth, Staph 200 unbearable, Chamomilla 200 or Cimicifuga 200
(often supressed) about the birth, Staphisagria 200
ANXIETY Aconite 200 or Cimicifuga 200
BACK pain, Kali Carb 200 / after epidural, Hypericum 200
BREASTS, painful
radiating pain from nipple, Phytolacca 200
red, hot,throbbing,Bell 200/ pale, hot, worse moving Bry 200
BRUISING Arnica 200 or Bellis Perennis 200
CAESARIAN, after effects of
Arnica 200, Bellis Per 200, Calendula 200, Hypericum 200
CATHETER, after effects of, Staphisagria 200
CRACKED NIPPLES, Phytolacca 200
DRUGS, after effects of
Morphine or Pethidine, disturbed sleep, irritable Cham 200
Syntometrine, Secale 200 (asap)
General anaesthetic, Phosphorus 200 (esp. if vomiting)
detoxification, Nux Vomica 6
EPIDURAL,after effects of, Arnica 200, Hypericum 200,
EPISIOTOMY Calendula 200, Hypericum 200, Staphis 200
FORCEPS delivery, after effects of,
Arnica 200, Bellis Per 200, Calendula 200, Staphisagria 200
HUMILIATION, feelings of, Staphisagria 200
INSOMNIA with anxiety Aconite 200, see also DRUGS
INFLAMMATION of penis, in newborn, Arnica 200
IRRITABILITY Chamomilla 200 or Sepia 200
MILK, too much, Pulsatilla 200/ too little, Dulcamara 200
PLACENTA, retained
with bearing down sensation, Secale 200, Sepia 200
after long exhausting Labour, Arnica 200
contractions weak or non-existant, Pulsatilla 200
with bleeding, Ipecac 200/ with shaking, Caul 200,Cimi 200
RESENTMENT, feelings of, Staphisagria 200
of mother and baby after fast Labour, Aconite 200
of baby being an unexpected sex, Arnica 200
of serious birth defect, give mother, Cimicifuga 200
of perineum, Calendula 200 and ointment externally
of uterus, Arnica 200 or Bellis Perennis 200
STITCHES Calendula 200,Hypericum 200, Staphisagria 200
SUBINVOLUTION (Uterus fails to contract down)
Cimicifuga 200, Pulsatilla 200, Sepia 200,Caullophyllum 200,
Secale 200, Carbo Veg 200, Kali Carb 200, Staphisagria 200
SYNTOMETRINE antidote Secale 200 (asap)
URINE retention, mother, Arnica 200 / baby, Aconite 200
WEAKNESS Kali Phos 200, Arnica 200,Puls 200, Sepia 200
WEEPINESS Pulsatilla 200 or Sepia 200
WOUNDS Hypericum 200 or Calendula 200

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