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Fear meditation

The "Throat Center" and "Top of the Solar Plexus Center" are polar opposites. In a normally operating person, the Throat Center is dominant. This produces a nice blissful feeling of well being in the solar plexus area. In people who are fearful, angry, or anxious, the Solar Plexus Centers have become dominant, which produces fear, anger, and anxiety. This is why people who suffer from this problem, have difficulty speaking when they are afraid. They become choked up with emotion. Reflux (stomach acid backing up to the throat) is a physical symptom of this condition. When they are angry, they find themselves saying things that they would never normally say, often causing irreparable damage to relationships with friends, co-workers and loved ones. If this anger is channeled down to the lower centers, then physical violence might occur. (The pharmaceutical companies are getting rich producing chemicals to mask this out of balance condition.) The obvious remedy, then, is to re-establish the proper relationship between these two centers

• Start the meditation by placing your dominant hand over your Heart Center at the center of your chest. (Your Heart chakra is not found at the actual heart area. It is instead located at the indentation at the center of your chest at the sternum, and extends out to about the size of a ping-pong ball in the average person.) Rest it there firmly until you feel warmth being generated. (Visualize a green flower opening).
• Next, place your other hand over the top of your solar plexus until you can feel some warmth there.
• Next, with your dominant hand gently tap your throat center (just below the Adams apple) this is to wake it up.
• Next, make an opening gesture with your finger tips at the throat center. As you slowly widen your fingers, feel the increase of energy there. (Visualize your throat center as a blue flower opening up.)
• Next, switch hands and, while holding your throat center open, make an opening gesture with your finger tips at your upper solar plexus, (just above the navel), visualize your upper solar plexus as a gold (men) or pink (women) flower opening up. Also look for nice tingling feelings in both your throat center and the top of you solar plexus.
• Continue this until any feelings of fear, anger, or anxiety have subsided. If you have a lot of fear or anger or anxiety, you might want to repeat the meditation whenever you can through out the day until the feelings subside and are replaced by feelings of well being.

This may sound silly, but it helps to talk to your solar plexus. This is where your "inner child" lives. If you have chronic anxiety, then this would be a good technique to cultivate. While rubbing your upper solar plexus, say something like this: "I am here now and everything is alright. You don't have to worry, I am in charge now and I will take care of everything." Feel that part of you relaxing in trust. Another variation of this is to pat your solar plexus and say over and over, "You are a good boy (girl), I am here now, everything is alright." This should greatly reduce the level of anxiety or fear

Friday, June 28, 2013

Meg Bendicte - Using the Sacred Geometry and the Vortex to Activate the Pineal Gland

Using the Sacred Geometry and the Vortex to Activate the Pineal Gland, Right Brain, Crystalline Brain, Removing Shadow Ego and Spinal Cord Aloha my friends! For those who may have missed this post on the first run, here’s everything you need to get started with to lay the foundation for working with Sacred Geometry. Over the last six months we’ve been merging our human body with our souls Light Body and going through the activation process with all these upgrades. Ascension is a process that takes work, no one is going to save you and if you want to evolve spiritually it takes a lot more than floating around your head in blissful states of meditation getting “close to God”. That’s nothing but an arrogant, egotistical load of New Age bullcrap designed to keep you in a state of non-action at the spiritual level. Trust me, I began meditating in the late 70′s for a couple years, then again in 1990 for awhile and once more in 2003-04. I’ve tried different approaches but until I stumbled on Meg’s method of vortex meditation I was like Helen Keller in my own head! Which I rather suspect most of you can relate to, you know meditating feels great but you wonder if it’s really taking you anywhere special in the end. So the following meditations are designed to get you up to date so you can start listening to the weekly shows and get maximum benefit from the work we’re doing now. This is powerful energy work my friends. I also promise you that it’s safe and will put you on to the ascension path. Just remember though, when you’re on the path toward ascension you still have a responsibility to live in service to others, to continue to build unity by raising awareness in your local community and around the world if possible. Over the last six months Meg has been helping us build a foundation so our light body can get fully activated, to clear out enslavement programs, remove duality and polarity from our fields and MUCH more. The difference this work has made in my life has been absolutely incredible, now I’m experiencing things I never imagined possible and only wish there were words to describe what’s been unfolding so I could better share the experience with you. All I can do is give you the ascension tools to work with and Meg will teach you the rest. Below are links to shows containing the basic foundation you need to get up to speed on building your light body, do yourself a big favor and carve out time each day to get caught up. Also very important, be sure to use Metatrons cube (pictured below) as your grounding platform to keep yourself protected and so you stay in your body, this is your vehicle to travel the universe on and stay safe with. Keep in mind this is highly advanced meditation work, in the beginning it really helped me to start breathing and going into a relaxed state while Meg is talking before she begins the group work. That way once she begins the healing session I’m not trying to stop the mind chatter while grounding myself, that may help you as well. Also remember, if you stay in the vortex at the end of the group session Meg takes calls and does healing that you can benefit from as well…learn these techniques and use them in your own meditations for healing, to be honest I’ve learned as much from the calls as the healing sessions. She’s done past life healing’s that were incredibly empowering to be a part of, we’ve all been blown away listening to Meg heal some of these callers. Many times you can even hear the callers physically respond sometimes with gasps, those are times when you know this is about as real as it gets. In addition during my healing session last week with her, when she had to go off planet to learn about my history. At one point my body was shaking hard when she pulled my soul fragment back from the energy whatever it got caught up in on Maldeck. I can honestly say that I feel so very blessed to have found Meg and the body of work she has pioneered for us, so that we may become the Divine 12 strand humans we were originally designed to be. From my experience, Meg Bendicte has proven herself as a real Earth Angel here teaching us about the Sacred gifts and tools we have at our disposal. I hope I’ve done this post justice so that you’re sufficiently inspired to take the time to explore the ascension tools handed down to us through her from Lord Metatron, Archangel Michael, the Christed civilizations and the Syrian High council. The team that’s guided and helped her over the last 20 years to pioneer this work for all ascending souls. Over the last six months I’ve also felt the presence of these Ascended Masters and Archangels as I worked through this material and was even graced with the presence of Archangel Michael one evening while meditating on my own. He appeared in front of me as a bright light the size of a tennis ball for about 10 seconds before exiting down a blue vortex, it was a moment I’ll never forget! And I owe Meg for her work in pioneering the path that took me to that point…talk about feeling blessed!! Your now standing at the doorway to your ascension my beloved friends, now is the time to let the healing begin by taking that first step, now! If not, what are you waiting for? Anyone who thinks Jesus is going to save them without doing the inner work on themselves is sadly mistaken, he came to teach us that Christ consciousness lies within you. It’s your own inner Light your looking for, so he taught his followers to go inside to find the Light of God. It was NEVER about worshiping him or carrying guilt for his crucifixion, all of that came from the Archonic presence running the five major religions as a way to keep the masses controlled and divided. Here are the keys to unlock the door, just open and step into your power! Link to archives: New Earth Central – Crystalline Brain Upgrade New Earth Central – Crystalline Infusion to Remove Duality Right Brain Activation Breaking Free of Enslavement Program Pineal Activation Neutralizing Ego Shadow! Megs website: Metatrons cube: This the Sacred geometry grounding platform you want to use any time you open the crown chakra to stay protected, very important and helpful tool for accessing your higher self and the higher dimensions.

Pineal Gland - Sacred Geometry


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Accupuncture Dallas Dr. Cecilia Yu, of Synergy Balance in Dallas, has integrated a new biophotonic scanner into her practice. Eating right, exercise and supplementation are all important parts of staying healthy naturally, but until now, there was no way for patients to determine the efficacy of their regime. “I’m excited to be offering this technology because it has great application in individual health. I also offer it on a corporate level to wellness departments, where the scans encourage employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle,” says Yu. The scan is simple, fast and safe. Patients place their hand on the scanner for 90 seconds and receive an easy-tounderstand report that indicates the level of carotinoids in their cells more accurately than blood tests. If a client wants to monitor their progress or how different brands of supplementation affect them, they might want to do the scan every three to four months. Synergy Balance interprets the results and issues guidelines to consider. Scans normally cost $50, but during the month of June, Natural Awakenings North Texas readers receive a $20 discount. Location: 12740 Hillcrest Rd., Ste. 138, Dallas. For more information or to schedule an appointment (required), call 972-387-4700 or visit

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Pineal Gland Decalcification, Defluoridation, Awakening

Remove fluoride and calcium deposits from your body:
Put small amount of iodine in your water. Iodine is a fluoride antagonist. Boron also binds to fluorine, suggest 3 to 9 mg/day. Boron is also good for curing arthritis and reducing radiation damage to DNA. Take magnesium supplements. Magnesium is a calcium antagonist. Eat plenty of spinach, kale and other dark leafy vegetables for the vitamin K2, which makes sure calcium goes to the bones and not to soft tissue like the pineal gland. These vegetables have much more K2 than supplements do. Occasionally take EDTA to chelate and remove fluoride and calcium deposits, not the CA-EDTA to which calcium has been bound, and apply externally with DMSO, because EDTA is not absorbed well through the digestive system. EDDS might be better than EDTA due to being biodegradable, but may not be obtainable. When you do all of this, take extra calcium, because calcium is used to flush fluoride from the body. Avoid dairy products, except cheddar cheese, which is high in vitamin K2. According to one source, eating chlorella, wheatgrass and spirulina daily can remove mercury from the body, and eating cilantro daily can remove mercury from the brain. Selenium is reportedly helpful.
Other nutritional methods: Watermelon and maybe pineapple decrystalize pineal gland. Vinegar, mushroom, Dulse (probably for the iodine) are reported helpful. Consume Natto, a Japanese fermented product. Tamarind causes increased excretion of fluoride, and reduces excretion of magnesium and zinc.
Mechanical methods: Place a strong magnet with north pole towards brain on forehead 2 or 3 hours per day. Chant for sound stimulation of the pineal gland through the nasal bones.
Metaphysical methods: Meditate. Practice psychic games. Look at sacred geometry card symbols.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

OPEN EYE MEDITATION OPEN EYE MEDITATION Open Eye Meditation is easy to learn, and by far, the most powerful meditation on the planet. Above is a simple diagram showing the physical points to concentrate on. The beauty of this meditation is that it occupies the mind by requiring it to concentrate upon two things at the same time. This allows the "Future You" or OverSoul to begin to manifest within your field of consciousness. Usually, very powerful impressions are immediately experienced. DO NOT DISTURB! Select a quiet, comfortable place to sit down where you will not be disturbed. Sit in a comfortable position and pick two objects to concentrate upon. Pick an object to the left of you to look at with your left eye. Pick another object to the right of you to look at with your right eye. (See diagram) It is important to stay aware of both objects and keep them in your peripheral vision. Concentrate upon the equal and continuing awareness of them. To do otherwise is to drop out of meditation. Once these are fixed, you can begin to be aware of the field of view in front of you, but not at the expense of losing focus on either object. Please post your experiences on the Time Travelers Bulletin Board. We are anxious to hear from you. This is a progressive meditation which means that you will experience more, the more you do it. (Some of our Members have begun using OEM in Europe at Rave dances to enhance their consciousness, in stead of drugs.) Note:Please BLINK your eyes NORMALLY during Meditation. QUIET EXPECTATION It is helpful to cultivate an attitude of quiet expectation. Be aware of a heightening of senses. Quiet any fears that might arise.....nothing can hurt you. Be prepared for feelings of overwhelming happiness, but be patient if it does not come right away. You may become aware of sights and sounds that you have never experienced before. Relax and enjoy them. They were there before you became aware of them and they can not hurt you. In the beginning only meditate between five minutes minimum and twenty minutes maximum. While you are meditating, it is important to stay in the meditative state. If your focus strays from the fundamentals (see Diagram above) you will not be in "Open Eye Meditation". If we try too hard or are too serious this can be detrimental to experiencing the kinds of joy and Cosmic understanding that is available. If we are afraid or holding on too tight we will experience very little until we let go. Letting go and accepting is a forever process. The faster we do it the more fantastic it becomes. A Course in Time Travel" is designed to help people discover and bring into being innate but hidden potential that was not normally available in this time period. IMPORTED FROM THE FUTURE The techniques and information found here are imported from the remote future by a group of Time Travelers called the "Collective". Each of us has a time traveler from the future, called a "TTO", (Time Traveling Oversoul), that is part of this group. What this means for you is an unprecedented opportunity to increase your power and level of consciousness to any degree you desire. TWO MAJOR APPROACHES There are two major approaches you can use to reach this objective. The first approach is through a very special series of techniques, which are related to meditations, but much more powerful and advanced. Most meditations taught today take you to specific areas within your consciousness to experience various vibrations and lessons. The techniques included in this course allow an incomprehensibly advanced and wonderful part of you to become available to you as part of your natural evolutionary progression. THE MANIFESTATION TAKES PLACE IN STAGES: FIRST: The introductory period that can last many life times. During this period, mutual trust builds between you and your TTO. Although you may not be fully aware of this on a conscious level, there is an exertion of irresistible influence upon you and your decisions. SECOND: A period of conscious awareness and communication with this part of you. During this period the Student actively strives to cause progressive levels of Cosmic Consciousness through intense study, meditation and group consciousness. THIRD: This period is the gradual metamorphic transition from Three-Dimensional "Human Consciousness" to Multi-Dimensional "Super Human" Consciousness. The Second approach provides you with an understanding of the nature of your Consciousness that was not available in this time period. The information comes from many thousands of years in the future. Detailed and easy to understand packets of information called "Excerpts" provide you with the most advanced knowledge and techniques available on the planet today. If we desire change then we must be willing to allow change. It is helpful to remember that we are trading in the old self that is a faded remnant trapped thousands of years ago in the past, by merging with a new self that is more wonderful than we could ever have dreamed for IMPORTED FROM THE FUTURE The techniques and information found here are imported from the remotefuture by a group of Time Travelers called the "Collective". Each of us has atime traveler from the future, called a "TTO", (Time Traveling Oversoul), thatis part of this group. What this means for you is an unprecedented opportunityto increase your power and level of consciousness to any degree you desire.TWO MAJOR APPROACHESThere are two major approaches you can use to reach this objective. Thefirst approach is through a very special series of techniques, which are relatedto meditations, but much more powerful and advanced. Most meditationstaught today take you to specific areas within your consciousness to experiencevarious vibrations and lessons. The techniques included in this course allow anincomprehensibly advanced and wonderful part of you to become available toyou as part of your natural evolutionary progression. THE MANIFESTATION TAKES PLACE IN STAGES: • FIRST:The introductory period that can last many life times. During thisperiod, mutual trust builds between you and your TT. Although you maynot be fully aware of this on a conscious level, there is an exertion of irresistible influence upon you and your decisions. • SECOND:A period of conscious awareness and communication withthis part of you. During this period the Student actively strives to causeprogressive levels of Cosmic Consciousness through intense study, meditation and group consciousness. • THIRD:This period is the gradual metamorphic transition from Three-Dimensional "Human Consciousness" to Multi-Dimensional "SuperHuman" Consciousness.The Second approach provides you with an understanding of the nature of your Consciousness that was not available in this time period. The informationcomes from many thousands of years in the future. Detailed and easy tounderstand packets of information called "Excerpts" provide you with the mostadvanced knowledge and techniques available on the planet today.If we desire change then we must be willing to allow change. It ishelpful to remember that we are trading in the old self that is a fadedremnant trapped thousands of years ago in the past, by merging with anew self that is more wonderful than we could ever have dreamed for.--END-- Excerpt One INTRODUCTION TO TIME TRAVEL What if Time Travel is a Universal process of unfoldment that istaking place even now, all around us, without our knowledge? Wouldn'tits presence be easily recognized by the necessarily profoundmetamorphic resultant changes in our neighbors? Or are we blind tothese super-human visitors due to (protective?) limitations in our three-dimensional awareness? Are there human beings in our midst asadvanced to us as we are to the ape?FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGEIf this is indeed true, (and I am stating from first hand knowledge,and many years as a time traveler, that it is), what can you do to be a partof this amazing phenomenon? What follows is not for the faint hearted, and cannot be mastered in a few minutes. It is a gradual and continuousbalanced expansion of consciousness and understanding that guides you,step by step, from your very safe, (very busy?), everyday existence andtransforms you into a "super" version of yourself. A state of being thathas just been waiting, lifetime after lifetime, for you to realize andacquire. A state of being that is most likely far beyond your wildestdreams.It has long been held that just outside of our scope of understanding, we are “all knowing.” If this is true, wouldn't it behooveus to seek knowledge and help from this “omniscient” part of ourselvesin order to facilitate our efforts to "Time Travel"? Better yet, wouldn’t itbe amazing if this part of us that knows how to time travel could be herewith us all of the time so we could learn this and other wonderful thingsfrom it? To this end, the material provided for you on this web site hasgiven you a proven step by step procedure on how to open a “timeportal” from within your own consciousness. This precious informationhas been painstakingly imported from the far future, and is not currentlyavailable anywhere else on the planet. COUNTLESS LIFETIMES The many years (and countless lifetimes) of 3d existence, soheavily ingrained in all of us, that normally prevent us from exposure toour inherent multi-dimensional reality, needs somehow to be left behindas new understanding takes its place. Rather than wallowing in the “old”ways and “old” problems, with antiquated solutions that rarely worked,we at Time Travelers stress merely leaving the old behind andincorporating the “new”, like shedding an old skin. This means ratherthan trying to accomplish something, we simply accept that it is alreadydone. I know this sounds overly simplistic and easy, but once you havehad success in doing it this way, it will seem miraculous. You willwonder why you have been working so hard spiritually NOT to achievesuccess, when success was already yours? It always was.Let me hasten to add that persistent work in the form of study andpractice of the techniques taught in "A Course in Time Travel" is vitallyimportant and necessary if you are to succeed. "Gods works withouteffort is dead." RE-EDUCATION In our "course" we have included all of the necessary exercises, that haveworked for us and are working for many people from all over the world.These exercises are designed to help reeducate the stubborn 3d mind andhelp pry lose its frantic grasp of prevailing earth bound concepts. If youdo these exercises on a daily basis for a few minutes a day, your resultscan be phenomenal. We suggest making a set time each day for yourstudies and exercises. It is better to be consistent and to digest thematerial slowly, settling in for the long haul and your rewards will bespectacular.When we normally speak of the Third Dimension we are talkingabout a collection of the First, Second and Third Dimensions. Each of these places is a composite part of what we consider our three-dimensional Universe. Each separate dimension has its own special setof rules and kind of time. Each has its counter part (polar opposite) in thefourth dimension. We need to learn a little about these componentdimensions, so we can fully appreciate the Third and Fourth Dimensionsas a single functioning dimension called the “Fifth Dimension”. TWO MAJOR SECTIONS "A Course in Time Travel" is laid out in two major sections. Thefirst section consists of greatly enhanced knowledge imported from thefuture. This knowledge explains, in easy to learn steps, the secrets of time travel and multi-dimensional consciousness. Discussed in detail aresubjects such as the "Twelve chakra system", and the "Twelve bodies"that comprise your inner being". (Neither of these amazing revelationswere previously known or taught in this time period.)The second section consists of all the "techniques" needed toaccess multi-dimensional consciousness and the ability to time travel.This is the "how to" section. These techniques are thoughtfully laid outand explained in easy to understand layman terms. BELOW IS A PARTIAL LIST OF SUBJECTS COVERED: 1. The “Illusion” of time. 2. Automatic self maintenance of the past. 3. How “illusion of time” is created by the Soul. 4. What are some of the problems for the Oversoul trying tocommunicate with the residual consciousness residing in theremote past. 5. “Time loop” a trap from which there is no natural escape. 6. What we can do to break free from the illusion of time. 7. The Souls revelation in the remote future concerning “time” andits “re-manifestation” into the past. 8. Why our techniques for manifesting multi-dimensionalconsciousness here in the third dimension work, and why allother systems contained in this time period do not. 9. Why we could never have found the necessary tools formanifestation in our present time frame without help from our"Future Self". 10. How to avoid all the multi-dimensional traps. (This informationalone is worth its weight in gold.)-- END – Excerpt Two INTRODUCTION TO TIME TRAVEL ContinuedBe patient while reading through these Excerpts. They are designed tosubtly deprogram and enhance your sub-conscious 3D grasp of time/spacereality. This process takes place whether your conscious mind understands allthat it reads or not. Your subconscious/super conscious mind, which doesunderstand, will be eager to absorb this information.Although we as Time Travelers usually travel in groups, (as we tend toreincarnate in groups), we belong to no particular race or country. You cannotlook at a person who has not yet returned from the future, and tell if they are apotential Traveler (to this time period) or not. There is simply no way of knowing. However, when they do return, they will begin to act differently. Travelers do not always come in at birth. They may "walk in" at any time,during the incarnation.Travel into the past is absolutely necessary because it leads to certainessential realizations, that can eventually free one from the limitations of timeand space, and facilitate the rediscovery of unimaginably wonderful states of being. This is a natural part of the phenomenon of human metamorphosis.You are becoming a Time Traveler through the natural progression of your Soul, experiencing a vast array of possible futures, over many life times.At some point, an astounding realization is made by the Soul, that all futuresare degenerative. (Usually a point where there are no more viable futures...)That the primary lesson learned by experiencing the future is, that the act of itsomehow violates a fundamental law of balance.Although it was necessary for us to experience the future, to create astructure in time, the act of doing so, has taken us far from our actual naturalcenter in time, and has caused us to experience all manner of unseemlyrealities. It is at this moment of realization that your Soul gladly lets go of theillusion of future/past, and gravitates automatically, to the future and the past,within a previous incarnation. (It is not hard to see evidence of Time Travelerswhose balance points were even earlier in this time period.)The Soul, by the act of gravitating back in time, knows that it now mustexist in its own natural center of time, and begins to achieved a state of spiritualequilibrium within its sentient forms, of neither expectation or dread of thefuture, (because it has experienced the future) nor by the feelings of remorse ordesire for the past. (because it now exists in its past) This point is not selected,but is reached as a natural result of letting go, by the Soul, of the concept of time altogether. (This results in the Soul attempting to remanifest into ALL of its past incarnations.) The reason that "present time", as we know it, may seemso primitive, is because it is.In our next communication we will begin to tackle the inter dimensionalstructure. The Fourth Dimension presents a barrier to Time Travel. We canremove that barrier through applied knowledge.--END-- Excerpt Three THE THIRD AND FOURTH DIMENSIONSCOMPARED We can assume there is a basic difference between the “Third” and“Fourth” Dimensions, but exactly what are these differences and how dothey affect us? One way to look at this question is by thinking of theFourth Dimension as being equal and opposite to the Third Dimension.A mirror image in the purest sense. Every equal aspect is inside-out,upside-down, and backwards from one another. This line of thinkingwould place the two dimensions in perfect counter-balance to each other.They would be two opposite halves of one thing, the same place fromopposite viewpoints. We can think of the Third Dimension as outward-facing or six directionsof “out”, (up, down, left, right, forwards and backwards). This wouldmean (from the above definitions) that the Fourth Dimension, being EXACTLY equal and opposite, would have to have six directions of “in”! In the Third Dimension it seems as though we have access to thedirection of in, but is this a fact in reality, or is it just an illusion? Whenexamined more closely, the direction of in is really a direction of through, (as into an apple), which is actually just another direction of “out”. We have established that our three-dimensional viewpoint is from asingle point to all directions of out. To simulate a 4-D viewpoint, wewould have to establish a viewpoint coming from everywhere, converging upon a single point! To help you imagine yourself as comingfrom everywhere in space, look inward towards a single point. As youconverge upon this point from all directions, you are moving in adirection of “in”. INTUITIVE FLASH -As you might imagine, time travel cannot beachieved by intellectual means alone. It has been said, “To understand athing is not the same as being that thing!” This especially applies here,for there is a fine line between accomplishment on these subtle planes of existence, and simply day dreaming! It is thought that our innermost self,on its own level, processes information in very general terms, orabstractions. This means you need to gather specific and detailed information through your physical mind, in order to process it andformulate new abstract concepts.Sometimes we have what is called an “intuitive flash”, an instantaneousflood of understanding. It sometimes takes years to fully comprehend themassive amounts of new material that becomes available with even asingle intuitive flash. The average person is lucky to have one event likethis in an entire lifetime, and when it does occur, it changes thatindividual's viewpoint dramatically! A high-grade “genius” can learn toforce intuitive flash through a process of force-feeding the mind with allaspects of a question until a flash occurs.Is it possible that a fully functioning “Time Traveler” has learned toreceive intuitive flashes directly from the innermost Self as the mostefficient form of communication? This would endow the traveler withseemingly astounding powers of perception and an unbelievable amountof quality knowledge. Without preparation, this form of communicationmight wreak havoc upon the fragile and unsuspecting personality. Withpractice, the time might eventually come when the Time Travelerexperiences and accepts a state of continuous intuitive flash as a normalstate of being!PERFECTION -It is believed by many that we, as human beings, havewithin us the guaranteed possibility of existing in a most fantastic way,as compared with what we consider "normal" existence! Wouldn't itfollow that this fantastic state might require the accumulation of allpossible realities to make up its' composite structure? Perhaps each of these subtly gradient "sub-realities", in which we seem to exist, aremerely fragments of a "super-reality" just beyond our realization! If thisis true, then remove even a single one of these sub-realities, no matterhow insignificant, and the super-reality, by definition, would cease exist!This would certainly justify some of the bizarre circumstances andexperiences of life and living, as being necessary sub-components bornby each of us as part an immense group karma, spanning countless eonsof time!Here is a simple example is this idea: if we observe a person from themoment of conception until the moment of death, we can see the manychanges in reality that had to take place during a lifetime. We can see thewhole transformation as a single event, or we can see it happening fromsecond to second, in imperceptibly subtle changes. It would be animpossible task to point out which actual moment within that person'slife was the REAL moment! This is because each moment is just asimportant and real as all other moments to the fabric of time. We cannot exclude even one single moment, because it takes the aggregation of every single moment to make up the complete lifetime!It could be said that creation happened “instantaneously” in relation to“infinite” time. That instant, compared with infinite time, can bestretched or shrunken to any apparent length depending upon theviewpoint of the observer! In other words, in addition to our normal 3Dtime, there also exists within us another natural state of being that isoutside of time. What we think of as everyday time is relative, while theother kind of time is universal. This “duality” of time causes a split inour consciousness between the “inner” and “outer” selves. It is upon theuniversal desire to unite this diametrically opposed consciousness, andthe acquisition and application of the knowledge to do so, that we willfocus our attention. BASIC DYNAMICS OF TIME -To understand the dynamics of time,we need to have, at least, a minimal understanding of themultidimensional universe in which we live. We, as human beings, arecurrently concerned with at least five separate dimensions. We maythink that we are not aware of some of them, but we work within themall of the time (or within reflections of them)! We are most aware of theThird Dimension because it is our physical universe we see all aroundus. This makes us three-dimensional beings. However, we are aware of the Fourth Dimension also, because we reflect it through our emotions!We experience a reflection of the Fifth Dimension with the “thinking”part of our minds!Each dimension has its own kind of time. We are most familiar withthree-dimensional time because we conduct our affairs by it. We areaware of the "Now", the "Future" and the "Past". "Present time reality",as a continuous Now, constantly disengages from what was the present.What was our present becomes the past while our subjectiveconsciousness continues moving into the future, constantly assuming anew position in the present. This is three-dimensional time. Notice that itonly goes in the direction of the future, but is always the Now! In three-dimensional time we have no means of reclaiming the past, nor do weever actually experience the future. Time for us is always the Present, inforward motion! EARTH CYCLES Earth Cycles have been going on since the beginning of our SolarSystem. Ever since we first stood erect and looked with beatific wonderat the sun, the moon and the stars, we have desired to master ourenvironment. With a more complete knowledge (that is now available) of our metaphysical environment, we can begin to reshape our destiny,first from within us as a changing belief system, and secondly, externallyin our environment as we begin to master time!We no longer need to be human flotsam drifting in benign ignoranceupon the river of life and death. We, as potential time travelers, are in theprocess of discovering our immortality! We are on our way out of thestagnancy and on to dry land where fresh water and ideas abound.This all may seem rather complex and in violation of the letting-goprinciple of realizing what already is. . . but there comes a time when anexertion of will is necessary to bring about any kind of three-dimensional change. This is simply the nature of the 3D! We have notreached the point that we can just daydream reality into being, ("God'sworks without action is dead!") We need to do the footwork as well,whether it be pen to paper or shovel to earth.Although the future already exists for us, the inertia of the past has to beovercome. This entails the exertion of the Collective Will. Because youare part of this will, the Collective effort becomes part of what is called"Soul intent", or "Creative intent". In other words, a part of you musttake creative action at a given time to bring about the necessary change.Using the caterpillar-to-butterfly example, even though the caterpillar isalready the butterfly in the purest sense, there comes a time of intenseeffort to bring about the change as the butterfly painfully emerges fromits cocoon. Or, although within the seed there is the fruit bearing plant,there is a need for it to be planted and nurtured, whether it be by natureor man . . . . .--END— Excerpt Four PARADOX IN PROGRESS You are entering into what is called "in process". This means you willchange a little everyday for the better. The changes are almost imperceptible atfirst, but become more noticeable as you progress. This is the beginning of what you have hoped and waited for on some level of your being, since thebeginning of your sojourn into physical manifestation! It is a spectacular event,probably far beyond your present comprehension, but it needs time to mature! When you first created your "present time" on this time track you wereunable to study the material on this website because it did not exist then! Thematerial contained here was written by You, for you, from outside of time asyou presently understand it. What is happening to you is utterly different thanwhat happened to you originally. You have already begun to change the past!It is by no means easy. You will need all of the help and encouragement youcan get! This is the beginning for us. We are the pioneers that people athousand years from now will be grateful to for having paved the way. TREMENDOUS KARMA Tremendous Karma in the form of magnetic force will try to pry you awayfrom these studies in order to bring you back into the original time loop. Theseforces are neither good or evil. They are simply a built in maintenance systemthat mindlessly repairs and keeps your illusions in tact. We are in a Cosmicplay pen spiraling around and around in the illusion of time. We have beendoing this for a very long time, and without intervention, we will probablycontinue to do it for a very long time, possibly FOREVER! What we, as TimeTravelers, are doing has nothing to do with what was happening in this presenttime frame. As you begin to look at this time from ??? years or eons in thefuture, you will understand its quaintness.Lets continue our investigation of the Third Dimension. We need todelve into our 3d world a little more deeply so we can compare it withthe Fourth Dimension.In review, we established that the Third Dimension is outward facing orsix directions of out from a common center. (Six directions of out areactually four directions of side to side, with the additional dimension of time as forward motion, which brings into being the concept of future/past, or breadth) Contrary to beliefs held in this time period, going in the direction of higher vibrations still belong to the realm of the Third Dimension andnot the Fourth! This is because vibration as motion starts from the voidin the First Dimension and accumulatively processes upward in vibrationuntil the sum total of all vibration is accrued.(For those of you who arestudents of Astrology, this outward motion was understood by the"Ancients" as the fundamental nature of "Aries" , color red, whichrepresents the Third Dimension as forward or outward motion.)What we now think of as "forward time" is also theproperty of the Third Dimension, (contrary to popular scientific opinion)and not to the Fourth Dimension which is backward or inward motion,"backward time"!It is important that we establish the difference between the Third andFourth Dimensions, because this was a major point of confusion forspiritual students during this time period. We can start by stating that theFourth Dimension is equal and opposite to the Third Dimension. It is amirror image in the purest sense. Every equal aspect is inside out,upside down, and backwards from one another. They perfectly counterbalance each other. They are the two opposite halves of one thing. Theyare the same place from opposite view points. A good example of this inour everyday world, is male and female! Another good example of interaction with this principle, in Human Beings, is the right and leftlobes of the brain.A little time spent comparing elements of the Third and Fourthdimensions is in order at this point. These distinctions have to beabsolutely CLEAR before we can venture on to the Fifth Dimension!We have established that the Third Dimension has six directions of out.This would mean that the Fourth Dimension would have to have sixdirections of IN! If we tunnel into the Earth, that would certainly seemto be going a direction of in, but as soon as we pass the center of theEarth, our direction becomes out once again. The direction of in is reallya direction of "through", which is actually another direction of out.Another way of looking art this, using the Earth example, would be toimagine the Earth disappearing while tunneling into it. It then becomesobvious that you were really moving in a forward motion, which isanother direction of out. We simply do not have the ability in our ThreeDimensional reality, to move in a "true" inward direction!The Three Dimensional view point is from a single point to all directionsof out. In order to simulate a 4-D view point, we would have to establisha view point coming from everywhere, converging upon a single point!To help you do this, imagine yourself as coming from everywhere in space, looking inward toward a single point of white light at your verycenter. As you converge in upon this point from all directions, you aremoving in a direction of "IN".This concludes our exercises for now. Next time we will progress a littlefurther in our understanding of the Dimensions.--END— Excerpt Five INTRODUCTION TOTHE DYNAMICS OF TIME At the very beginning of this creative cycle, at the moment of Creation,all that came into being was created perfectly. Creation has no otherchoice than to be perfect! The puzzle is created by the pieces, and thepieces are each created by the puzzle. (Perfection is an amazinglydynamic, ever changing state, rather than the static unchanging state of being that is usually ascribed to it.) The problem is, although creationhappened instantaneously, there is a relative time factor, inherent withinthat instant. The instant of time it took for creation to achieve a state of perfection, has become all of time as we normally perceive it! Thatinstant, relative to infinite time, can be virtually any length, dependingupon the viewpoint of the observer! MULTI-DIMENSIONAL UNIVERSE In order to understand the dynamics of time, we need to have, at least, aminimal understanding of the multidimensional universe we live in. Weas human beings, are at present, concerned with (at least) five separatedimensions. We may think that we are not aware of some of them, butwe actually work within them all of the time! (or reflections of them) Weare most aware of the Third Dimension because it is our physicaluniverse we see all around us. This makes us, basically, threedimensional beings. However, we are aware of the Fourth Dimension also, because it is reflected through our emotions! A reflection of theFifth Dimension is experienced with our minds!Each dimension has its own time. We are most familiar with threedimensional time, because we conduct our affairs by it. We are aware of the Now, the Future and the Past. (As was stated in Excerpt 3), presenttime reality, as a continuous Now, becomes the past as it moves into thefuture, and assumes a new position for us, in the present. This is threedimensional time. Notice that it only goes in the direction of the future,but is always the Now! In three dimensional time, we have no means of reclaiming the past, nor do we ever actually experience the future. Timefor us, is always the Present, in forward motion!The Fourth Dimension is an emotional and spiritual labyrinth for us, andis in every way, equal and opposite to the Third Dimension. One of thoseopposites, is time. Where the Third Dimension moves into the future, theFourth Dimension retreats into the past! AN AVATAR-LESS AGE Contrary to popular millenarianism beliefs, (people who believe in theimpending return of Jesus, and a thousand years of enlightenment,known as the "Millennium", or "Golden Age"), the Age we are about tobegin, is Avatar-less (Leaderless) in that the return of the Christ is inmass! (And as such, is a lesson that must be learned individually! This isthe reason that no man can predict the exact time of His return, becauseit is different for each individual. And is also the reason so many peoplebelieve that they are Jesus.) It is available to everyone who can masterthe lesson of this Age, which will last two thousand years, at which timethe "YELLOW Age" will begin, which will last for two thousand years.The Avatar for that Age will also be a Christ Conscious Being, whoselife will portray lessons of "Abstract Mentality".--END-- Excerpt Six THE PRIMORDIAL DIMENSIONS Our goal is God consciousness. It is comprised of all otherconsciousness in perfect balance. But, what does this mean? Whatexactly is God consciousness? THE INHERENT QUALITIES OF GOD CONSCIOUSNESS: • Omniscience -All knowing. • Omnipresence -Being everywhere all at once. • Omnipotence -all powerful.Within God consciousness is something called Christ consciousness. It isthe quality of God consciousness as an ever increasing capacity foruniversal love, which is ecstasy in motion and the interaction betweentwo or more Beings. There exists a law of Order as regards attaining Godconsciousness. These are listed below. LAW OF ORDER: <1.>The establishment of Cosmic consciousness in the currentincarnation. <2.>Conscious contact with our Time Traveling "Oversoul" (TTO) fromoutside of linear 3d time. <3.>The birth of Christ consciousness within the safe and protectedenvironment of Cosmicconsciousness. <4.>And finally, to begin to realize and manifest God consciousnesshere in the third dimension.As we progress through these Excerpts we will examine each of thecomponents of God consciousness in the belief that enlightenmentthrough correct knowledge will bring our goal more quickly into being.In this Excerpt we are going to look much deeper into the threedimensions that comprise the third dimension, but first a little spiritualstretching exercise is in order. OK, WHO DID IT? Have you ever wondered about how existence began? If things are inexistence, did they come from something? Where did that somethingcome from? We are told that it all sprang into existence fromnothingness. What is nothingness, where did it come from, and how didsomething come from it? We are told that it all came from a pinpoint of super condensed matter in the form of a "big bang". Where did the pinpoint of super condensed matter come from? We are told that theuniverse is somewhere between ten and thirty billion years old, less thana microsecond in relation to infinity! Why, in all of infinite time did theuniverse come into creation now? We are told that Man is not meant toknow the answers to these riddles, and therefore cannot fathom theUniverse with his limited mind! Where did that limitation in thinkingcome from? Who are we? What are we?? Where is it all going???Just a scant three hundred years ago, you might have been branded as aheretic for just asking such questions, let alone trying to answer them!What is wrong with trying to answer these kinds of questions? Why doesit seem ridiculously impossible for us to even try? Is it that our minds areso limited that we cannot try, or is it that our minds are actuallyunlimited, and that artificial limitations have, somehow, been placedupon them? If artificial limitations have been placed upon our minds,what is the nature of the limitations, and who or what placed them thereand how can they be removed or modified? What is our true potentialand how can we access it now?(In the following text, the term Primordial or Primordial Universe,pertains to the earliest part of the cycle within the Creative Field, beforethe Stellar component of the Universe was formed.)In our quest for an understanding of the multi-dimensional universe welive in, perhaps a logical place to start would be at the beginning of thecurrent creative cycle. In order to begin to understand the concepts of creation, we need to ask two basic questions. The first question is, "How can something come from nothing?" The second question is "What isnothing?" We can begin to examine the idea of nothing by first definingit. Nothing is the absents of something. Let us use the void of outer spaceas an example. We will, for simplicities sake, remove all matter from it,(including molecular, atomic, and subatomic structures) which leaves uswith the blackness of "infinite" space. We now have an instance of whatcould be defined as nothingness. HEY! WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?However, far from being nothing, what we have defined is actually anunmeasurable example of something! To understand what I mean bythis, let us redefine nothingness from a little different approach. If wecan acknowledge that three-dimensional space is a place with a purposein which things can (and do) happen, and by that definition, "exists" aspart of the universal plan of things, then the void, or empty space, couldbe considered a thing, rather than nothing. If three-dimensional space issomething, then a true void, or actual nothingness, would exclude three-dimensional space, and preclude any kind of manifestation whatsoever!This means that "space", as we know it, must exist in such a way as todisplace or circumvent actual nothingness. In other words, "space" or theinfinite "void", is actually a place filled with an invisible something thatcannot be measured. Considering that without it, all that we know as ouruniverse could not exist, is testimony enough for its existence, whetherwe can measure it or not!ETHER ANYONE?The reason for the foregoing, is the reestablishment of a universalmedium that is absolutely fundamental to Metaphysics. It has had manynames in the past, but for the sake of simplicity, lets call it the "Ether".This is a familiar term that is found in your dictionary. Below is a partialdefinition out of The American Heritage Electronic Dictionary. "Ether.An all-pervading, infinitely elastic, massless medium formerlypostulated as the medium of propagation of electromagnetic waves".Notice the words, formerly postulated. This means the Scientists of thistime period discounted the Ether as being unmeasurable, and thereforenonexistent. (In other words, "if I can't bite it and make it holler, itdoesn't exist!") JUST A COSMIC KIND OF GUY We exist in what is known as the Third Dimension, but how would ourCosmic Conscious Being view this? We know that the third dimensionhas height, breadth and width. This means we have access to, up anddown, (height) forwards and backwards, (breadth) and side to side.(width) It is the combination of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions, thatmake up the Third Dimension. By the same token, we can assume that the Second Dimension is made up of a combination of the 1st and 2nddimensions.Looking through the eyes of a Cosmic conscious Being, what would theuniverse look like, and how different would it be from the way weperceive it? A Cosmic Conscious Being might view the universe interms of multiple dimensions, which is utterly different than the way weview it. If this is true, then he would be able to "see" into the varioussuper dimensions and inner space as easily as we see into the 3d. Notonly could he "see" the separate dimensions, but he would be able toexperience them as separate independent places as well, in the muchsame way we experience our three dimensions. Let us travel with himinstantaneously in his mind to a time before this creative cycle, to viewprimordial energy in its most basic form. Remember that he has accessto many more dimensions then we do, at least six, and possibly as manyas twelve! Let us travel with our hypothetical Cosmic conscious timetraveler as he travels back billions of years into the past, and watchthrough his eyes, and understand through his mind, as he examines theprimordial universe in its earliest moments in this creative cycle. Hewould see the "First dimension", as the birth place of all otherdimensions. He would know that here, energy "exists" as an infinite, orimmeasurable point of nothingness. He would also know that there isanother place called the "Second dimension" that is a universe of whitelight! Here we see an infinite or immeasurable point of white light. Heknows that the positive and negative poles exist in the same onedimensional space, but at alternating times! By our standards, this wouldbe equivalent to something coming from nothing, but from the viewpoint of a Cosmic Conscious Being, nothingness would simply appear aspure energy stored in the First dimension, from which all that we knowand experience in our 3d universe, periodically springs. To him, the Firstdimension has always existed in a state of perpetual present timeless-ness. (Whether or not the First dimension was "created by "somethingelse" is beyond the scope of the present text.) POLARIZED ENERGY A simpler way of stating this is, there exists polarized energy thatalternates between the positive and negative poles of existence. When itis realized as the positive pole, it is in a state of maximum excitation.When it is realized as the negative pole, it is in a vibration-less state.Technically each of these states individually are one dimensional. It is only when we expand our view point to include both polar opposites atthe same time, do we perceive the Second Dimension.To visualize something as alien as an infinite point, is most likely verydifficult for the average three dimensional mind. So, at this time, it issufficient to say that it is a point, and that it is infinite. There is nowherein the First Dimension that it is not, and yet, it has no three-dimensionalor measurable space to it. It is therefore eternal or exists withoutbeginning or end. Although it is a point, it gives the illusion of infinitethree dimensional space. The First Dimension "holds" or creates spacewithin actual nothingness that "exists" (does not exist) outside of space.The point of energy and space contained in the negative pole is all of the"energy" and "space" available to us in our universe! (Whether or notthis point of energy is merely one of an infinite number of points will bereserved for a later discussion.) This same energy in its excited state, inthe positive pole of the Second dimension, is all of the "matter" availableto us in our universe. Following the viewpoint of our Cosmic ConsciousBeing, we next see the creation of the Primordial Third dimension. If weexamine the two states of being in the Second dimension, we see, thatthere is energy, either vibrating at a maximum rate, or not vibrating atall. After all,it is the same energy in the same space!The mechanics of vibration oscillate back and forth between black and white. It takes timeto do this! Although it appears instantaneous in the Second dimension,there is, what an Electronic Engineer might refer to as a propagationdelay. In other words, even instantaneous takes time to happen! It iswithin this instant that the field of creation, comes into being! WHAT DID HE SAY? The mechanics of the time delay between white and black, when viewedby our Cosmic Conscious guide, show white light disassembling into thecomponents of the spectrum. Each vibrationally separate component canbe experienced as a separate two dimensional universe, occupying thesame space at separate times. As we have seen, there are three distinctphases concerning the Primordial Universe. The three phases aresummed up below: SUMMARY THE THREE PRIMORDIAL DIMENSIONS • The Primordial First Dimension The minimum phase is energy at rest. It is the absolute negative pole of existence, and is part of the vibrational sequence, eventhough it is absent of vibration. It is a place of never endingexperienceless-ness. It is a universe of blackness, it is called thePrimordial First dimension, and is the birth place of the sun signSAGITTARIUS. In our three dimensional world, we know it asspace. Each dimension has its own kind of time. The PrimordialFirst dimension is the PRIMORDIAL PAST. (Time before time). • The Primordial Second Dimension The maximum phase, is energy at its maximum state of vibration.It is the sum of all vibratory states. It is a universe of white light.It is, by its self, a one dimensional universe, but, because of itspolarization with the negative pole, exists in two dimensionalspace. This is the Primordial Second dimension, it is the primaryuniversal center and is the birth place of the Sun Sign LEO. (ThePrimordial Second dimension is the stellar prototype, or UniversalSun.) The Second dimension, in our three dimensional world,represents all that is in existence, that resides within the void. Inother words, all created matter in any form, within space. ThePrimordial Second dimension is the PRIMORDIAL PRESENT.(Time of forever now), in that it can never experience anythingother than itself, in present time, and it can never cease to exist!Remember this, because it is one of the keys to immortality!!! • The Primordial Third Dimension The transitory phase is also the sum of all vibratory states, butdivided into separate components. Although the sum of itscomponents is white light, and the absents of its components isblackness, white and black are not available within the transitoryphase. The "3rd" dimension, (that is the singular 3rd dimension,as distinguished from the composite Third dimension, which ismade up from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Dimensions, represents all thatmoves or has outward motion. It is a universe of rainbows, and isthe birth place of the Sun Sign ARIES. The primordial thirddimension, because of its forward motion, is the PRIMORDIALFUTURE. (Time of cycles). SIMPLIFICATION Let us see if we can simplify this a little. When we view our threedimensional universe, we see that the starry world and the planets aresuspended in space, and that they have motion. We can say that the space belongs to the 1st dimension. (This includes all space, even thespace between the atoms within your body). Next we can say thateverything else belongs to the 2nd dimension as centers of matter, andbecause of the lack of motion, is timeless. And finally, we can say thateverything that moves belongs to the 3rd dimension. Because everythingthat belongs to the 2nd dimension also has the potential of motion,means that the contents of the 2nd and 3rd dimensions are exactly thesame, except that the Third dimension places the added dimension of actualized "motion", and the resultant three dimensional "time". This isan important difference between the "Time Travelers" philosophyconcerning "time", and current models of the universe where the Fourthdimension provides "time"!This concludes this Excerpt. In the next one we will continue with theexploration of the various "dimensions" and how they relate toconsciousness.--END— Excerpt Seven IMMEDIATE & LONG TERM GOALS What Are Our Goals? • SHORT TERM -Our short term goal is to merge our consciousview points from the Third and Fourth dimensions to fully realizethe Fifth dimension. • INTERIM TERM -Our interim term goals are to realize Cosmicconsciousness in the Sixth dimension, and to prepare a "timeportal" within our consciousness for the arrival of our "TTO"(Time Traveling Oversoul) • LONG TERM -Our long term goal of attaining GodConsciousness, and manifesting it here in the third dimension, is an ongoing process. There are virtually an infinite number of levels in God Consciousness. However, there is a minimal levelthat can be called God Consciousness. Levels below this are notconcerned with God Consciousness, and are but sub-levels.(Interestingly, when all is said and done in regards to obtainingGod Consciousness, the focusis here in the third dimension asThree Dimensional Beings, rather than as Two Dimensional orOne Dimensional Beings.) •INTENT OF THE CREATIVE WILL -It is my belief, and the crux of "TT" (Time Travelers) philosophy, thatthe intent and desire of the "Creative Will", is to manifest "Godconsciousness" here in the Third dimension! From the dimensionsoutside of the Third dimension there is a lack of detail, like extreme nearsightedness. Abstraction without specifics. The 3d lends the necessarycorrective lenses needed to complete our ability to see!I am convince that the Third dimension is the "Creators" crowning achievement. I have glimpsed it in, what I call, its perfected state, wherewe are all "One" and yet separate, where we are so filled with lovingwonder that it almost hurts, where each moment is delicious beyondcomprehension, and yet, so familiar, so expected!In this next section we will begin to examine the various kinds of consciousness. This is necessary in order to help you begin tounderstand how you are constructed, in the belief that knowledge ispower and the road to enlightenment.....See Diagram Notice that the flow of experience is locked into a circle or spiral. Ascending vibrational energy (Female) is represented by Buddhicconsciousness, while descending vibrational energy (Male) isrepresented by Krishnic consciousness. The traveling center of consciousness (considered as the "Self" or "Personality") is about thesize of a ping-pong ball, and travels with great difficulty through thesuccessive vibrational centers (chakras). (This effort is usually reservedfor dedicated monks or "mystics", and is rarely observed in the averageperson.) There is no real love involved with either Buddhic or Krishnicconsciousness, as found in Christ Consciousness, except on a personalpossessive level. (It is interesting to note that the word "love" has creptinto the language of some western Buddhist's writings.) The keyelements are personal power, wisdom, temporary states of bliss, anddetached compassion. The misconception is that "Nirvana" (used here tomean existing in a "white-light state of exultation" is reached andmaintained by ascending in vibration to the "Third Eye", (a center of consciousness found just above and between the physical eyes). Thatthis much sought after state can be reached and experienced as "whitelight" is certainly true, and one of the fundamental tenets of "TT"philosophy, but that it can be maintained on a permanent basis in thismanner, is absolutely false!Due to the inevitable "flywheel" effect, this state cannot be maintainedand results in a state of consciousness called "Buddhas of compassion", which unbeknown to the student is the beginning of Krishnicconsciousness.Krishnic consciousness is one of giving of ones self absolutely withoutregard for personal consequences. It almost always results in martyrdomin extreme cases. The student never realizes what is wrong. (God whyhast thou forsaken me?) Christ consciousness, on the other hand, is theresult of the student realizing that traveling around in circles or spiralswill never get anywhere. (This usually takes a considerable number of life-times!) The mergence and transcendence of both Buddhic andKrishnic consciousness results in a centering. A move from the outsideof consciousness, to the internalized being-ness of it. This is the firstlevel of two levels of Christ consciousness.See DiagramHowever, the first level of Christ Consciousness presents many dangersincluding death for the unsuspecting student. This consciousness isassociated with unprepared neophytes that rush in where fools fear totread. Being a pure positive force, it drives the environment negative.This is the path of the Saints most of whom were martyred. Jesus wasexecuted at 33. (The lessons he laid down as a world teacher, andAvatar for the Age, made it possible for us to avoid most of the pitfallsassociated with this level.) --END— Excerpt Nine OPENING THE MOUTH -CENTER and LOWER SOLAR PLEXUS-CENTER(CHAKRAS) In this Excerpt we are going to learn how to open up the next pair of Centers, but first, we are going to look at some charts showing the basicdifferences between men and women. Although men and women havethe same number of chakras located in the same areas of the body, thechart below shows the preferences between male and female. This, inpart, explains some of the more obvious differences between us.I know there is a lot of information contained on this chart, but for now just note the basic differences between a man and woman. Don't worryabout learning everything on the chart at this point in your studies. Wewill get into a detailed study of the various Centers and colors, and whatthey mean, in a later lesson. The chart below is a little different representation of the basicdifferences between a man and a woman. This is in the purest mostabstract sense, and is not meant as an actual representation of the humanaura. Keep in mind that both men and women have the identical numberof chakras, but prefer the combinations shown here. (The actual sizeshape and colors radiating in the human aura depends upon manyfactors, and may change from moment to moment depending upon theemotional/mental content). NEXT LEVEL OF MEDITATION In this meditation technique, we are going to open two more balancedchakras, the Mouth-center (Indigo) and the lower half of the solar plexus(Bright yellow) OPENING UP THE MOUTH AND LOWER SOLAR PLEXUS: • FIRST -In each of these exercises try to generate energy at your finger tips. Always begin by warming up the Heart-center. (Thiscan be done by rubbing in a circular motion. Also by picturing agreen flower opening up) Next, activate the Throat-center bytapping it and visualizing it opening up like a blue flower. Youcan also use the energy of your dominant hand (fingers togetherpointing in towards the throat) by slowly opening this center withan opening motion of the fingers (fingers together pointingtowards the Throat-center, slowly spread the finger tips awayfrom each other in a widening circle) Feel the energy in yourfinger tips open this center. • SECOND -Open the "Upper Solar Plexus-center" using the sameprocess (visualize a pink or dark yellow flower, which ever feelsbest for you) Feel the upper solar plexus as an empty vesselwaiting to be filled by the energy from the Throat-center. Boththe throat and upper solar plexus may begin to feel warm withvarying degrees of elation. If you still feel nothing, don't bediscouraged. The exercises will help you whether you feelimmediate results or not. This help will come in the form of improved relationships and circumstances in your everyday world. • THIRD -Use the same process to open the "Mouth-center"(Indigo, a very dark blue purple), and the "Lower Solar Plexuscenter", (Bright yellow). Tap your lips lightly to wake up thiscenter, then using the opening motion with your finger tips,slowly open your mouth at the same time. Once done, switchhands, and use the opening motion on the lower solar plexus,(located just below the navel). If this center is slow to respond,use the circular rubbing motion outlined for the Heart-center.Feel and visualize this center relaxing and slowly opening. Thismay cause a feeling of warmth from your throat, extending all theway down to the lower solar plexus.--END-- Excerpt Ten THE TWELVE FACES OF GOD BEGINNING TIME TRAVEL & REMOTE VIEWINGTECHNIQUESSo many people have asked me to give a clear and simple instruction onhow to do "Remote Viewing", using "Time Travel" Techniques. Thefollowing is as simple and clear as I can make it.....Time travel is usually associated with physically traveling into thepast or the future, with all of its attendant problems, such as meetingyourself or what would happen to you if you killed your grandfather?However these are the product of three dimensional thinking. Timetravel, as I understand it and have experienced it, is possible because of the nature of time and the fact that we are everywhere at the same time.We could say that there is only one universal consciousness manifestingin everyone, and the way we experience time allows us to experienceourselves as separate individuals touching momentarily on the physicallevel.REMOTE VIEWINGThe ability to penetrate the illusion of time, allows one to be able toexperience time as a single simultaneous event. The consequence of non-linear time enables a person to be able to experience any time framehe chooses, whether past, present or future. It also enables one toexperience any person, whether living or dead. To be able to do thiskind of Remote Viewing takes some practice to become confident. It isimportant to know when you are actually Remote Viewing, and notsimply day dreaming. We use our ordinary senses brought together toform a sharp point that is able to pierce the three dimensional protectivesheath. A great deal of what is used (after that) is focused visualization,which is in the realm of creative imagination. Remote Viewing, orpreviously known as "Clarvoyance", is certainly not new. Manystudents of metaphysics, and advanced mystics, could "see" at adistance. One such method is by erecting what is called an"AstralTube."While in OEM,(see Open Eye Meditation)I visualize a whirlpool, about a foot across. (My whirlpool is usuallyclockwise.) Next, I try to see down the tube to a predetermined place, person or object. Sometimes I get strange images. For example, if I feelsomeone thinking about me in a kind way, I usually feel a nice tinglingsensation around my head. Sometimes I know who the person is, but atother times I don't. If I am curious about the person, I will erect awhirlpool. Just the other day, I felt the vibrations of someone whom Ihadn't felt before. I sat in Open Eye Meditation, and erected a whirlpool.After a while, I began to see something very colorful. At first I couldn'tmake it out, but then I saw it very clearly. It was a woven rag throw rugof many colors. I moved the whirlpool around the room. I saw a womanseated in OEM. I recognized her as one of my students. She wassending me a "blessing". I responded by returning the blessing. Thenext time I saw her, I asked her if she had a very colorful rag throw rug.She was very surprised, and said that she had made it her self.Sometimes remote viewing can be rather invasive. By this I meanthat you might see more than you were meant to. I always make aneffort not to invade a persons privacy.Another time comes to mind, about something that happened to meabout 40 years ago. I was heading up a small metaphysical group inPalm Springs California. One of the persons there was a gifted HathaYoga teacher. She seemed not to like me for some reason, and wasinstantly in competition with me. I had experienced this kind of thingbefore, and was able to keep her quiet enough so we could finish ourmeeting. About an hour after the meeting broke up, I began to feel ill. Itcame upon me so rapidly that I thought it was something I ate. Then Ibecame aware that someone was trying to make me sick using occultmethods. I had studied this very method, only I used it for healing ratherthan trying to harm someone. I sat down and began to meditate. Ierected a whirlpool to see if I could track down whoever was doing thisto me. At first I couldn't see anything but black. But then, suddenly, Isaw the Hatha Yoga teacher sitting in a lotus position. My view wasfrom above and behind her, but I immediately recognized her. Herintensity was strong and destructive, and it all was aimed at me! I hadbeen teaching my students about a psychic defense technique, utilizingthe mental construction of a mirror. The point of the lesson was to erecta mirror in front of you when you felt that you were being attacked. Ierected the mirror, and the attack stopped instantly. I found out that thepoor woman had to go to bed for several days. In the next meetingwhere she was attending, she followed me around like a puppy. It is anold occult maxim that "An ounce of defense is worth a pound of offence. SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS One must be aware of the distinction between time travel, andastral projection. Astral projection, or its cousin, etheric projection, areabout traveling in your astral or etheric bodies, to experience or examinethe Astral Planes, or the Etheric Planes. These bodies, (the lower andupper etheric), are part of the physical complex, interpenetrating thephysical body, which allows you to be able to experience our physicalearthly existence.Remote Viewing, using Time travel techniques, utilizes some of the techniques that are used to facilitate Astral and etheric projection,however, the similarities end there. Time travel has its own set of rules,which need to be known before attempting to experience a time travelingevent. Although the rules are simple, the disregarding of them will mostlikely prevent you from achieving non-linear time, where true time travelis possible. Once having achieved non-linear time, what follows isrelatively safe and easy. I have listed the three most important rulesbelow; THREE RULES 1. Fear:Fear is the greatest deterrent to time travel, and facing theunknown is one of the main reasons for fear. The reason for thedetailed examination of the unknown in theA Course in TimeTravel,is the thought that if one is well informed about theunknown, then the unknown becomes known, and is no longerfear producing. The bottom line is, if you are afraid, then yourchances of time traveling are very slim. If you find that you areafraid when attempting to access non-linear time, I would suggeststudying the material that is available here on the Time Travelersweb site, until you feel that, through a greater understanding of the unknown, you are no longer afraid. 2. Permission:This may sound strange that you need permission,but it is very important to ask permission of your Inner Being.The heart of "Time Travelers" is to make available vitalinformation about your TTO, (Time Traveling Oversoul), so thatyou might facilitate the necessary link up with it. Since your TTOalready has access to non-linear time, it makes sense that youshould avail yourself to it in order to learn. Believe me when I placement and confinement of consciousness. Cosmic consciousness isassociated with decentralization and unconfined space. We also definedCosmic consciousness as being composed of the exact same number of components as Christ consciousness, and being identically equal, butfrom a multidimensionally mirrored position. Equal in every way, butexactly opposite!If you will remember from previous Excerpts, I gave a brief list of definitions for the origins of consciousness. If you will permit me, I willlist them here in review:These definitions are summed up below: • The "void" is the birthplace of what the ancients termedSagittarius which in its most evolved state is called Cosmicconsciousness. As a subdivision of God consciousness it is furthersubdivided into Buddhic and Krishnic consciousness. To achieveCosmic consciousness, one must resolve Buddhic and Krishnicconsciousness into one consciousness. This is done bytranscending and blending them to gain access to the "void". (Thereal secret here is in knowing that Buddhic and Krishnicconsciousness's, are embroiled in a constant circular motion.Motion of the central consciousness of "self" becomes caught inthis endless circular trap, baited with the promise of white lightand ineffable bliss. Even after having attained the "white lightstate", the student is soon robbed of this treasure due to theflywheel effect, which we discussed in earlier Excerpts. Now,having learned this very hard lesson through umpteen lifetimes,the "self" begins its true journey to freedom from illusion. Thetrick here is to get off of the wheel of consciousness andincorporate both Krishnic and Buddhic Consciousness's as simplytwo halves of a single consciousness, which is Cosmicconsciousness's. (After all, this is simply the reverse of the wayCosmic consciousness split into its two component parts, early increation).• The white light state is the birthplace of what the ancients calledLeo which is the beginning of Christ consciousness. There arefour major subdivisions of Christ consciousness, each denoting adistinct manifestation of constituent facets of the archetypalUniversal Christ principle. (To date in this new cycle of the26,000 year long "cycle of the Ages", we have only seen one of the four facets.) However, as in Cosmic consciousness, Christconsciousness, is also subdivided into two major components,namely Buddhic and Krishnic consciousness. Again, as in Cosmicconsciousness, these two basic ingredients play a major role. Toachieve Christ consciousness, one must resolve Buddhic andKrishnic consciousness into one consciousness. This is done bytranscending and blending them to gain access to the"Light",much in the same way Cosmic consciousness is obtained.Both of these methods require a certain understanding of "balance".By the above definitions, we see that Cosmic consciousness wasassociated with Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the "Mother" principle, ascompared to Aries as the "Father" principle, and Leo as the Universalchild or "Son" principle. In earlier definitions, we said that the majordifference between Christ and Cosmic consciousness was one of position. Where Christ consciousness is always internalized, Cosmicconsciousness is always externalized! For example, in the chart below,you can see that every Sign of the Zodiac comes under the heading of theChrist! Everything else is considered Cosmic consciousness. But whateverything else? It seems that everything is consumed by the Christ ascomponent parts. How can there be something else when we haveaccounted for all of the parts? By understanding this question, we willsolve one of the greatest mysteries in human consciousness, that of dichotomy, or the existence of paradox in the form of diametricallyopposed consciousness existing within us at the same time in the sameplace, made out of the same components, while being relatively unawareof one another!Consider, for a moment, the idea of Christ consciousness as beinginternal, as opposed to Cosmic consciousness which is external. Whatdoes this mean exactly? How does this relate to our everyday existence?If we look to our physical bodies for examples, we know that we have aphysical body, and it has a centralized consciousness we call our "self".In addition to this, our body has the ability to move and experience"time". From our previous studies you should be able to spot the Christprinciple as being connected with the centralized consciousness. This isthe part we consider as ourselves. We have a name, likes and dislikes,and memories of our past experiences, and hopes and desires for thefuture. Furthermore, we reside in a physical body which enables us to move around and have physical contact with the outside world.If the internal part of us represents the Christ principle, then bydefinition, everything else would have to be associated with the Cosmicprinciple. If you look closely at the juxtaposition of Christ and Cosmicprinciples, you will see several dichotomies which I have listed below: • First:We have the dichotomy or polarization of the Christ andCosmic principles. These are, by previous definition, two halvesof God consciousness. • Second:We have the resolved dichotomy or polarization withinthe Cosmic principle. This resolved internal dichotomy leading toexternal unlimited realization is a main characteristic of Cosmicconsciousness. We have seen this previously as a polarization of Buddhic and Krishnic consciousness, and again as a polarizationof Sagittarius and Aries as principles. Here in the example of ourbody, the delineation is less clear cut, but is still a good and validexample. If you look carefully, you will see that what is left afterwe remove the Christ principle from our body, is the physicalbody itself, and its ability to move. If we can separate the physicalbody from its abilities, then, suddenly, we see the Cosmicdichotomy!Universal Christ consciousness, once it is accessed, is full blown, perfectand complete. Nothing can be missing or it would no longer be Christconsciousness! Universal Cosmic consciousness, on the other hand, ismade from myriad pieces and parts in an unending process of work andself discovery.Third:We have the unresolved external dichotomy or polarization withCosmic consciousness, which is essential to the Christ principle. Thisunresolved external dichotomy is a main characteristic of Christ consciousness.In other words, Christ consciousness is consummately familiar with the lightand not with the void!If you will look at the chart below for a moment, I believe we canfinalize the basic difference between Christ and Cosmic consciousness. Think of the white globe as the Sun. In our Solar System, the Sun is theChrist principle. The Planets represent individualized consciousness,which are separate from the Sun. The combined planetary consciousnessrepresents the Cosmic Principle, but doesn't represent the entire SolarSystem. The God Principle would be a combination of the Sun and allof the planets. In other words, God consciousness is the complete SolarSystem, existing as something far greater than the sum of its parts.Then what is so different and great about Cosmic consciousness? Thereason it is as great but different as compared to Christ consciousness,for example, is that it provides a seamless cohesiveness to an infiniteuniverse that is not found in Christ consciousness. It gives access to thecosmos through an ever growing universal understanding that is bothgreat in its diversity, and in its ability to resolve that diversity intoperfect unity, instantly finding order in the place of chaos! To betterunderstand these two underlying components of God consciousness, is tobetter understand God consciousness!This concludes this Excerpt. --END— Excerpt Fifty- Two DETAILED EXAMINATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS(Continued) GOD CONSCIOUSNESS As has been stated previously in the "A Course in Time Travel", ourgoal is the never ending pursuit of God consciousness. It is never endingbecause there is no end to the possibilities and levels of "Being" that canbe experienced. Mystics who have experienced some little of what isavailable have all been at a loss to even begin to express what happenedto them! As we have said, God consciousness is a perfectly balancedarray of all other consciousness and viewpoints. This basic combinedviewpoint once achieved can be continually enhanced as to quality(intensity of Christ consciousness), ability and understanding. HOW IS GOD CONSCIOUSNESS DIFFERENT FROM ITS'COMPONENTS? In our final examination of consciousness in this series on the variouskinds of consciousness, we will take a look at why God consciousness issuperior to any other kind of consciousness, and summarize itsdistinguishing features.As we have seen in the last few Excerpts, there are four majorcomponents of God consciousness, namely; Christ, Cosmic, Krishnicand Buddhic. We have seen how each is an integral part of Godconsciousness, and how each differed from the other. Although we haveseen many indications of what God consciousness is, in this Excerpt wewill gather together those qualities and definitions into one place forpurposes of reference and further understanding. Let us begin by listing the components of God consciousness. COMPONENTS OF GOD CONSCIOUSNESS 1. Christ consciousness (See Excerpt 17) 2. Cosmic consciousness (See Excerpt 18)3. Buddhic consciousness (See Excerpt 19)4. Krishnic consciousness (See Excerpt 20)In God consciousness, we see an interplay of all of these consciousnessas being inseparable. This interplay and fusion of consciousness into asingle entity that gestalts far beyond its individual components, isprobably the most distinguishing feature of God consciousness. We havepreviously defined God consciousness as having the universal qualitiesof:Omniscience, defined as:Having total knowledge; knowing everything. --om•nis•cient n.One having total knowledge.Omnipresence, defined as:Present everywhere simultaneously.Omnipotence, defined as:Having unlimited or universal power, authority, or force; all-powerful. --om•nip•o•tent n.One having unlimited power or authority. .However, for the individual, the above qualities exist as potential thatcan never fully be reached! The reason for this is in the definition of theunlimited potential for us as individual beings in our pursuit of Godconsciousness.In simpler terms, one of the most wonderful things about coming intoGod consciousness is the fact that we are finite beings expanding intounlimited potential. It seems then, that we, as finite beings, need a morespecific set of definitions then has previously been given.SPECIFIC DEFINITIONS FOR GOD CONSCIOUSNESS(As pertains to Human Beings)1. Un-attainable2. As having unlimited levels of realization.3. And as being an on going process rather than something oneattains all at once.This means that no two persons who attain God consciousness willprobably be at the exact same level of understanding and mastery at the same time!. (Encouraged differences and variety in consciousnesscontinues to be a central theme, even in God consciousness). It alsomeans that probably no two persons will process God consciousness atthe same rates of realization. (There is an upper limit as to the absoluterate of realization, which is termed "instantaneous". In an unlimited andinfinite medium, expansion/contraction from a single point, such asoccurs with in the consciousness of an individual, "instantaneous"becomes finite and measurable. If my understanding is correct, this stateof instantaneousness is a natural part of the 13d. (As a convenientmeasure, I have referred to this as expanding (out/in) at the "speed of light", however, this in no way is meant to limit the definition of unlimited.)How can a person come into the process of being "God conscious" andstill function in the "real world"? As we approach the Thirteenthdimension, which I have glimpsed and believe to be a most perfect stateof existence, anything less than God consciousness would prohibit onefrom existing in this long sought after "Heaven on Earth". They seem togo hand in hand. I have stressed in "observing the paradoxes" tomaximize your 3d experience by being all that you can be from momentto moment, while at the same time staying detached from the results.Considering this, coming into a state of God consciousness shouldgreatly enhance your 3d experience, rather than cascading it into anuntenable situation! In fact, if you believe yourself to have attainedlevels of God consciousness, and are experiencing dark realities andreactions to your efforts, then you might consider that you may havedeluded yourself into believing something that is not true by definition!Remember that your TTO has its own agenda. High on its list of priorities is manifesting through you in a state of God consciousness, andthat of achieving the 13d. (Given that this is already done in multi-dimensional time, however, not yet on your current linear timeline.)This concludes our series on the various types of Consciousness. It wasin no way meant to be exhaustive, but rather as a reference and guidelinefor the lay person interested in pursuing expanded states of consciousness.The Excerpts that follow will deal with how to focus, here, into the 3D.--END— Excerpt Fifty Three FOCUSING INTO THE LOWER THREE DIMENSIONS LOWER DIMENSIONAL FOCUS Now that you have a basic understanding of the inner workings of yourconsciousness, you are ready to learn how to focus it into the lower threedimensions, know as the 3D.As concerns you the personality, how can you help your TTO manifesthere in the 3D? After all, we are instructed to achieve serenity in thevoid of the 6D, while we await our TTO. While this is a passive ventureonce achieved, I assure you that what follows for you is not.Perhaps, it will encourage you to know that your job is a relatively activeone, once you begin awakening, primarily because your TTO will bedoing most of the important tasks, while, at the same time, increasing itspresence through you. In this and the excerpts that follow, I will detailexactly how to best work with your TTO, as concerns developing a threedimensional focus.FIRST DIMENSIONAL FOCUSMost people function, in physical consciousness, in one of three ways.The first way is called the First Dimensional focus. This type of focusis characterized by a very narrow viewpoint and understanding of theworld around them. A surprising characteristic of the "1D" viewpoint, isthat this type of person often works harmoniously with others. Theyseem to make good workers because they are focused on making aliving, and are not into conflict.You may know some people like this. They may be very intelligent, butare contented with whatever life has dealt them. You will find 1D typesin every walk of life. There are more 1D people on earth, than 2D and3D peoples combined, numbering in the billions. Most 1D people aremanual laborers, content with tending to everyday life and eking out aliving for themselves and their families. One usually finds this type of person in third world countries, however, you will also find them in allareas of life. They seem to know their place in society, and are notconcerned with politics, mainly because they feel powerless when itcomes to larger issues.This feeling of powerlessness may also explain the absolute devotion of the 1D type, to various religions, which makes them easy targets for the more unscrupulous 2D types. Illiteracy is very wide spread in the 1Dgroup. It may be interesting to note that it is the 1D people who riotunder too much oppression from 2D types. The main spiritual lesson forthe 1D person, is to become a 2D person.SECOND DIMENSIONAL FOCUSThe second dimensional focus is attracted to conflict of various kinds.Conflicts that, interestingly enough, 2D people never attribute toconflict, but rather, they proudly wear it as a sort of righteous badge thatsays their side is right and the other side is wrong. Dichotomy, that socharacterizes the 2D type of person, is the thread found running throughevery aspect of their lives. It is the 2D people, because of theirignorance of universal law, that have caused, (and are causing), most of the problems that plague us today.The Second Dimensional focus is easily spotted. For example, if areligion has, as its foundation, a dichotomy between "good and evil",then it is a 2D philosophy that fits nicely with 2D people. We find thissame 2D conflict in everything from government to movie critics. 2Dconflict goes unnoticed because it is considered normal by the 2D peoplewho run everything, and say what is normal and what is not.2D people are always in the right. Many times they title themselves asright wing or the righteous verses the left (or wrong side). 2D people arebusy defending themselves from their weaker discarded opposition, bybuilding ever larger prisons. Even the mention of some sort of problemwith their actions, and they will vigorously deny it, at the very least, andimprison or kill you in the more zealous countries. 2D people use 1Dpeople. They will also use 2D people if they can get away with it. Themain spiritual lesson for the 2D person, is to become a 3D person.THIRD DIMENSIONAL FOCUSSurprisingly, 3D people resemble 1D people. 3D people are no longerinterested in conflict or taking sides on any issues. This is not becauseof a feeling of powerlessness, as is found in the 1D person. It is becauseof an intimate knowledge of universal law. The three dimensional focusis so perfectly balanced, that it has no opposition. (This, by the way, isthe definition of absolute power. "That which has no opposition.") 3Dpeople can move invisibly among one and two dimensional peoplewithout fear.There are very few 3D people on the planet today. Those who are hereweild great power if they choose to use it. The third dimensional focusis primarily one of manifestation. A common prayer among 3D peopleis, "I pray only for Gods will for me and the power to carry it out."Although many 2D people, when reading this, will either claim that they, indeed, are 3D people, or they will dismiss the whole thing asnonsense. The main spiritual lesson for the 3D person, is to successfullymanifest their "Inner Being" by becoming one with it. To both allowand encourage more and more light to shine through, from the inside tothe outside.This Excerpt and those that follow will be devoted to achieving 3DConsciousness, and understanding the immediate importance for doingso as quickly as possible.--END--Excerpt Fifty Four FOCUSING INTO THELOWER THREE DIMENSIONSTHIRD DIMENSIONAL FOCUS-(Continued)You may be wondering what all of the fuss is about? What does itmatter if your focus is one, two, or three dimensional? After all, I amGods creation in progress, and this is something that cannot be rushed.Like Popeye says, "I yams what I yams, and I canst be no more!"You certainly have a valid point, and normally I couldn't argue with you,however, there seems to be something wrong with our time-line. I amnot the only one sensing this. Mystics from all over agree that theycannot see past the year 2012, (The end of the Mayan calender.)Regardless of what these next seven years have in store for us, I willonly comment on what I believe to be correct for this period of time andbeyond.Great changes occur at the dawning of any new "Age". The reason forthis is simple. In linear time, we are changing from one set of vibrationsto another. In particular, we are changing from the "redish brown" rangeof vibrations, to the orange range of vibrations. (See Refresher)We, as humanity, have not experienced a change from one age to anothersince two thousand years ago.In terms of where we are, in the six thousand year long period called the"Dark Ages", we are moving out of the central portion of the dark ages,and into the third and final two thousand year portion. Two thousand years from now, we will have a similar task as we movecompletely out of the dark Physical Ages, and into the Mental Ages.According to history books, two thousand years ago, there was a greatspiritual upheaval with the advent of the Avatar, (world teacher), whoacted out, in his own life, the lessons for the two thousand year period just ending.The birth of the Avatar was so significant, to the people of that time, thatit marked the beginning of time, as pertains to how we number the years,(BC and AD).Imagine how significant, an event of this magnitude, would be if ithappened now. My point being, that the change from one Age toanother, is no small matter.According to TT tenants, the final two thousand year period of any sixthousand year period, is Avatarless. This means that there will be nocentral figure for the next two thousand years. The reason for this being,that the final two thousand year period is a finalization of the previousfour thousand years, in terms of (Planetary) lessons to be learned.As eventful as the beginning of the last two thousand year long Age was,it was nothing compared to the changes occurring now, and especiallyover the next seven years.The reason for this is not very hard to understand. The change invibration, two thousand years ago, was moving from "brown" vibrations,to the redish brown part of the spectrum. (Burgundy)In contrast, the current transition entails moving from the redish brownpart of the spectrum, to "Orange!" The result for theunprepared will bedevastating!The TribulationsThe Tribulations, or time of troubles, are a period of suffering, upheaval,sorrow, war and natural disaster.Dispensationalism Dispensationalismrefers to the belief in a divine dispensation orordering of events by God in a predetermined manner unaffected by andindependent of human agency."While these belief systems sound rather biblical, there is an element of truth contained within them. Advanced spiritual understanding canexplain that what is transpiring, (Tribulations, and Dispensation), arenaturally occurring events that happen about every 26 thousand years,right around this time.The intent of this Excerpt and those that follow, is to instill within youan understanding of the natural and logical nature of these next 7 years. Once armed with the "why", one needs only to put into motion, the"how".The why and how will be easily understood by studying the next severalExcerpts, and putting them into practice.I will be showing you easy to understand steps you can take, in order to,not only come through the "End Times", but to do it relativelyunscathed. Secondly, and more importantly, is my belief that if asufficient number of people learn to practice Three Dimensionalbehavior, to the extent that the time loop, (thought to be contained herein this time period), can be bypassed! This would insure a continuationof Humanities physical immortality, so that when we reach this presentAge next time, we will have a continuous 26 thousand year recordedhistory!(I am including a portion of a well written document by Devin Burghart,showing the several main eschatological ideas concerning this period called the “End of Times" The main reason I am including the abovedocument, is to establish that there is much confusion about exactly what happens, in the coming seven year period, (2005-2012), and why(Evenif you believe you already know what will happen, I think it would helpif you read this anyway).In the next Excerpt, I will share with you, among other things, my belief that the Master World Teacher, Jesus, has already been here in the"Second Coming", and has recently left the physical world, precipitatingthe final seven year period known as the Tribulations.--END-- Excerpt Fifty Five FOCUSING INTO THELOWER THREE DIMENSIONSTHE SECOND COMING, HAS ITALREADY HAPPENED??? In the last Excerpt, I said I believed that the soul known as the "MasterJesus", has already arrived here, (in the "second coming"), and has justrecently departed. In other Excerpts, I have stated that the Master Jesus was the Avatar andworld teacher for the two thousand year Age just finishing. The Agestarted with the birth of Jesus, and, we should expect it would mostlikely end with his death, (in the Second Coming), signaling the end of the Age, and his reign as Avatar. We wouldn't be remiss to expect thathe would also hold the highest office in his church, that of Pope, for hisfinal hurrah. It is for this, and other compelling reasons, that I believe Pope John Paul II was, in fact, the reincarnation of Jesus. You might ask, "if Jesus's birth started the two thousand year Age, then wouldn't the date of his death in the "second coming" be just as important?" If this is true,then why did Pope John Paul II, die five years after the end of the 20thcentury? Why not in the year 1999 or 2000?" Consider the information below, showing that Jesus was thought tohave been born sometime between 4AD and 6AD. What Year Was Jesus Born? (Luke 2:1-2) In 525 AD, Pope John I asked Dionysius (a Scythian monk) to prepare acalendar.He saw Jesus' birthday as December 25, 753 AUC (anno urbis conditae)Dionysius selected January 1, 754 AUC to be January 1, 1 AD (annodomini) What event best nails down the precise date of Jesus' birth? Luke 2:1-2- Historical records show that a census was taken every 14years, One was known in 6AD.Counting back 14 years leads to 8BC. Due to serious health problems inthe population, historians believe the Palestine census would have beenpushed to between 6-4BC. Other details further narrow the exact date tolate 5BC or early 4BC, some say 6BC at the latest. What Day Was Jesus Born? (Galatians 4:4) First known mention of December 25 is by Hippolytus (165-235AD)Confirmed as correct by Chrysostom (345-407AD) in 386ADSome feel winter date is wrong because sheep were typically penned up November - March Luke 2:8 How the Church eventually settled on a date for Christmas (Click here - to See Treatise) Considering that Jesus was the Avatar of the Age of Virgo, (The Age of Virgins),(See Revised Chart of the Ages)or(Refer to Excerpt 12) Given that his birth date was off by 5-6 years, we would expect theexact date of his death, in the Second Coming, would be off by acorresponding 5-6 years as well. Pope John Paul II died on 2 April 2005. This is about 5 years after theend of the previous Age. (The only relevance I can think of for April 2,is that the Sign of Aries, signals "New Beginnings". Considering thatthe date of Jesus' death didn't correspond to anything relevant, (except allthat the early Christians tacked on after the fact), by the same token,Pope John Paul II birth date is also most likely not relevant). John Paul II, born on May 18, 1920, (as far as I can tell, his date of birth,in this incarnation, has nothing to do with pending events), was electedto the Papacy in 1978. He was the first non-Italian elected as Pope since the fifteenth century and at 58 years of age, the youngest in this century.While these facts are impressive, they pale in comparison towhat this world leader would accomplish in his tenure as Pope. Loved and adored by billions of people from all over the world, he wasknown as the "Pope of the people." In the last Excerpt, we established that the three key concepts associatedwith the millennium are: theTribulations, Dispensationalism, and the Rapture. I stated that each holds some part of the truth Pre-millennial eschatology, holds that theTribulationsare a veryspecific period, often seven years in duration, during which the Earthwill be wracked with disaster and political upheaval. Is it just a coincidence that Pope John Paul II died in 2005, exactly sevenyears before 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar, and the date many think is the last year of the "Tribulation"? Dispensationalismrefers to the belief in a divine dispensation orordering of events by God in a predetermined manner unaffected by and independent of human agency." This means that the something calledDispensation, happensregardless of what human beings aredoing, as a natural reoccurring event, that happens at this exact sametime, in the twenty six thousand year cycle. Meaning that twenty sixthousand years from now, we can expect another seven years, known asthe Tribulations. A Letter From KronosThis is an updated note written through me, by "Kronos", an alter ego, if you will. I have held off sharing it until now. Hello, my name is Curtis/Kronos. Before you laugh, let me explain. I,("Kronos", which is a name one of your members, and co-founder of Time Travelers, "Lucid", gave to me), am not originally from here,(Earth), so I was not able to reincarnate back into one of my previousincarnations, as your TTO's (Time Traveling Oversouls) do. I instead,overshadowed a body that was about to be vacated. I won't get intodetails, but I was able to "talk" Curtis into allowing me to work throughhim, via his "remnant Soul", (that part of the Soul which naturallyremains in the past, with the Personality), to solve a grave problemexisting in the consciousness of humanity. This "talk" occurred forty sixyears ago.Curtis agreed, when I "made him a deal he couldn't refuse." (We exist ina mode called "Absolute Sonship", for those of you who have studiedHindu occult philosophy, as Curtis has done).In my "Stellar Body", (which, in TT terms, would be the 7th dimension),I can only work in very general abstractions because I lack the physicalbrain to store details. In fact, I am androgynous in this form, beingneither male or female. I appear male to Curtis because he is male. Thisis because I manifest through him from the inside, not the outside,(which is where the 7th dimension is located. Within you).I feel it necessary to talk a little about myself, in order to allay some of the skepticism which naturally follows the kind of work found in the"Time Travelers" text. Only a very few of you who have studied the"Time Travelers Course", have been able to retain much that is meaningful. This is because the material was meant only for those veryfew, of whom, I believe you are one. (Based upon the fact that you arehere reading this). Unlike the "days of old", when such works werecloaked in secrecy, skepticism has now replace the need for secrecy.This makes my work here much easier, since skepticism automaticallyculls out the "wheat from the chaff".First off, I am not, by any means, a teacher, especially in trying toexplain the unexplainable, or a "savior of any kind. Think of me as agood Samaritan who has stopped to help you fix a flat tire. I was askedby your collective consciousness, (I don't know how else to explain it),to see if I could unravel a strange and unique problem that exists here,and has, evidently, existed for eons.But, I am getting ahead of myself. Although I am, for lack of a betterterm, a "Time Lord". I have a job just like most people on earth do,except I travel from Galaxy to Galaxy instead of to work by car. (It isfunny to me that I can get to work faster than you can using thefreeway.)I am not stuck, in space or time, out in the middle of the universe. Thisis because I travel using a "faster than light body". (It is a body,constructed mentally, out of a perfect combination of light and dark, orfor lack of a better term, what you might call a "God Body"). We, mypeople, learned a long time ago that space travel was not practical due tothe immense distances involved. So, we developed in a completelydifferent way, learning how to travel to any place or timeinstantaneously.My "job", if one can call it that, because I receive no compensation forwhat I do other than it being extremely interesting to me, is one of cataloging anomalies in various star systems. We have a simple bartersystem, on our physical world, where everyone does what they do, (andlove to do), best. In turn, our physical bodies are provided for, by thosewho do, and love to do, that best).I am one of these quiet scientist types who would be just as at homestudying insects or rocks. When I go home, my Mate asks me how myday, "at work", went. I usually reply that I was observing a mostinteresting star in a particular Galaxy, or something along that line.However, encountering the strange and rare anomaly existing here inyour time space continuum, my replies have been much moreenthusiastic. I have become quite addicted to this form of problemsolving. I might even seek it out as a career, if this problem exists elsewhere in unlimited space, and, of course, I am successful solvingyour current problem.My Mate, upon learning of the potential danger involved, admonishedme to "be careful", just as your Mate might do under similarcircumstances.THE PROBLEM; "A Course in Time Travel", seeks to paint a picture of where you are inconsciousness, as opposed to where you could be, if things here hadprogressed in a normal manner.The problem, as I understand it, is that a time loop has formed herepreventing normal progression in consciousness and evolution.Those of you who studied "A Course in Time Travel", may recall thatthe "past" still exists in non-linear time, which is self maintaining andperpetual.To the past, the universe, as we perceive it in linear time, could havecome and gone many times, and those in the time loop would never beaware of it. This is one of the reasons you only have six to eight, or so,thousand years of recorded history as humanity, instead of hundreds of thousands or more.A time loop is impossible to see and extremely difficult to understandfrom a linear point of view. This is why the problem never got solved,because no problem was thought to exist.Even now, it was a fluke that I stumbled upon your plight. It is strangethat out of unlimited numbers of possible star systems that I could havevisited and studied, and unlimited time lines and time frames existing inthe past, I happened upon this one.(Considering that there are no "accidents", perhaps it was not a flukeafter all?)However, a doubt has existed in the collective mind that representsEarths' consciousness via humanity. This doubt has existed in non-lineartime for as long as the problem has existed, but nothing was knownabout how to solve it or even why it existed in the first place.Those fledgling "TTO's", as I understand it, who were not directlyinvolved in the time loop, (although their evolution was directly stoppedby it), who tried to affect the loop by dropping back into that timeperiod, out of non-linear time, were never heard from again!This, of course, discouraged others to follow, and thus, nothing furtherwas done until now.Please understand that this is not to put me in a superior light in relation to you. While I have been evolving for eons of time, you have beenrevolving around and around on the same time track! Other than that, Iam sure we would be on equal footing.In fact, from what I have observed here, you would probably be muchfarther along in your development than my people. The fact that you aresuch a brilliant race, probably contributed to your current problem. Aless intelligent race wouldn't have been bright enough to get themselvesinto this predicament in the first place. LOLTHE SOLUTION; This is where I am supposed to work my problem solving magic andfigure a way to help you break out of the time loop. Although I ampretty good at problem solving, the odds are heavily against me, and Icertainly won't be able to start a solution without your help.I will be lucky to extract myself/Curtis from the problem, let alone you.I can only show you where we have been, it is up to you,if you dare, tofollow in our foot prints.Thank you,Curtis/Kronos -- END -- Excerpt Fifty Seven FOCUSING INTO THELOWER THREE DIMENSIONSTHIRD DIMENSIONAL FOCUS-(Continued)Let's look at the third dimensional viewpoint. We learned in earlierexcerpts that the 2d is exactly the same as the 3d, except for the additionof forward motion, (action), as an extra dimension. To put this intoperspective, people with only a 2d focus, usually cannot take action bythemselves. They must be guided by outside forces that are managed by a few 3d people at the "top" of the food chain. This outside force issometimes very subtle, giving the 2d types the illusion of having 3dpower. In business, for example, a few 3d people delegate their 3dpower and authority down through a pyramid structure. This structure isalso found in most governments and religions.3d people found in high office can exhibit, seemingly, rhinoceros thick skin when dealing with the rant of hordes of 2d people, who, of course,are lead by a 3d person.Some 3d types become recluses, not wanting to exploit their 3d power.Charismatic religious leaders are always 3d people. Great sales persons,great personalities in music and film are often 3d people. And if theartist is not 3d at first, it is because a 3d person, behind the scenes, iscoaching and guiding them to become 3d.I know of advanced 3d people who are spiritually aware enough not toget entangled with the, not so aware, 3d types. I have noticed that thesespiritually aware 3d people use their 3d neutrality as a buffer betweentheir internal serenity, and physical turmoil just outside of their doors.Many move to more serene surroundings once they are financiallysecure enough to do so.You will find mature 3d focused persons in business for themselves.They usually do not make good business heads because of their innategenerosity. While lessor 3d focus people concentrate on making profit,the more spiritually educated 3d focused people concentrate on thewelfare of their workers and clients, putting profit last, understandingspiritual law as they do, knowing that opulence is a natural state, and thatthey will always have enough profit to be worthwhile.So, how can you become more 3d and less 2d? You have already madeprogress by studying universal law, as provided on the TT website. Tome, this shows a pressure from your Inner Being, who is, after all, thevery best guide, to 3d awareness, you could possibly want.How does a spiritually knowledgeable 3d person conduct his/her affairs,walking through the same turmoil as you do, on a daily basis?SOME 3D GUIDELINESFor starters, 3d people seem happier than 2d people. Let's look at this,for a moment, and see if we can spot the difference.Being 3d means that a focus from deep within, is seeking to focus outthrough all of the dimensions, and like a microscope, focus into the thirddimension. Being in touch with ones most inner self, naturally produces happiness, joy and freedom. But, in addition to this, there is theconscious act of being neutral.There is an old occult maxim that says, "Be neither for or against". Itake this to mean not to get involved in unimportant issues. If younotice, most people are heatedly passionate about something as benignas a football game. I know, I used to be one of these. This kind of misspent passion is a form of anti boredom. God forbid if a 2d person isin the least bored, even for a few minutes. Thus we have chronic TVwatchers, book readers, and a host of other "simple pleasures". Don't getme wrong, I sometimes watch TV, and even go to a movie. Thedifference is that I like to do it, not have to do it. "All things inmoderation".Why is it desirable to become 3d, especially if you are happy being 2d?With the change in vibration we will be going through in the next sevenyears, in addition to strange climatic conditions, and emotionalinstabilities that accompany these changes, many 2d types will not beable to cope emotionally. If you are currently 2d, you will, no doubt, bedrawn into the 2d mass karma, as new balance points come into view.Those who cannot change for some reason, will not survive. The needfor change will get more demanding as we come more into the new age."Prepare for the worse, and expect the best".I hope this excerpt elicits some feedback. Based upon your feedback,you will shape the next excerpt.How can you tell if you are 2D?You know you are 2d if you throw your wife out of the window becauseshe ate all of the bean dip, and drank the last beer.You know you are 2d if you love your dog more than you love yourgirlfriend.You know you are 2d if you live in the back of your mothers pickuptruck.You know you are 2d if you can't remember all of the names of your x-wives.You know you are 2d if you your children don't resemble anyone in yourentire family.You know you are 2d if you are fired from your job for farting.You know you are 2d if you honk in a traffic jam.You especially know you are 2d if the guy behind you honks in a traffic jam, and you find yourself jumping up and down on his hood.-- END --