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Are multiple vaccines really safe for kids?

Are multiple vaccines really safe for kids?

What risks do young children face from the full, recommended vaccination schedule? After reading the recent advice from the UK’s interim Chief Science Officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies, you’d be forgiven for thinking there’s nothing safer. Her letter to GPs recommends that children aged 12–13 months receive three vaccinations at one appointment: a booster jab for H. influenzae type B and meningitis C (Hib/MenC) infections; the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine; and the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) for S. pneumoniae infections.

So, six disease-causing organisms or fragments, plus a bundle of other substances that are added to stabilise or enhance the vaccine, will now be introduced into babies’ systems just after their first birthday. Responding to six different vaccine-borne pathogens at the same time, handling additional mercury and other chemicals in the formulation, all in addition to developing natural immunity to bugs picked up from the environment, puts quite a strain on a baby’s immature immune system.

For many parents, the real question is: just how much of a strain? What do we know about the effects of “vaccine load” from the full, recommended vaccine schedule, including this latest 6-in-one? Surely, this wouldn’t be recommended without adequate scientific studies to back up the safety of the new policy?

In short, there are no such studies. In an ideal world, a policymaker would be able to draw upon a smorgasbord of scientific investigations, including, for instance: examination of side effects in children given one or multiple vaccines at the same time; studies of vaccine reactions in children born full-term compared with those born at, say, 30 weeks or earlier; evaluations of effects of vaccines in children with co-existing infections and impaired immunity; and long-term, detailed studies on children subjected to full vaccination schedules versus unvaccinated children. But, no; such studies simply don’t exist.

One of the most outspoken critics of the vaccine safety literature is the British gastroenterologist, Dr Andrew Wakefield. You’ll remember that the witch-hunt against Wakefield, headed up by the UK’s General Medical Council, aimed to bring the man down. It didn’t go after the science directly. The whole saga is actually more than a little reminiscent of the way in which Julian Assange is currently being attacked personally, all in a bid to discredit WikiLeaks while not having to target WikiLeaks itself.

Anyway, for those who are interested, Dr Wakefield has laid out his case in great detail in a book, published this year, called Callous Disregard. In the book, speaking on the subject of the safety studies that had been performed on the MMR vaccine in 1998, Wakefield says the following:

“…my opinion [on the safety of the MMR vaccine] is also based on a comprehensive review of all safety studies performed on…MMR vaccines and re-vaccination policies. This now runs into a report…of some 250 pages…In summary, the safety studies are derisory, and appear to reflect sequential assumptions about…MMR safety…where each assumption has potentially compounded the dangers inherent in the first.”

For his unwillingness to hide the results of his thorough research and observational findings, Dr Wakefield was hounded from his job at the Royal Free Hospital in London, and later from his country, by the UK medical establishment and a biased media. While Wakefield’s comments above were only made in relation to the MMR vaccine, we are also not aware of any comprehensive studies of the safety of the Hib/MenC or PCV vaccines.

Showing how politics and economics often take precedence over any real desire to objectively evaluate the risks and benefits of childhood vaccination strategies, Wakefield’s book reveals how a senior medical officer in the Scottish Office blew the whistle on the inner workings of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI). The JCVI was, of course, the prime driver behind the ‘super-vaccination’ schedule. ‘George’ describes a ‘hard core’ of the JCVI who “were absolutely not interested [about safety concerns] and were really political animals”.

Of course, the faces, and we must hope, also the attitudes, are likely to have changed at the JCVI since then. But just how much? Undoubtedly, the situation is not nearly as clear-cut as Prof Davies’ letter makes out.

The bottom line for many parents is: are there sufficient data to be properly informed of the risks and benefits for their children, especially with respect to partial or full vaccination – or even not vaccinating at all? We say not. However, the fact that the necessary data are simply not available to allow proper scientific and objective risk/benefit evaluation is meaningful in itself given that vaccination is being pushed on our children for all it's worth. Owing to the propaganda around vaccination, many are now of the opinion that vaccination is the very best way to prime our children's immune systems for their future encounters with the myriad of pathogens to which they will be exposed during the course of their lives. But, in reality, the shaky scientific evidence underpinning vacination is somewhat at odds with the forceful recommendation – or, in some cases, the mandatory requirement – issued by most health authorities that children receive the full vaccination schedule, apparently for their benefit.

Alice A. Bailey - The Consciousness of the Atom

Alice Ann Bailey (June 16, 1880 – December 15, 1949), known as Alice A. Bailey or AAB, was an influential writer and metaphysical teacher in what she termed "Ageless Wisdom."


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Healing Colors - Tcvetoterapia


КРАСНЫЙ повышает внутреннюю энергию, либидо (половое влечение) и сексуальность, способствует активизации кроветворения, нормализации кровообращения и обмена веществ. С древних времен первобытные люди связывали красный цвет с жизненной силой. Он символизирует энергию и мощь созидания.

В психологическом плане красный цвет может способствовать росту или вызывать разрушение.

Красный цвет обладает сильным очищающим действием; он избавит вас от тоски и прогонит отрицательные эмоции, оздоровит психику и тело. Мышцы тоже реагируют на красный цвет. Он помогает расслабиться застывшим членам и суставам, особенно ногам, полезен при параличах.

Красный цвет согревает, его следует использовать тем, кто подвержен простудам и нуждается в тепле. Способствует прекращению воспалительного процесса. Однако злоупотребление красным может вызвать раздражение и осложнения заболевания.

Если вы чувствуете вялость или нежелание браться за трудные, но необходимые дела, поработайте над зрительным представлением красного цвета, и это придаст вам силу.

Красный цвет действует оптимистически. Он обладает энергией и напором, подталкивая к совершению великих дел. Красный – цвет сильных людей, он олицетворяет настойчивость и волю, бодрость и веселье. Однако если у вас повышенное давление, он может усугубить ваше состояние, вызвать гнев и раздражение.

Если вы возбуждены или, напротив, быстро устаете, постоянно хотите спать, попробуйте украсить комнату, в которой работаете, чем-нибудь красным. Купите красные розы, повесьте перед глазами картинку в красных тонах или просто положите на стол ярко-красную папку. Это сразу улучшит настроение, приведет в порядок нервы, повысит работоспособность и жизненный тонус.

ОРАНЖЕВЫЙ помогает победить усталость, хандру, депрессию, неуверенность, тревогу и страх. Оранжевый цвет полезен при любых нарушениях в деятельности желудочно-кишечного тракта, исцеляет почки и мочевой пузырь, стимулирует работу надпочечников. При возникновении угрозы надпочечники вырабатывают адреналин, который мгновенно поступает в кровь и заставляет быстро действовать, чтобы избежать опасности.

Оранжевый – цвет урожая, плодов земли, выросших под лучами солнца. Он возбуждает аппетит.

Это цвет действия, энтузиазма и свободы, который поможет вам построить жизнь заново, когда, казалось бы, все разбито вдребезги: вы переживаете горе, развод, тяжелую утрату, шок.

Людям, страдающим легочными, сердечными и эндокринными заболеваниями, нужно непременно обзавестись оранжевыми занавесками. Организм отреагирует на этот цвет прекрасным самочувствием. А если вы повесите их в спальне, то забудете о сексуальных расстройствах.

Этот цвет хорош в период менопаузы, так как уравновешивает гормональное состояние. Он оказывает помощь при бесплодии и способствует очищению от слизи любой системы организма.

Оранжевым цветом лечат психические срывы и депрессивные состояния. Он помогает освободиться от навязчивых страхов и укрепляет морально.

Оранжевый цвет побуждает идти вперед. Работая с этим цветом, человек инстинктивно нащупывает правильный путь вне зависимости от своего интеллекта. Владея энергией оранжевого цвета, вы станете хозяйкой своей судьбы.

ЖЕЛТЫЙ повышает концентрацию внимания, улучшает настроение и память. Его влияние очень благотворно при нарушениях работы печени. Желтый цвет воздействует на солнечное сплетение, которое связано с печенью, желчным пузырем, селезенкой и желудком. Таким образом, область желтого цвета распространяется на весь пищеварительный тракт. Он полезен для кожи и нервной системы, улучшает зрение.

Желтый цвет является замечательным «санитаром». Он настраивает и очищает от токсинов весь организм, помогает избавиться от запоров, контролирует вес, так как способствует движению телесных жидкостей, например, стимулирует выделение желудочного сока, необходимого для пищеварения, управляет потоотделением, избавляет от отечности.

Замечено, что желтый цвет укрепляет центральную нервную систему, способствует желанию выговориться, что облегчает душу и избавляет от навязчивых мыслей.

Желтый цвет придает живость уму, помогает быстро усваивать информацию, способствует ясности и точности мысли, будит любознательность. С помощью энергии желтого цвета можно преодолеть все трудности и использовать все возможности. Это цвет энергичных людей.

Вибрации желтого цвета полезны при недостатке уверенности в себе или застенчивости. Желтый цвет дарит веселье и радость. Он может избавить от депрессии и мрачного взгляда на жизнь. Это цвет смеха.

Желтый цвет очень дипломатичен, полон самообладания, стиля и утонченности. Это цвет сосредоточенности, поэтому пользуйтесь им, когда необходимо внести определенность в свою жизнь.

ЗЕЛЕНЫЙ способствует ритмичной работе сердца, отдыху глаз, оказывает умеренное противовоспалительное и противоаллергическое действие, полезен при сниженной функции почек, головокружении, нервозности. Он самый гармоничный и уравновешенный из всех цветов Вселенной. Это эмоциональный индикатор – если равновесие зеленого цвета нарушено, возникают боли в сердце, которые могут быть следствием зависти и ревности. Зеленый цвет располагает к цельности и любви. Это цвет эмоциональных взаимоотношений. Поскольку зеленый цвет помогает избавиться от негативных чувств, обратитесь к нему в штормовые периоды жизни, он успокоит и охладит эмоции. Зеленый цвет направляет. Поэтому его используют тогда, когда нужно принять решение.

Зеленый цвет – ворота к свободе, отдых на полпути, цвет дружеских связей, он избавляет от негативных эмоций и стресса, ослабляет возбуждение и восстанавливает стабильность.

Зеленый – это цвет принятия решений. Если вы колеблетесь и испытываете нерешительность, закройте глаза и зрительно представьте себе зеленый цвет. Он очень продуктивен, особенно в бизнесе. Характерная особенность зеленого цвета – практичность. Он располагает к щедрости, приносит в мир утешение.

Зеленый цвет состоит из желтого и голубого. Желтый – это последний цвет горячей стороны спектра, а голубой – первая часть холодной его стороны. Желтый вносит ясность, а голубой – мудрость. Вместе они помогают осознать события вашей жизни. Это очень важно, потому что большая часть заболеваний развивается вследствие негативных образов прошлого, от которых необходимо освободиться.

Зеленый цвет любит гармонию и равновесие: он ни горячий, ни холодный, ни активный, ни пассивный. Это цвет великих перемен. Зеленый цвет помогает при клаустрофобии (боязни замкнутого пространства), расширяя пространство.

Зеленый цвет прекрасно лечит заболевания сердца, снимает головную боль, улучшает работу печени, стабилизирует кровяное давление и успокаивает нервы. Является замечательным тонизирующим средством. Он гармонирует со всем, поэтому является целительным цветом широкого спектра действия. Деревья и трава – что может быть лучшей цветотерапией для человека?

ГОЛУБОЙ успокаивает, повышает иммунитет, снимает воспаление и ощущение жжения, например при солнечных ожогах, благоприятно влияет на работу щитовидной железы. Это цвет настоящего времени – эры Водолея, искателя правды, идущего впереди в поисках истины.

Голубой цвет представляет высший порядок ума. Его сила в спокойствии и прямоте; обычно дипломаты обладают аурой голубого цвета. Иногда тяга к голубому означает жажду перемен.

Голубой цвет помогает при стрессах и волнениях, он способен снизить кровяное давление. С его помощью снимают воспаления, останавливают кровотечения, уменьшают боли при ишиасе и язвах желудка; он помогает при недержании мочи.

Голубой цвет не принесет пользы, если вы хотите сбросить лишний вес. Замечено, что он привлекает слишком полных людей, потому что успокаивает и поощряет их оставаться такими, какие есть. Тяга к голубому характерна для слабых, бесхарактерных людей.

Голубой цвет приносит мир и удовлетворенность. От него веет спокойствием, уравновешенностью. Он располагает к размышлениям, напоминает о необходимости отдохнуть и расслабиться.

Сколько людей страдают бессонницей и не знают, что читать на ночь нужно под голубым абажуром, тогда сон не заставит себя долго ждать. Можно повесить в спальне и сине-голубой узорчатый ковер, результат будет тот же.

СИНИЙ вызывает ощущение комфорта и покоя, снимает напряжение, снижает артериальное давление, успокаивает дыхание. Специалистами по цветотерапии особенно рекомендуется синий цвет женщинам при нарушениях менструального цикла и во время климакса. Синий цвет облегчает течение заболеваний эндокринной системы. Кроме того, он влияет на костную систему, особенно на позвоночник. Мозг, глаза и носовые пазухи также лечат синим цветом.

Это наиболее сильный болеутоляющий цвет спектра. Он способен снизить последствия загрязнения воздуха, воды и пищи, а также негативные вибрации, которые внедряются в подсознание. Поскольку в поле его влияния входят уши, глаза и нос, синий цвет хорошо помогает при острых воспалениях носовых пазух и катаральных явлениях.

Синий цвет используется при бронхите, астме, для лечения люмбаго, мигрени, экземы, ушибов и воспалений, в малых дозах – при гиперфункции щитовидной железы и болезнях почек.

Синий цвет может выявить пристрастия любого рода – к наркотикам, алкоголю, сигаретам. Подобные вредные привычки обычно указывают на то, что у человека что-то не в порядке. Этот цвет исцеляет от болезненных воспоминаний, помогает справиться с эмоциональными потрясениями, способствует вдохновению; замечательный очиститель. Синий – цвет осуществления желаний и интуиции. С его помощью вы сможете понять, от чего в жизни вам надо избавиться.

ФИОЛЕТОВЫЙ усиливает интуицию, нормализует состояние лимфатической системы, помогает при мигренях. В физическом плане фиолетовый цвет воздействует на шишковидную железу, расположенную в промежуточном мозге. Все умственные приказы идут отсюда. Фиолетовым надо пользоваться осторожно – это тяжелый цвет. Его излишек может вызвать депрессию. Он не рекомендуется для лечения маленьких детей.

Фиолетовый цвет очень полезен при любых внутренних воспалениях. Он хорош также при ишиасе. Уменьшает высыпания на коже, ослабляет сердцебиение, помогает при любых нарушениях, связанных с головой (например, при сотрясении мозга). Поддерживает иммунную систему и может успокоить расшатанные нервы. Полезен при усталости и боли в глазах, успокаивает эмоционально неустойчивых людей.

Фиолетовый цвет очень мощен. Он несет в себе мир, сочетая силу и мягкость. Это высшая энергия гуманизма, доброты и любви. Впитывайте фиолетовый цвет, чтобы выявить и освободить скрытые возможности. Если вам одиноко или вы ощущаете оторванность от жизни, представьте себе фиолетовый цвет – он защитит вас.

Поскольку фиолетовый цвет соединяет в себе красный и голубой, он способствует союзу тела и духа. Обостряет зрение и чувства, но подавляет аппетит.

P.S. От создатеделей сайта.
Если Вы успели заметить мы сделали сайт специально в желто-оранжевых тонах, рассчитывая на то, что всякий приходящий сюда за информацией о заболеваниях и лечении печени, смог погрузиться в желтый цвет, так благотворно вляющий на печень. Так что будем рады видеть Вас снова и снова - ведь все время, что Вы просматриваете наши страницы, Вы находитесь под влиянием желтого цвета, который лечит Ваш организм, успокаивает нервную систему, заряжает спокойствием :)

Мы уже сделали отдельную страницу с красивыми фотографиями в желто-оранжевой гамме, просматривая которые можно просто отключиться на время от окружающего мира, погрузиться в мир цвета и подлечить свой организм. Вспомните, когда Вы в последний раз просто смотрели на красивые картины, фотографии, пейзажи и ощущали удовольствие от созерцания прекрасного...? Наверное, это было давно. Мы предлагаем сделать это на страницах нашего сайта. Это не займет много времени - но зато это будет на пользу и Вам, и Вашему организму!

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Childbith Homeopath 2

Online book:
Homeopathic medicines for pregnancy and childbirth
By Richard Moskowitz

Aconite and fear of labor
Aconite 1M – fear of pain and panic attacks.
Nux vomica 200C - for a premature urge to push during labor.
Belladonna 1M – fast intense labor with lots of fear – desire to escape -lip of the cervix remains.
Pulsatilla 200C - for a labor that stops and starts and won’t really kick in.

Acute Homeopathic Self-Care for Labor:
* The best homeopathic medicine for extreme fear of death is Aconite. It is also an excellent medicine for trauma, shock, and bleeding and is sometimes used routinely following labor and can be used for exhaustion during labor.
* Caulophyllum is one of the best medicines for stalled labor.
* If you are feeling weak after losing blood, China can be of great benefit.
* Cimicifuga can be a great aid for women with late labor with cramps in the hips or pelvic pain from one side to the other.
* If you feel sleepy, exhausted, and can't keep your eyes open during labor, try Gelsemium.
* To speed up the birth of an overdue baby, try Pulsatilla.
* Sepia, among countless indications, is good for exhausted women who feel like moving around and exercising during labor.

To stall (stop) premature labor: Caulophyllum (blue cohosh) 1M

Childbirth Homeopathy 1
Before Childbirth
ANXIETY, anticipatory, Aconite 200, Gelsemium 200
BREAST, injury to deep tissue, Bellis Perennis 200
BREECH presentation, Pulsatilla 200 (36th week)
BRUISING, caused by baby kicking, Arnica 200
DREAMS, anxious Aconite 200
EXHAUSTION, Arnica 200 or Kali Phos 200
FAINTING,with air hunger, Carbo Veg 200
FALL, with shock, Arnica 200 / on coccyx, Hypericum 200
FEAR of childbirth, Aconite 200, Cimicifuga 200, Gels 200
FLU just before due date, Gelsemium 200
INSOMNIA,with fear Aconite 200 /waking 3am Bellis Per 200
INDUCTION alternative to, Caullophyllum 200 (see also LATE LABOUR)
KICK from baby, causing soreness/bruising Arnica 200
sudden, sharp, upsetting, Staphisagria 200
MALPOSITION of baby (at 36th week)
breech, Pulsatilla 200 / transverse, Pulsatilla 200, Arnica 200
NERVE PAIN, sudden, abdomen, groin, leg Bellis Per 200
PANIC about birth, Aconite 200
after previous bad birth experience, Cimicifuga 200
PARALYSIS, due to fear, Gelsemium 200
PREMATURE LABOUR, after fall Arnica /fright Aconite 200s
RESTLESSNESS, with anxiety Aconite 200
SCIATICA, caused by position of baby, Bellis Per 200
TRANSVERSE lie (at 36th week), Pulsatilla 200, Arnica 200
UTERUS feels sore, ligaments over-stretched, Bellis Per 200
WIND, trapped with excruciating pain, Carbo Veg 200

During Childbirth
ABUSIVE, Chamomilla 200
AFFECTION, absence of any, Aconite 200 or Sepia 200
ANGRY, Chamomilla 200
ANXIETY, Aconite 200 or Cimicifuga 200
APATHY, Gelsemium 200
BACK pain during labour, Gels 200, Kali Carb 200, Puls 200
BLADDER, labour pains around, Caullophyllum 200
BLEEDING bright red, hot, profuse, constant,Ipecac 200
with nausea or gasping for breath, Ipecac 200
alternates with contractions,Pulsatilla 200
dark Gelsemium 200, Ipecac 200, Secale 200
dark and fluid, Secale 20
as a preventative against, in long labours, Arnica 200
CERVIX fails to dilate, Caullophyllum 200 or Cimicifuga 200
half open or hard, Sepia 200
rigid, Gels 200, Chamomilla 200, Cimi 200, Caul 200
remains tightly closed, Cimicifuga 200
wide open, but contractions stop, Gelsemium 200
CHATTERING nervously, Gelsemium 200
CHOKING feeling in throat after contraction, Gels 200
CHILLINESS with shivering, Caullophyllum 200 or Cimicifuga 200
with shuddering, better warm covers Sepia 200
atonic (flabby) weak, Caulophyllum 200 or Gelsemium 200
slow or stop, Caullophyllum 200 or Gelsemium 200
alternate with bleeding, Pulsatilla 200
extend to back, buttocks, Kali Carb 200 or Cimicifuga 200
extend to thighs, Caullophyllum 200 or Cimicifuga 200
move up the back, Gelsemium 200
move from side to side, Cimicifuga 200
finish at the throat with choking sensation, Gelsemium 200
push the baby upwards, Gelsemium 200
prolonged tonic contractions, Secale 200
lack expulsive power (esp. second stage) Pulsatilla 200
fine, needle-like up from cervix, Sepia 200
"hour glass" contractions, Cham 200, Secale 200, Sepia 200
cease and bleeding starts, Cimi 200, Puls 200,Secale 200
painless, Gelsemium 200
strength weakened by fruitless efforts, Secale 200
CONVULSIONS or threat of,
Gelsemium 200 or Cimicifuga 200 or Secale 200
DENIAL Arnica 200
DEPRESSION Cimicifuga 200, Pulsatilla 200
DESPAIR, Gelsemium 200, Sepia 200, Cimicifuga 200
DILATION see Cervix
with no other symptoms, Kali Phos 200
during long or difficult labours, Arnica 200
causes contractions to stop, Caullophyllum 200
with backache labour, Kali Carb 200
with unbearable pains, Chamomilla 200
with weepiness, Pulsatilla 200
with long contractions, Secale 200
better for moving around, Sepia 200
FACE, flushed Gelsemium 200
FAINTNESS Carbo Veg 200
of death Aconite 200
and terrible sense of foreboding, Cimicifuga 200
FEET, cold Sepia 200
FORCEPS delivery, Arnica 200, Calendula 200 (see also Bellis Perennis 200 & Staphisagria 200 if symptoms persist)
GLOOM Cimicifuga 200
GROIN, labour pains around, Caullophyllum 200
HEADACHE, Kali Carb 200
HEART pains, Cimicifuga 200/ beats too hard,Aconite 200
HEAT,feverish Caullophyllum 200/ flushes, Sepia 200
HYSTERIA Gelsemium 200
IMPATIENCE Chamomilla 200
IRRITABILITY Chamomilla 200, Kali Carb 200, Sepia 200
JERKING movements or gestures, Cimicifuga 200
slow, Caullophyllum 200, Pulsatilla 200 or Sepia 200
slow, long and painful, Arnica 200
too fast or violent, Aconite 200
LARGE BABY, Arnica 200
due to fear, Aconite 200 or Cimicifuga 200
due to anticipatory anxiety, Gelsemium 200
NAUSEA constant,Ipecac 200 /better fresh air, Pulsatilla 200
OXYGEN STARVATION, mother or baby, Carbo Veg 200
POSITION of baby abnormal, Pulsatilla 200 or Aconite 200
PULSE slow and full, Gelsemium 200
RESTLESSNESS Aconite 200 or Pulsatilla 200
SCREAMING Aconite 200 or Chamomilla 200
SHIVERING Caullophyllum 200 or Cimicifuga 200
SHOULDER of baby gets stuck, Arnica 200
SPEECH, thick and drunken, Gelsemium 200
STILLBORN BABY, give mother, Cimicifuga 200
STUPIFIED expression, Gelsemium 200
STRAINING excessively (!) Arnica 200
SYMPATHY helps,Pulsatilla 200/ irritates, Sepia 200
THIGHS labour pains in, Caullophyllum200 or Cimi 200
absent, Pulsatilla 200 or Gelsemium 200
between contractions, Caullophyllum 200
TREMBLING Caullophyllum 200, Cimicifuga 200 Gels 200
if contractions stop, Secale 200
UNCONCIOUS, Gelsemium 200 or Carbo Veg 200
UTERUS see CONTRACTIONS-VAGINA, hot, dry, tender, won't dilate Aconite 200
VIOLENT (fast) Labour Aconite 200

After Childbirth
after many children, Secale 200
groin area, intense, Cimicifuga 200
long-lasting, Secale 200
extending to hips, buttocks, legs, Kali Carb 200
worse if baby feeds,Arnica 200,Cham 200,Puls 200,Sec 200
with sore, bruised feeling, Arnica 200
with weepiness, Pulsatilla 200
with disappointment/resentment about the birth, Staph 200 unbearable, Chamomilla 200 or Cimicifuga 200
(often supressed) about the birth, Staphisagria 200
ANXIETY Aconite 200 or Cimicifuga 200
BACK pain, Kali Carb 200 / after epidural, Hypericum 200
BREASTS, painful
radiating pain from nipple, Phytolacca 200
red, hot,throbbing,Bell 200/ pale, hot, worse moving Bry 200
BRUISING Arnica 200 or Bellis Perennis 200
CAESARIAN, after effects of
Arnica 200, Bellis Per 200, Calendula 200, Hypericum 200
CATHETER, after effects of, Staphisagria 200
CRACKED NIPPLES, Phytolacca 200
DRUGS, after effects of
Morphine or Pethidine, disturbed sleep, irritable Cham 200
Syntometrine, Secale 200 (asap)
General anaesthetic, Phosphorus 200 (esp. if vomiting)
detoxification, Nux Vomica 6
EPIDURAL,after effects of, Arnica 200, Hypericum 200,
EPISIOTOMY Calendula 200, Hypericum 200, Staphis 200
FORCEPS delivery, after effects of,
Arnica 200, Bellis Per 200, Calendula 200, Staphisagria 200
HUMILIATION, feelings of, Staphisagria 200
INSOMNIA with anxiety Aconite 200, see also DRUGS
INFLAMMATION of penis, in newborn, Arnica 200
IRRITABILITY Chamomilla 200 or Sepia 200
MILK, too much, Pulsatilla 200/ too little, Dulcamara 200
PLACENTA, retained
with bearing down sensation, Secale 200, Sepia 200
after long exhausting Labour, Arnica 200
contractions weak or non-existant, Pulsatilla 200
with bleeding, Ipecac 200/ with shaking, Caul 200,Cimi 200
RESENTMENT, feelings of, Staphisagria 200
of mother and baby after fast Labour, Aconite 200
of baby being an unexpected sex, Arnica 200
of serious birth defect, give mother, Cimicifuga 200
of perineum, Calendula 200 and ointment externally
of uterus, Arnica 200 or Bellis Perennis 200
STITCHES Calendula 200,Hypericum 200, Staphisagria 200
SUBINVOLUTION (Uterus fails to contract down)
Cimicifuga 200, Pulsatilla 200, Sepia 200,Caullophyllum 200,
Secale 200, Carbo Veg 200, Kali Carb 200, Staphisagria 200
SYNTOMETRINE antidote Secale 200 (asap)
URINE retention, mother, Arnica 200 / baby, Aconite 200
WEAKNESS Kali Phos 200, Arnica 200,Puls 200, Sepia 200
WEEPINESS Pulsatilla 200 or Sepia 200
WOUNDS Hypericum 200 or Calendula 200

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Brestfeeding & paranting links

Baby products -

Monday, June 7, 2010

Menu Planner

Meals planner

ПЭАТ BSFF EFT турбо-суслик - Проработка.ru

Этот сайт содержит достаточно практических материалов для успешной самостоятельно работы со своими «мозгами». В разделе «бесплатное» собраны очень сильные техники, доступные любому желающему реально измениться. Всеми ими мы пользовались лично, и достигли определенных результатов (иначе бы и не было этого сайта). Просто начинайте делать, и все будет. Какие-то методики может быть имеют какие-то нюансы, подводные камни или «побочки» - но мы никому не обещаем сладких пилюль и гарантий всеобщего счастья. Хотите взять жизнь в свои руки и измениться – меняйтесь, даже если это может быть болезненно. Боитесь и ждете, что кто-то сделает это за Вас – закройте этот сайт ждите момента прихода того, кто Вас «избавит». Тут таких точно нет, и не будет.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hydration wand - Quantum Age Water Stirwands™

The missing links and the solution to the hydration, oxygenation and detoxification of human cells.
You need do nothing more than drink the standard daily recommended amount of water, stirred with a Stirwand™ for 20 seconds. Continued use will maintain therapeutic hydration levels, consistently saturating every cell with oxygen to optimize the action of the body’s many cleansing systems.

Stirwands™ increase Baseline Hydration 28.5%
Stirwands™ increase Baseline Blood Oxygen 10.25%
Stirwands™ reduce Baseline Toxins 18.2%
Substantial testing shows that Stirwand™ technology balances the chemistry in virtually any potable water.

How do Stirwands™ work?
Based on natural energy. The high-matrix minerals are not being added to the water. The minerals are enclosed in medical grade polymers – nothing leaves the wand, nothing enters it. It’s all based on energy, not mechanically or artificially altering water.

The Stirwand™ naturally and non-invasively restores the balance needed in water so that it can hydrate and oxygenate cells to their fullest potential by making the energy and contents of the water molecule fully available to the cell's aquaporins. Stirwand™ technology actually drops the specific gravity of the water, allowing single water molecules to move into and through the aquaporin channels. Critical factors in water that are important for hydration are aligned and stabilized by the exclusive blend of minerals. These factors include resistivity, conductivity, surface tension, specific gravity, pH and correct charge. Clinical trials prove that drinking water balanced naturally with Stirwand™ technology is as vital a source of oxygen for our cells as is breathing oxygen through our lungs. See our Executive Summary which summarizes all of the clinical trials, the science behind the technology, the importance of hydration, agriculture and aquaculture applications and more. And read the “White Paper” by Exavier Phoenix for a discussion of high-matrix minerals.

Fenestra Research studied nearly 40,000 people in a 7 year period, all drinking enough water, and found that a whopping 94% of them were still dehydrated. We’re drinking more water, spending more money on the water we drink, yet still dehydrated. Finally, there is a simple, natural and safe solution. It’s not the source of water, or how much it costs that counts – it’s the balance of it before you drink it.

Stirwands™ increase baseline hydration 28.5% (30 days).
Stirwands™ increase baseline blood oxygen 10.25% (14 days).
Stirwands™ decrease total body toxins 18.2% (within 90 days – the placebo group had NO significant change in cellular detoxification)

For optimal benefits, drink the amount of water you need (half your body weight in ounces, daily) and make every ounce of it stirred water.

Stirwands™ are not designed to change the pH level as clinical studies show the pH level is not a factor in increasing hydration. What the Stirwands™ do is stabilize the existing pH, which is a critical factor in hydration. The Stirwand™ technology focuses only on the required balance of water chemistry for meeting the criteria set forth by Nobel Prize science of how the human cell hydrates and oxygenates, and Fenestra Research’s 8 parameters of water that are key to hydration. Please refer to our Executive Summary for further discussion of these parameters.

Monday, May 31, 2010

BioElectric Shields

The BioElectric Shield is designed to help balance, renew and protect your energy from electromagnetic fields (EMF).

The BioElectric Shield (sometimes referred to as the BioShield or Bio Electric Shield) with Earth Resonance Technology (ERT) is composed of a mixture of precision cut quartz and other crystals carefully arranged for protecting, strengthening and stabilizing your natural energy field. All BioElectric Shields are handcrafted and made in Montana. Each shield is approximately 1.125" in diameter and weighs half an ounce. The highest quality all natural, living crystals are used.

BioElectric Shields come ready to wear with a black satin cord. Gold and specialty chains are optional, but are chosen for size, proportion and strength necessary for the shield. All shields are waterproof and come in different levels of strength starting at the basic sterling with brass, and progressively stronger up to the gold with diamond shield, our most powerful BioElectric Shield.

Wearing the BioElectric Shield will make you feel the way you do when you are on a peaceful, energizing hike. It's very effective for eliminating negative EMF energies around your person - a popular EMF neutralizer. You are full of energy and feel more positive, like you can conquer the world.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Self hypnosis

Self Hypnosis Instructions

Once you have been hypnotized it is a simple process for you to return to that state, since all hypnosis is self hypnosis. Once you leave my office today, the following steps will allow you to gently and easily return to a deep, relaxing state of hypnosis.

It will help you a great deal to practice this process 3-4 times a day for a week or 2, as this will help you to be able to easily enter this state anytime you desire. While the instructions state a time limit of 30 seconds, this can and should be varied at different times depending on your situation or time constraints. If you are entering hypnosis to help yourself go to sleep at night, then you should replace the time with instructions to fall asleep and sleep soundly until it is time to wake up.

Provide yourself the following instructions before you begin:

I am going into deep self-hypnosis, right now, for thirty seconds.

Take 3 deep breaths.

Allow your eyes to close.

Repeat the keyword, purple, 3 times, and you will instantly drift into a deep and relaxing state of hypnosis.

When I feel the time has passed I will count from 1 to 5 and open my eyes, feeling relaxed, refreshed, invigorated and full of energy.

Once you have gone through this process you may want to imagine yourself at the top of a lovely stairway with say, 20 steps, and begin counting backwards as you descend the stairway repeating the words deeper and down after every count. Once you reach the bottom you may repeat the stairway, or focus on any positive suggestions you have in mind for your self hypnosis session.

Going to Sleep at Night
Provide yourself the following instructions before you begin:
I am going into deep self-hypnosis, right now, after which I will drift off into a deep and restful sleep.

Take 3 deep breaths

Allow your eyes to close

Repeat the keyword, purple, 3 times, and you will instantly drift into a deep and relaxing state of hypnosis.

When I have achieved the desired state of hypnosis, I will gently and easily drift from that state into a beautiful, deep and restful state of sleep and remain asleep until it is time to awaken or there is some reason I need to wake up.

After you have gone through this process, you may want to follow the stairway instructions above.


A Gift for You c

We sit in a pose in which it is most convenient to us. Once we pick a pose, we should close our eyes very gently, just as we do when going to sleep, and concentrate on seeing what lies in front of us. There should be no pressure on the eyes. We should not concentrate on the forehead. Instead, we should keep our eyeballs horizontal, as if we were looking straight ahead.

When we close our eyes we will see first darkness. That which sees the darkness is our inner eye. With the inner eye, we should gaze lovingly, sweetly, and penetratingly into whatever is in front of us. We should be attentive, as if we were watching a movie screen and waiting for the movie to begin. This is a process in which we do not worry about the world outside or what is going on in the body below. We are only trying to invert so as to reach worlds the within.

Once we close our eyes and focus our attention in front of us, the mind will distract our concentration with thoughts. To provide assistance to help bring our attention to the eye focus and to still the mind, we should repeat any names of God with which we feel comfortable. While gazing into the middle of what lies in front of us, we repeat the chosen name. The name is to be repeated mentally, with the tongue of thought. They are to be repeated slowly, at intervals, not in quick succession. There should be a slight pause between each name.

Our job is to sit calmly and quietly and lovingly gaze into the darkness lying in front of us. As we do so, the attention will automatically begin to collect at the single eye. There are vistas and vistas of sights inside. As the sensory currents withdraw, we forget the body. We will begin to see some flashes of light, or lights of various colors. We should continue to gaze with full attention into the middle of whatever is lying in front of us. Look intently and penetrate deeply to find out what is there. Then concentrate more and more, these lights will stabilize, and we may see red, white, green, blue, violet, purple, yellow, orange or golden light, or flashes of light. Whatever we see, we should concentrate in the middle of it. We may see inner stars, moon, and sun. As we gaze attentively into the middle of whatever we see, the Power of God will guide us beyond the physical into the higher planes.

We can tap into the divinity whenever we want. The bliss and happiness we experience in meditation stays with us even after we come out of the meditation. It is a wellspring of love and peace and the experience is so powerful and deeply fulfilling that it helps us to transcend the pains and sorrows of life. This is the gift we can achieve through meditation.

Sponsored by Science of Spirituality

Friday, May 21, 2010

Ho-Oponopono with Hew-Len

“Cleaning” is to say “I’m sorry! Please forgive me for whatever data is going on in me that I need to mean amends with!”. Until you feel that you have cleaned enough, and then you can proceed. Intuition.


Инна яяяяяя Видео » Основы здоровья - С.Н. Лазарев » 2012 - ТРАНСФОРМАЦИЯ - ЭТАПЫ РАСПАДА ДУШИ

Основы здоровья - С.Н. Лазарев - ЖИЗНЬ БЕЗ ОГРАНИЧЕНИЙ - 2

С.Н. Лазарев

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Note the #s on the Fruit Label

Conventional Fruit Labels - Four digits starting with 4
Organic Fruit Labels - Five digits and starts with number 9 Genetically Modified Fruits (GMO) -Start with the digit 8
So next time you go shopping, remember these critical numbers and know how to avoid purchasing inorganic and GMO fruits. Shop Safe :
This is good to know because stores aren't obligated to tell you if a fruit has been genetically modified .
So if you come across an apple in the store and it's label is 4922, it's a conventional apple grown with herbicides and harmful fertilizers.

If it has a sticker 99222, it's organic and safe to eat.
If it says 89222, then do not buy!!!! It has been genetically modified (GMO).

Monday, May 3, 2010

ETs & New Earth

Dolores Cannon is one of the foremost pioneers in regression hypnosis, using a technique that she pioneered over 30 years ago that allows her to access the subconscious mind of her subjects. She believes by use of her technique that she gains access to the Universal Mind. Her objective is therapy for her clients, and ultimately an investigation to recover lost or hidden knowledge into who we really are. Author of numerous books, including "Conversations with Nostradamus" and the 3 volume series "Convoluted Universe" as well as several others, she has toured the world, speaking at conferences, appearing on tv shows and many radio shows.

I had the good fortune to interview Dolores in late February 2010 while at the Laughlin UFO Congress. She is a tireless investigator and fearless chronicler of the vast reaches of the human mind. This interview gives a glimpse into the method behind her approach and some of the secrets she has uncovered in the process of delving into the deep recesses of the mind and psyche. Her clients reveal lives that encompass many states of being including those of various ET races, extra-dimensionals and other denizens inhabiting this vast multi-dimensional multi-verse. She is currently teaching healing using her unique approach to therapy and hypnosis.

Hypnosys classes:

Vitamins for hair - INNEOV

Vitamini za kosa

Eat Your Way to Healthy, Radiant Hair

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wesdom Keeper / Shaman

Хранители древней мудрости говорят о значении 2010

Around the world, wisdom keepers are saying that 2010 is the year we need to "get it". The time has come for us to wake up to who we really are.

This is Part 1 of a 2-part evening with Wisdom Keeper/Shaman, Kiesha Crowther, "Little Grandmother". Recorded before a live audience at Santa Fe Soul, here is information that helps make sense of the time between now and 2012

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Here are ten of the deadliest resume phrases in use ("massive overuse" would be more accurate) and replacements for each one. You'll rewrite the replacement phrases to reflect your own accomplishments--and that's the key! We can't expect a timeworn piece of resume boilerplate to stand in for our own pithy, personal examples.

Kill this: Results-oriented professional

Replace with your own version of this: I love to solve thorny supply-chain problems

Kill this: Excellent team player

Replace with your own version of this: At Acme Dynamite, I partnered with Engineering to cut our product cost in half

Kill this: Bottom-line orientation

Replace with your own version of this: My accounting-process overhaul saved the company $10M in its first year

Kill this: Superior communication skills

Replace with your own version of this: I led a two-day offsite that yielded our 2010 product lineup and a $40K cost savings

Kill this: Possess organizational skills

Replace with your own version of this: Reduced customer-complaint resolution time from three weeks to one by revamping the process

Kill this: Savvy business professional

Replace with your own version of this: I'm a PR manager who's gotten his employers covered by Yahoo! and Time magazine

Kill this: Strong work ethic

Replace with your own version of this: I taught myself HTML over a weekend in order to grab a marketing opportunity

Kill this: Meets or exceeds expectations

Replace with your own version of this: Invited to join our executive staff at a strategy summit during my first year at the company

Kill this: Strong presentation skills

Replace with your own version of this: Was recruited to join Acme Dynamite after my boss heard me speak at a conference

Kill this: Seeking a challenging opportunity

Replace with your own version of this: I'm looking for a midsize manufacturer primed to grow its business in the Pacific Rim

Friday, April 16, 2010

Gregg Braden - The Field = The Matrix = God...


Feeling is a praer.

Feeling of Compassion is the moving forse in the Universe, that keeps things together.

Human DNA has an efect on the Field (ether).

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Аудио-Библиотека Лотоса

Лекции, беседы, семинары в mp3

Main page

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Personal Magnetism

д-р Робърт Стоун – Живот без граници

О. Хашну Хара – Развиване на магнетична сила (тук е обяснено как помага правилното дишане – това го няма в първата книга, а е задължително)
д-р Робърт Стоун – Живот без граници

Personal Magnetism Seminar Part 1

The Personal Magnetism Exercise

O Hashnu Hara - Concentration and the Acquirement of Personal Magnetism

Mental Alchemy: The Wonders of Thought Force By O. Hashnu Hara

LinkWheel Sites

Полезен списък от 71 LinkWheel сайта подредени по стойности на Google Page Rank и Alexa

Забележително е, че авторът на поста An Analysis of 71 LinkWheel Sites правилно е предположил, че списъкът му ще бъде копиран къде ли не ! Добра работа – заслужава си и копирането и линка :-)

Link PR Alexa Share Notes 9 18 Pure Blogs 8 2426
link 8 828 Custom drag and drop platform
link 8 249 Y Fast and easy to create a lens, knowledge site
link 8 130 Create Your Own Social Network or Multiple Networks. Create blogs,add feeds,create groups and forums, automatically part of massive network: Lots of posiiblities
link 8 82 Pure Blogs
link 8 7 Y Pure Blogs
link 7 202089 Quizzes
link 7 190481 Slideshows
link 7 17541
link 7 9190 Teacher and student blogs
link 7 8315 Blogging and Social Network Aggregation, Updates
link 7 5409 Custom drag and drop platform
link 7 3449
link 7 2958 Pure blogs
link 7 2212
link 7 1444
link 7 1249 Pure Blogs
link 7 1142
link 7 977 Micro Blogging
link 7 402
link 7 246
link 7 245 Documents
link 7 169 Micro Blogging
link 7 7 Pure blogs
link 7 1 Knowledge site
link 6 32860 Online diaries rather than blogs and they say so.
link 6 27797
link 6 13156 Pure blogs
link 6 11757 Blogs and networking
link 6 7058 Pure blogs
link 6 4257 Indian Blogs
link 6 4060 Y
link 6 2331 Y Knowledge site
link 6 2020 Pure blogs
link 6 1197 Free press release site
link 6 132 THE article site
link 5 3210713
link 5 1567027 Blogs
link 5 283943
link 5 249867 Blogs
link 5 194306
link 5 97094
link 5 88116
link 5 71072
link 5 70079 Blog and voting system?
link 5 35799 Y
link 5 35546
link 5 32307
link 5 20260 Blogs
link 5 17630 Blogs
link 5 15053
link 5 12665
link 5 10771 Blogs
link 5 4435 Y
link 5 263 Y Have to reach a certain rank to get dofollow
link 4 365151
link 4 266811
link 4 227489
link 4 225557
link 4 186323
link 4 126319
link 4 99599
link 4 80223
link 4 58777 Y
link 4 48182
link 4 39591
link 4 32226
link 4 7646
link 3 32117
link 3 24701

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Frequently asked Questions & Answers about EFT

Copied from

Introduction: To hear some people talk, one might think that one round of the EFT Basic Recipe would cure every ailment known to the human race. Just tap, tap, tap and everyone becomes peaceful—all grievances disappear, all traumas are instantly resolved and no one grows old or dies. That’s a worthy thought, of course, but we’re not quite there yet.

If EFT had reached such perfection, there would be nothing more to learn and this Question and Answer series would be unnecessary. But because we are always seeking greater proficiency, I am dedicating a significant part of this web site to those Questions and Answers about EFT that will allow us to move forward. The questions covered in this section come from both newcomers and experienced practitioners alike. The answers are designed to assist EFT users in the “art” of this process which, hopefully, will allow us all to approach perfection--a noble goal indeed. Let’s begin.


---When it doesn't work....???
Introduction to this extensive answer: When progress with EFT seems stopped--or it seems like "it doesn't work"--EFT is usually not the problem. Rather, the reason for the lack of progress can most often be traced to the inexperience of the user. Why do I say this? Because those who master EFT don't miss very often. They not only get their share of "one minute wonders" but, compared to conventional techniques, impressive progress is also made for just about any problem with an emotional cause--including many physical ailments. In those cases where the masters are stumped, however, they don't point the finger at EFT for "not working."

Rather, the masters ask themselves questions like....

"What's in the way here?"
"What have I not seen yet?"
"What core issue have I been unable to find?"

I'm not saying here that EFT is a panacea for everything. It won't paint your toenails, for example, nor will it allow you to drink gasoline. But just about anything that has an emotional cause--including many physical ailments--is a clear candidate for EFT. It often works beautifully, even in the hands of a beginner. But that doesn't mean we have perfection here. We are still learning and should give thanks for those "tough cases" that challenge us to perfect our skills.

Those who want to achieve mastery of EFT will be interested in the following reasons why it sometimes appears that EFT "doesn't work."

---What do I say while performing EFT?
The simplest answer here is to use the phrasing clearly spelled out in The EFT Course and our Free EFT Manual. If you have a headache, for example, just start the process with this Setup Phrase, "Even though I have this headache, I deeply and completely accept myself" and proceed through The Basic Recipe using "This headache" as the Reminder Phrase. If you have a fear of heights, just substitute "fear of heights" for "headache." And so it goes for any issue you wish to address.

Also, as seen on our later DVDs, there is a more artful way to create the language that can sometimes be helpful. This skill is easily learned by simply asking yourself, "How would I describe this ailment to my best friend?" For example, you might tell your friend...

"My knee hurts so badly that I can't bend it."

In this case your Setup Phrase would be, "Even though my knee hurts so badly that I can't bend it, I deeply and completely accept myself."

Or you might tell your friend...

"I'm still angry because my third grade teacher told me I was stupid in front of the whole class."

In this case your Setup Phrase would be, "Even though I'm still angry because my third grade teacher told me I was stupid in front of the whole class, I deeply and completely accept myself."

If your issue shifts to different aspects then simply "tell your friend" what is happening and use those words in your subsequent EFT rounds.

Another way to develop artful language is to assume that your friend asks you one or more of these questions....

If there was a deeper emotional issue behind this problem, what could it be?
What emotional issue was going on around the time this problem started?
If you could live life over, what person or event would you just as soon skip?
The language you use to answer these questions can then be used in your EFT process. Typically, you will want to condense the phrasing a bit for ease of use but, after a few tries, it will become second nature.

---Are there suggested guidelines for professionals regarding an Informed Consent Statement?
Yes! When you introduce a family member or a friend to EFT, you can usually use a very simple explanation, just enough to get them interested in trying it, and the results then speak for themselves. Psychotherapists who introduce energy methods into their practice, however, are asking their clients to work within a different model than traditional psychotherapy. This piece is designed for you if you are in that position. One way to protect yourself from licensing boards who tend to frown upon "experimental" therapies, as well as to insure that your client understands and is prepared for the unfamiliar methods that will be used, is to introduce "informed consent" procedures when you are orienting a new client. Suggestions for orienting a new client to energy methods within a clinical setting, and for creating an informed consent statement, are provided in Energy Psychology Interactive (the award-winning professional training program (CD-ROM & book) pulled together by 27 of the leading clinicians and pioneers of energy psychology). This discussion has recently been revised, and the project leader, David Feinstein, Ph.D., has graciously offered to allow the new piece on informed consent to be posted on the EFT site as well.


David Feinstein, Ph.D.

Your choice of language in describing strange-looking procedures whose effectiveness has not been thoroughly validated scientifically and whose mechanisms elude conventional scientific understanding invites careful consideration. Explanations of the procedures should communicate that you believe they will be effective in treating the client's condition, your sources of evidence for making that assertion, and an explanation of how the approach works.

Of course it is also necessary, when introducing an energy psychology approach, to orient your comments according to the client's background, previous experience with alternative therapies, disposition toward your recommendations, and clinical condition (see discussion of the indications and contraindications for an energy psychology approach in the research article referenced above). Some practitioners pointedly avoid introducing concepts early on that are not well-understood or accepted, such as "energy" or "meridians." They might be more likely to simply say something along the lines of, "Here is a simple procedure that is proving to be surprisingly effective" and then demonstrate it on an issue where the client will be able to quickly feel a difference. Energy methods lend themselves well to such a "show me" approach. Further explanation can be offered later. Other practitioners, however, prefer to bring the client right into the energy paradigm. The following sample transcripts[i] provide generic examples of how one might begin.

Introducing an Energy-Based Approach

"You are probably aware that chemical imbalances are involved in psychological problems such as anxiety and depression. Evidence is mounting that the body's energies are also involved in emotional disturbances, and that interventions into the body's energy system can shift the brain chemistry in a way that helps overcome many psychological problems. The interventions you will be learning have been effective in a wide range of situations, including helping people during major disasters and the aftermath of trauma. They make use of a simple process you already know: comforting yourself using your own hands and your own words.

"Your hands carry an electromagnetic charge, and your body's energies include the electrical charge in every cell and organ, the electrical pathways in the nervous system, the electromagnetic fields surrounding every organ as well as the entire body, and also more subtle energies, such as the chi spoken of by acupuncturists and the prana spoken of by yoga practitioners. With psychological problems, an experience you regularly encounter causes your brain to send out electrical signals that lead to an emotion (perhaps anxiety, depression, or anger), a perception, or a behavior that is not appropriate for the current situation. The triggering experience may be one you encounter with some frequency, such as situations where you are being confronted or tested, but it also may be internal, a recurring memory, image, or thought. One way to approach the problem is to work directly with the energies that maintain the pattern in your brain's response to the triggering experience. That is the approach used in energy psychology.

"After gathering information about how the energies in your body are involved in your problem, any energy disturbances that are identified can be corrected through a variety of procedures I will be showing you. For instance, if every time you think about a particular situation, certain parts of your brain become overstimulated, leading to emotions that get in your way, we can have you think about the situation while you touch or tap or massage trigger points that alter the dysfunctional response in your brain. This retrains your body and brain so that the thought or situation no longer causes the overreaction. The trigger points, incidentally, are often the same points that are used in acupuncture, though needles are not necessary to achieve the desired effect. This process alone can overcome many emotional and psychological problems, but we will be using it within the context of other treatments as appropriate."

Introducing Muscle Testing ("Energy Checking")

"Information about how your body's energies are involved in your problem can be gathered using a simple procedure where I apply some pressure to your outstretched arm. In this way, we can gauge the relative firmness of your muscle while you are thinking about your problem vs. when you are thinking about something else. Your muscles and your nerves work together, so that when you have an upsetting emotion, it causes a change in your muscles as well. The muscles tend to become firmer with positive thoughts or emotions and somewhat weaker with negative thoughts or emotions. It isn't that the muscles are really weak at such times, just that the electricity moving through the nerves gets interrupted so that the muscle momentarily cannot operate at its best.

"The method involves checking the firmness in a shoulder muscle while you hold your arm out straight. I'll ask you to think about the problem that you want help with to see how this affects the muscle. I'll also have you touch certain places on your body that are like circuit breakers and check the muscle in response to certain statements. I may ask you to do some other things, like moving your eyes in different directions, humming, and counting. We will be working together to learn how your body's energies are responding to various aspects of your problems and to their treatment. Would this all be okay with you?"

Informed Consent

Obtaining "informed consent" is one of the most fundamental procedures for protecting a client's rights. Informed consent means that prior to establishing a therapeutic relationship, the potential client has been provided with enough information to make a reasonable determination about whether to accept the recommended treatment. This information includes the procedures and goals of the psychotherapy; the qualifications of and approach used by the therapist; warnings about possible side effects; information about fees, length and frequency of sessions, and likely duration of treatment; alternative therapeutic approaches; and potential sources of help besides psychotherapy. Essential for informed consent are that the client be able to understand this information and be able to freely choose whether to proceed with the treatment. Having the client sign a statement early in (or prior to) the treatment is one of the ways that informed consent can be obtained.

Some practitioners of energy psychology take the position that since details about specific procedures are not usually included in the written informed consent statements used by most clinicians, they are not necessary or appropriate within energy psychology. Because the treatment techniques are often complex and unfamiliar, they do not always lend themselves well to a brief written statement. These practitioners obtain informed consent verbally, often while providing hands-on demonstrations of the methods. Other practitioners do incorporate descriptions of their approach to energy psychology into their written statements.

The following paragraphs may be revised and included in a more comprehensive informed consent statement designed to be signed by the client. The sample provided here[ii] may or may not be applicable within your state and local jurisdiction. The final wording you use should be reviewed by an attorney.

Excerpts from a Comprehensive Informed Consent Statement

I have been advised and understand that a component of the treatment I will receive may utilize a technique called "energy checking" and involve work with "energy points."

Energy checking (also called "muscle testing") is an assessment tool for determining how energy patterns affecting my body and mind may be related to the problems I wish to address in pursuing treatment with my psychotherapist. The technique involves my psychotherapist applying physical pressure that will determine if a specific muscle stays firm or loses strength when I bring to mind a particular thought, emotion, or problem state and resist the pressure. The outcome, as indicated by the relative firmness maintained by the muscle, provides information to both my therapist and me about emotional dimensions of my problems that may not be available to me through introspection. Based partially on this information, my therapist will advise me on which energy points may best be used in helping me achieve my treatment goals.

Energy points, adapted from the practice of acupressure, are located on the surface of the skin throughout the body and can be stimulated for the purpose of correcting disturbed energy patterns that might underlie emotional and psychological problems. Stimulation may include touching, rubbing, or tapping the point. In most instances, I will be instructed on how to stimulate the appropriate points myself. In some instances, my therapist may ask my consent to directly work with specific treatment points.

I understand that the use of energy checking and energy treatment points within the field of psychotherapy is a relatively new development and that at this time there is only limited published research in established scientific journals investigating these methods. While clinical reports of successful outcomes using these methods do exist in the published literature of the field known as energy psychology, and the methods are being developed and refined under the auspices of organizations such as the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, I understand that clinical reports do not constitute conclusive scientific evidence. I further understand that even if the clinical effectiveness of these methods is scientifically established, results will vary from person to person.

I understand that while an energy psychology approach is a safe treatment method, with a substantial body of clinical experience showing no serious side-effects when properly administered, that with any form of psychotherapy it is possible that unresolved memories and related emotions and sensations may be brought into my awareness. It is possible that this emotional material may continue to surface after the therapy session and require further treatment. I also understand that previously traumatic memories may lose their emotional charge, and this could adversely affect my ability to provide legal testimony that carries the same impact as prior to treatment.

I have thoroughly considered all of the above and have obtained whatever additional input and/or professional advice I deemed necessary or appropriate about commencing treatment that utilizes energy checking and energy treatment points. By my signature below, given freely and without pressure from any person, I consent to the use of these methods in my treatment.

Monday, March 15, 2010

How to Grow Your Own Fresh Air – plants

A very interesting presentation by environmentalist Kamal Meattle who talks about how you can grow your fresh air at home and office using some commonly available indoor plants.

1. Areca Palm - You need at least four shoulder-height plants per person in the building and, if you are living in a polluted city, make sure you wipe the Palm leaves every single day for the plant to effectively convert Carbon dioxide into Oxygen.

You should in fact grow two sets of Areca Palm’s -- keep the other set outdoors and rotate that set with the indoor one every 3-4 months.

2. Snake Plant -- Unlike most plants which release Carbon-dioxide at night, Snake Plant (also known as Mother-in-law’s Tongue) does the reverse as it converts CO2 into Oxygen at night so you can safely keep it inside the bedroom.

You need at least 6 to 8 waist height plants per person to improve the indoor air quality to a healthy level.

3. Money Plant -- Other than releasing oxygen in the air, money plant can also eliminate formaldehyde from the air that is commonly released by cigarette smoke and adhesives (used with wood furnishings).

Money Plant is therefore especially useful in office buildings as they generally have lot of wooden furniture.

NASA Study on Indoor Plants
If you have some space in your home or office premises, it probably makes lots of sense to grow these plants because research says that there is a 42% probability of increasing blood oxygen by 1% if one stays inside a building housing these plants for 10 hours.

And Kamal isn’t the only person saying this. Earlier, a study conducted by NASA also suggested that certain houseplants (including Bamboo Palm and Snake Plant) can remove as much as 87% of indoor air pollutants within 24 hours.


Video presentation:

Voice exercise

Вы можете развить свой голос при помощи этих упражнений подобно тому, как развиваете мышцы при помощи занятий физкультурой. Ваш голос станет более низким и благозвучным, насколько это необходимо, его диапазон расширится, произношение станет более четким, модуляции — выразительнее, а экспрессивность — убедительнее. Положительный дополнительный эффект выразится в активизации ваших сил. Лучше всего выполнять эти упражнения регулярно, причем по утрам, это зарядит вас бодростью на целый день. У вас не только разовьется более приятный голос, но намного улучшится ваше общее самочувствие. По мере того, как будет развиваться ваш голос, будет совершенствоваться и ваша личность.

1. Встаньте перед зеркалом. Сделайте выдох, затем вдох и произносите каждый звук до тех пор, пока у вас хватит дыхания. Итак, вдохните и начинайте:

Эта последовательность не случайна, вы начинаете со звука самой высокой частоты — «и». Если вы при этом положите ладонь на голову, то ощутите легкую вибрацию кожи. Это свидетельство более интенсивного кровообращения. Произнесение звука «э» активизирует область шеи и горла, вы это можете почувствовать, приложив руки к шее. Произнесение звука «а» благотворно воздействует на область грудной клетки. При произнесении звука «о» усиливается кровоснабжение сердца, а упражнение со звуком «у» оказывает положительное воздействие на нижнюю часть живота. Произносите медленно один за другим все звуки три раза. Вы хотите, чтобы ваш голос был более низким и глубоким? Тогда много раз в течение дня произносите звук «у».

2. Теперь нужно активизировать область груди и живота, для этого надо произносить звук «м» с закрытым ртом. Упражнения на звук «м» проделайте три раза. Один раз совсем тихо, второй раз — громче и в третий раз — как можно громче, чтобы голосовые связки напряглись. Положив ладонь на живот, вы ощутите сильную вибрацию.
Особое внимание следует уделить звуку «р», поскольку он способствует улучшению произношения и придает голосу силу и энергичность. Для того, чтобы расслабить язык, проведите предварительную подготовку: поднимите кончик языка к небу за передними верхними зубами и «порычите» как трактор. Итак, сделайте выдох, потом вдох и начинайте «рычать»: «рррр». После этого выразительно и эмоционально с подчеркнуто раскатистым «р» произнесите следующие слова:
и т.п.

3. В заключение проделайте «упражнение Тарзана», которое представляет собой лучшую профилактику против простудных заболеваний и инфаркта миокарда. Встаньте прямо, сделайте выдох, затем глубокий вдох. Сожмите руки в кулаки. Громко произносите звуки из первого упражнения, начиная со звука «и», одновременно колотите себя кулаками по груди, как это делал Тарзан в знаменитом фильме. Затем продолжайте, произнося звук «э» и так далее.
По окончании упражнения вы заметите, как очищаются ваши бронхи от слизи, как ваше дыхание становится свободным, как вы заряжаетесь энергией. Хорошенько откашляйтесь, избавьтесь от всего ненужного! Это упражнение следует выполнять только по утрам, поскольку оно обладает возбуждающим и активизирующим действием.
После нескольких недель тренировки сравните свой нынешний голос с прежним, лучше всего это сделать, заранее перед началом тренировок записав свой голос на магнитофон. Вы убедитесь, что ваш голос заметно изменился. Теперь он обрел большую суггестивную силу, а это значит, что исходящее от вас харизматическое излучение стало более интенсивным, вы стали говорить более убедительно и сильнее воздействовать на окружающих.

В результате подобной тренировки спокойнее и глубже становится не только голос, но и ваши мысли. Поэтому никогда не прекращайте работать над своим голосом, тогда вы никогда не прекратите работать над своей личностью. Работа над своим голосом — это работа над собой!

Источник: © Элитариум.Ру Автор: эксперт Ф. А. Кузьмин, профессор Московской государственной Академии печати.

Denitsa Ivanova (sex addiction)

[8/15/2009 12:28:58 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: :)
[8/15/2009 4:16:52 PM] Bobby Kolev says: виж си пощата :)
[8/15/2009 4:17:17 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: пощата
[9/11/2009 7:52:25 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: tuk li si
[9/11/2009 7:54:31 AM] Bobby Kolev says: да
[9/11/2009 7:54:50 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: i az
[9/11/2009 7:54:56 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: uspqh da sedna
[9/11/2009 7:56:19 AM] Bobby Kolev says: как мина деня?
[9/11/2009 7:57:33 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: gore dolu
[9/11/2009 7:57:35 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: vij tova
[9/11/2009 7:57:44 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says:
[9/11/2009 8:01:01 AM] Bobby Kolev says: уау
[9/11/2009 8:01:06 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: nali
[9/11/2009 8:01:16 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: ne6to mai nemi se vqrva
[9/11/2009 8:01:21 AM] Bobby Kolev says: ей, сетих се за начин да
заработиш $200 :)
[9/11/2009 8:01:35 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: kak
[9/11/2009 8:01:36 AM] Bobby Kolev says: изрови ми някой добър
програмист в София, който да ми върши работа
[9/11/2009 8:01:46 AM] Bobby Kolev says: познати, приятели, съученици
[9/11/2009 8:02:14 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: dobre
[9/11/2009 8:02:24 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: 6te popitam
[9/11/2009 8:05:03 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: kak ti se stori obqvata
[9/11/2009 8:05:51 AM] Bobby Kolev says: нереална
[9/11/2009 8:05:56 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: i na men
[9/11/2009 8:13:27 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: na teb kak ti mina denq
[9/11/2009 8:15:45 AM] Bobby Kolev says: на мен сега ми започва :)
[9/11/2009 8:16:03 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: o da 4asovata razlika
[9/11/2009 8:17:13 AM] Bobby Kolev says: да...ми отивай на тая
обява...кво пък , ще разбереш какво й е дефектното
[9/11/2009 8:18:21 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: na men mi se stuva nerealna
[9/11/2009 8:18:46 AM] Bobby Kolev says: малко е просто да ти се
струва...трябва да знаеш защо
[9/11/2009 8:19:44 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: pomnq v na4aloto kato
doidoh i si tarseh rabota ima6e podobna obqva i nakraq se okaza 4e
tarsqt momi4eta za porno filmi
[9/11/2009 8:20:01 AM] Bobby Kolev says: че лошо ли е ? :)
[9/11/2009 8:20:33 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: emi ne
[9/11/2009 8:20:41 AM] Bobby Kolev says: :)
[9/11/2009 8:21:31 AM] Bobby Kolev says: би ли се снимала наистина? Аз
мисля, че като занимание е общо взето сигурно, в смисъл нямаш риск от
болести , наркотици, пребивания и прочие.
Естествено зависи как ще се пласираш, де...има ги всякакви дебили
сигурно...но като цяло имаш контрол над ситуацията.
Пък и кинти взимаш.
[9/11/2009 8:22:02 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: da no po tv da te davat
[9/11/2009 8:22:33 AM] Bobby Kolev says: Аааа...никакъв шанс по ТВ да те дават
[9/11/2009 8:22:41 AM] Bobby Kolev says: тея дето ги дават по ТВ
правят доста пари
[9/11/2009 8:22:41 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: ami
[9/11/2009 8:22:54 AM] Bobby Kolev says: ще те качат на Интернет, това
е , което ще стане
[9/11/2009 8:23:18 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: mmm (wasntme)
[9/11/2009 8:23:42 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: a tozi 4ovek tuk v sf li
da ti var6i rabota
[9/11/2009 8:23:47 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: ti trqbva
[9/11/2009 8:23:54 AM] Bobby Kolev says: Идеалния вариант, според мен,
е да си намериш ти партньор с който да те снимат
[9/11/2009 8:24:05 AM] Bobby Kolev says: човека е все едно къде е.
идеалния вариант е в София, но не е задължителен
[9/11/2009 8:24:11 AM] Bobby Kolev says: по-важно е колко е добър
[9/11/2009 8:25:53 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: ok
[9/11/2009 8:29:31 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: az stavam 4e trqbva
[9/11/2009 8:29:43 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: posle ako si tuk 6te ti pi6a
[9/11/2009 9:51:39 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: tuk li si
[9/11/2009 9:51:48 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: vij kakuv email sa mi pratili
[9/11/2009 9:52:14 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says:
[9/11/2009 9:52:54 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: GHANA WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER

TEL: +233241772625

DEAR , Markova Ivanova


I am directed to inform you by the Board and management of one of our
accredited financial institutions (Stanbic Finance and Securities Ltd,
Ghana that your funds valued USD9,400,000.00 (Nine Million, FOUR
Hundred thousand United states dollars) is in our system.

The funds in question was deposited in the aforementioned financial
institution by Late Mrs Wanaga Jane with your name as the beneficiary.

You are therefore requested to send to us three different names by
which this money can be transferred to you.

Please note also that the maximum amount we can transfer per day to
each of the names is USD10,000.00 (Ten Thousand united states Dollars.

Your prompt response to this notification will be highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,
Tel: +233241772625
Western Union Payments
Western Union®
Welcome to Western Union
Send Money Worldwide
Registered © 2007 - 2008 Western Union Money Transfer All Right Reserved
[9/11/2009 11:00:53 AM] Bobby Kolev says: а, това е обикновен спам
[9/11/2009 11:01:18 AM] Bobby Kolev says: всеки, който ти предлага
пари можеш да го триеш.
особено ако пише толкова дълго

и особено ако е от Гана или Зимбабве
[9/11/2009 11:01:19 AM] Bobby Kolev says: Класика
[9/11/2009 11:01:59 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: ok pratili sa mi go
[9/11/2009 11:02:17 AM] Bobby Kolev says: а получавам около 100 такива на ден
[9/11/2009 11:02:45 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: mmm
[9/11/2009 11:05:26 AM] Bobby Kolev says: е, аз имам много емайли :)
[9/11/2009 11:05:34 AM] Bobby Kolev says: как вървят обявите?
[9/11/2009 11:06:01 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: pusnah edno cv za
magazin za obuvki tuk v mladost
[9/11/2009 11:17:35 AM] Bobby Kolev says: когато търсиш работа трябва
да пускаш по 10-на CV-ta на ден. Така е поне тук.
[9/11/2009 11:18:14 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: az predi taka praveh
daje na 1 obqva puskah po 3-4 pati i ni6to nikoi nemi zvane6e
[9/11/2009 11:19:35 AM] Bobby Kolev says: а, не...не на една
обява...на 10 различни трябва да се пуска
[9/11/2009 11:19:48 AM] Bobby Kolev says: може би не ти е добре
направено резюмето
[9/11/2009 11:19:57 AM] Bobby Kolev says: а може и да не зависи изобщо от него
[9/11/2009 11:20:28 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: mi az puskah na kakvoto
mi padne6e ve4e 4e mi be6e do6lo do gu6a
[9/11/2009 11:25:31 AM] Bobby Kolev says: според мен добре си правила
[9/11/2009 11:25:54 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: da
[9/11/2009 11:26:01 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: za vsi4ko puskah
[9/11/2009 11:56:44 AM] Bobby Kolev says: пускаш ли още?
[9/11/2009 11:57:08 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: ne ve4e napuskah stiga
tolkova nqma da gi povtarqm
[9/11/2009 12:01:57 PM] Bobby Kolev says: снощи по едно време те сънувах
[9/11/2009 12:02:20 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: ?
[9/11/2009 12:02:21 PM] Bobby Kolev says: ама беше някакъв кошмар,
щото гледах някаква фантастика преди заспиване, дето един стана на
извънземен полека-лека
[9/11/2009 12:02:36 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: (chuckle)
[9/11/2009 12:02:49 PM] Bobby Kolev says: ми по едно време някак си и
ти се намеси, нормална си беше и правеше секс, ама в контекста на
извънземните беше гадно
[9/11/2009 12:02:51 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: dane sam stanala i az
[9/11/2009 12:03:30 PM] Bobby Kolev says: просто преди лягане нали ти
писах разни еротики и ми се е запечатало в паметта, пък след това
филма гледах...и е станала каша
[9/11/2009 12:03:48 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: da moje da e ot tova
[9/11/2009 12:04:42 PM] Bobby Kolev says: мразя като сънувам такива
работи. рядко помня какво сънувам и рядко сънувах, но от 1 година нещо
се сбърквам просто
[9/13/2009 10:04:59 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: zdr
[9/14/2009 2:11:24 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: tuk li si
[9/23/2009 12:42:43 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: :)
[9/23/2009 3:56:36 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: :)
[9/29/2009 2:35:18 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: tuk li si
[9/29/2009 2:35:28 PM] Bobby Kolev says: да
[9/29/2009 2:36:14 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: az leko sam po4erpena
[9/29/2009 2:36:23 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: napravo se odrqzah
[9/29/2009 2:36:28 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: (blush)
[9/29/2009 2:36:59 PM] Bobby Kolev says: слагай тогава черните прашки :)
[9/29/2009 2:38:04 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: nali
[9/29/2009 2:38:09 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: da saGOTOVA
[9/29/2009 2:38:20 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: izvinqvi
[9/29/2009 2:38:30 PM] Bobby Kolev says: няма за какво да се извиняваш :)
[9/29/2009 2:39:13 PM] Bobby Kolev says: пали цигара като на
картинката, слагай прашките и включвай камерата...удоволствието е
изцяло мое :)
[9/29/2009 2:39:50 PM] Bobby Kolev says: не съм виждал хубави бедра от месец :)
[9/29/2009 2:39:56 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: mmmm
[9/29/2009 2:40:17 PM] Bobby Kolev says: пък отколко не съм притискал
твърдо дупе в ръцете си не знам
[9/29/2009 2:40:47 PM] Bobby Kolev says: докато обикалям с ръце по
тялото, корема, гърдите, шията, лицето...
[9/29/2009 2:40:56 PM] Bobby Kolev says: и обратно по ръба на бикините...
[9/29/2009 2:41:04 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm presizvikva6 me
[9/29/2009 2:41:22 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: da po4vame
[9/29/2009 2:43:13 PM] Bobby Kolev says: почвам винаги с галене
[9/29/2009 2:43:21 PM] Bobby Kolev says: и притискане
[9/29/2009 2:43:54 PM] Bobby Kolev says: обичам да дразня зърната на
гърдите през сутиен или потник, както и клитора през бикините
[9/29/2009 2:44:12 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: da
[9/29/2009 2:44:14 PM] Bobby Kolev says: но преди да стигна до там
обикновено галя бедрата
[9/29/2009 2:44:27 PM] Bobby Kolev says: докато целувам гърдите и шията
[9/29/2009 2:45:15 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: vijda6 li me
[9/29/2009 2:45:27 PM] Bobby Kolev says: не, изключи се веднага след
включване...пробвай пак
[9/29/2009 2:45:45 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: a sega stana
[9/29/2009 2:45:50 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: sex samo
[9/29/2009 2:45:51 PM] Bobby Kolev says: сега да
[9/29/2009 2:46:14 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: ok
[9/29/2009 2:46:26 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: uu
[9/29/2009 2:46:27 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: u
[9/29/2009 2:52:26 PM] Bobby Kolev says: седни и влез вътре
[9/29/2009 2:53:00 PM] Bobby Kolev says: стискай гърдите
[9/29/2009 2:53:24 PM] Bobby Kolev says: представи си как бавно те чукам
[9/29/2009 2:53:34 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: o da
[9/29/2009 2:54:46 PM] Bobby Kolev says: айде марщ в банята
[9/29/2009 2:54:51 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: da
[9/29/2009 2:56:59 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: tuk sam
[9/29/2009 2:57:06 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: lele perfektno
[9/29/2009 2:57:19 PM] Bobby Kolev says: хубаво нещо си е секса
[9/29/2009 2:57:23 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: o da
[9/29/2009 2:57:23 PM] Bobby Kolev says: даже и виртуалния
[9/29/2009 2:57:33 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: da
[9/29/2009 2:57:40 PM] Bobby Kolev says: като се видим някой ден може
да е още по-хубаво
[9/29/2009 2:58:03 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: razbira se
[9/29/2009 2:58:13 PM] Bobby Kolev says: детето ме вика нещо, ще изляза за малко
[9/29/2009 2:58:17 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: ok
[9/29/2009 2:58:25 PM] Bobby Kolev says: изглеждаш успокоена
[9/29/2009 2:58:33 PM] Bobby Kolev says: пиене и секс, това му е
майката като си млад
[9/29/2009 2:58:39 PM] Bobby Kolev says: като остарееш и двете пречат
[9/29/2009 2:58:51 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: o da tajka e
[9/29/2009 2:58:58 PM] Bobby Kolev says: айде отивам , до скоро
[9/29/2009 2:59:03 PM] Denitsa Ivanova says: do skoro
[2:42:30 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: zdr
[2:42:44 AM] Denitsa Ivanova says: posle pi6i kato si naliniq

Както и във всички други случаи в които се притесняваш – дали заради края на света, здравето или бъдещето на Жоро, зъбите си или пък моето здраве – от тебе си зависи какво ще решиш да правиш.

Аз за себе си съм намерил, че най-доброто което мога да правя за твоите страхове е да им давам по-малко основание. Но в същото време отдавна съм се отказал да се обвинявам за тях – по един или друг начин се оказвам въвлечен.

Съвестта ми е чиста. Нямам и никога не съм имал любовница и нямам никаква идея за каква американска приятелка говориш.

Флиртувам където ми падне, защото имам нужда от това; гледам порно филми и като ми е паднал случай съм гледал и стриптийз на живо по Интернет.

Пожелах си и от тебе филмче за рожденния ден, но не го получих. Не те обвинявам, но като ми се гледа ще намеря начин да гледам.

Ти правиш същото и аз не те обвинявам или най-малко се старая да не те обвинявам. Друг въпрос е колко успявам.

Ходи при Джеймс защото той ти дава спокойствие и енергия, които аз не мога.

Ходи при руснаците, защото с тях можеш да говориш и да се смееш, а с мене не можеш.

Чети тероии за извънземните, които управляват страната вместо да говориш с мене за бизнес и риск, от които нищо не разбирам.

И ме остави да си фантазирам на спокойствие.

По-добре е отколкото да плащам за курви или любовници и да лишавам тебе и жоро от парите, които можете да ползвате.

По-добре е отколкото да ми избият чивиите и да изнасиля тебе или все едно кой.

По-добре е отколкото да се пропия.

Мисля, че съм самокритичен и реалист, а не глупак, макар, разбира се, да съм правил и глупави неща в живота си.

Аз лично не виждам на фона на сегашната обстановка какво имам да променям у себе си и какво да правя. Приоритетите ми са Жоро, аз, ти. С Жоро засега се справям, с мене си не успявам, та не е чудно, че за тебе също не успявам.

Още веднъж, обаче, не съм направил нищо, от което да се срамувам. Затова не го и крия.
Не парадирам с него, но не го и крия.

Пък ти докато продължаваш да търсиш неприятности винаги ще ги намираш – у мене, световния ред, Жоро или все едно къде.

Ако някой ти е направил безплатен стриптийз все нещо трябва да му кажеш и това е , което аз съм казал. Попрочети повече и може и друго да намериш, вече съвсем ясно казано точно за тебе. Пък да видим от какво ще намериш там да се оплакваш.

Как искаш да ми се прави секс с тебе, когато от 8 години ми показваш по, че това е свързано с усилие, болка, течове ,миризми и изобщо всякакви неприятности и аз от 8 години полагам огромни усилия над себе си да престана да се искам още и още от тебе и да те спася от непрестанните си – цитирам – желания?

И когато най-накрая, в резултат на сума фактори, вкл. моите съвсем съзнателни усилия, вкл. очевидно продължаващото ти нежелание, вкл. продължаващото ти постоянно разочарование от всичко, което правя или не правя за тебе, вкл. и моята депресия породена както от собствените ми здравни проблеми така и от постоянния стрес какво ще съм сбъркал тази сутрин/обед/вечер, та когато най-накрая аз успявам да си наложа да не падам дотам, че да искам от тебе нещо, което ти е неприятно и ти какво, се засягаш, че успявам?!

От моя гледна точка ти правиш секс заради мене, а не защото го искаш. Идваш при мене от 1 година защото 8 години се опитваш да искаш секс заради мене, точно както аз се опитвам да НЕ искам заради тебе.
Интервалите се определят от твоята (гузна) съвест и възможност според здраволовно/психическо състояние, а не от искрено желание за нещо приятно.

Ти не обичаш да правиш секс, поне не с мене, не зная за сама или с други. Пък и си го казвала, не веднъж.

Не те обвинявам. Имаш си основанията. Старая се да те разбирам , но ако не те разбирам старая се да не те обвинявам.
За да ти се иска секс трябва да си спокойна и щастлива. Разбирам.

Но не си.

Онзи ден беше защото не отворих подарък точно на място, вчера беше защото Жоро не се справя в училище, днес е защото си намерила нещо в кореспонденцията ми, което да те смути. Утре ще имаш ПМС, вдругиден ще стоите до късно на работа, а деня след това Галя ще ти се развика.

За какъв секс и какво дупе говориш изобщо тогава?!

Бедрата и дупето са ти много добре.

Главата ти е това, с което имам проблеми.

Но както съм ти казвал и преди ще стискам зъби – взел съм решение, оповестил съм го и ще го отстоявам.

Най-малкото защото може и по-зле.

Best regards,
Bobby Kolev


As in all the other cases in which you are being enxios – whether because of the end of the world, your health, the future of our son, your teeth, or my health – it is up to you what you decide to do.
I have found for myself, that the best I can do for your fears is to give them less bases. And at the same time I have stopped to blame myself for your fears long time ago – I get involved in your fears one way or another.
My conciense is clean. I don’t have and never had a lover, I don’t have any idea who is the American lady, you are talking about.
I do flirt where ever I can, because I need it. Watch porno movies, and when ever I had a chance I watched streeptise live on the Internet.
I wished from you to make me a streptees video for my Birthday, but never got it. I don’t blame you. But if I want to watch I will find a way to watch.
You are doing the same and I don’t blame you, or at least I am trying (Not always successfully).
Go to see James, because he gives you peace and energy, which I can’t give you. Meet with your friends, because you can talk and laugth with them, and you can’t with me. Read about UFO’s, and conspiracy theories, instead of talking to me about business, and how to grow it. And live me alone to my fantasies. This is better that me going crazy, or becoming violent. Better than me drinking. I think I am realist, and I am not a full. I don’t see what I can change in myself now. My priorities are my son, you, and I. With my son I am dealing well, with myself- I am not very suceesful, with you – also.
Once again – I have not done anything to be asham of. This is why I don’t hide it. I don’t tell it, but don’t hide it, either.
And you – while you are trying to look for bed and unpleasant things will always find them – in me, in the world, in our son, or everywhere else.

How do you excpect me to want to make sex with you, when for 8 Years you show me, that this is painful for you, you have discharge, and other not pleasent things. And for 8 years I make lots of efford to stop asking you for sex.
And when after all of my effords, after all your regections, after all that I do or not do for you, after my depression, and my health problems, after constant stress, after all that I did wrong at morning/noon/evening, so when after all this I try not to fall so low to ask you to do something that is unpleasant for you, and live you alone, and go do it with someone else, and then you get upset, that I succeed in not asking you to do sex.

From my point of view you do sex because of me, not because you want it. You are coming on to me for the past year, because for the past 8 years you’ve been trying to do sex because of me. Just like I am traying Not to ask you for sex.
You don’t like to make sex, at least not with me. And you have said it not once.
I don’t blame you. You have your reasons. I try to understand you, not to blame you. For you to want to make sex you need to be calm and happy. I understand. But you are not happy. The other day you were not happy, because I did not opened my Valentine’s present right away, yesterday – because our son was not doing good in school, today, because you found my sex letters, another day – because your mom eyeled at you… In this case what sex can we be talking about?! You have problems with in your head. But as I have said before I’ll hold myself trough this suffering, I have made up my mind about this. Because it could have been worsed.