Thursday, January 14, 2010

EFT - Wealth Tapping


For this Christmas I decided to put together a Wealth
Tapping script as my gift to you. This is a short and
simple script, but it's pretty powerful - it'll be worth it
to tap it every day for 21 days, in fact, with the
intention to go deeper each time.

You should all be expert tappers now, so you know where all
the points are. If you get stuck you can always download
the Tapping Points cheatsheet or follow the video on the
front page of

Say each phrase once for each point, and tap each point
about 7 times before going on to the next. Don't worry
about whether or not the phrase is true for you - tap it
anyway, all the phrases are positive so it can't do any

1. "I Release That I Don't Have Any Money"
"I Release That I Don't Love Money"
"I Release That I Don't Want Money"

2. "I Release That There is Not Enough Money"
"I Release That the World is Limited"
"I Release That There is Not Enough in the World"

3. "I Am Abundant"
"I Have Abundance"
"I Want Abundance"

4. "I Release That I Need Money"
"I Release That I Can't Have Money"
"I Release That Money is Not for Me"

5. "I Release That I Don't See That I Have Wealth"
"I Release Not Seeing That I Have Wealth"
"I Release That I Don't Understand That I Have Wealth"

"I See That I Have Wealth"
"I Am Seeing My Wealth"
"I Understand My Wealth"

6. "I Understand That I Don't Need Money"
"I Understand When I Don't Have Enough Money"
"I Understand What it Means to Afford Something"

7. "I Release the Idea that to Love Money is to Desire it"
"I Release the Idea that to Love Money is to Want it"
"I Understand What it Means to Love Money"
(clue; it means to be naturally drawn to it, and let it
into your life)

8. "I Release That I Don't Feel Rich"
"I Release That I Feel Poor"
"I Feel Rich"
"I Feel Money"
(If you have some coins, notes, credit cards, or even
solid gold or silver available, hold it and feel it as you
tap this. This often reduces people to tears.)

9. "I Release That I Want for Money"
"I Release That I Have A Lack of Money"
"I Release That I Have An Absence of Money"
(these are subtley different to #1)

10."I Understand That I Love Money"
"I Understand the Ways I Need Money"
"I Understand Why I Want Money"

11."I Understand Money"
"I Accept the Nature of Money"
"I Know Money"

12."I Am in Agreement With Having Money"
"I Am in Agreement With Money Itself"
"I Am in Agreement With the Nature of Money"

13."I Know the Nature of Money"
"I Accept My Understanding of Money"
"I Am Learning About Money"

14."Other People Know I Am Worth Money"
"Other People Know I Am Earning Money"
"Other People Know That Money is Good for Me"

15."God Knows I Am Worth Money"
"God Knows I Am Earning Money"
"God Knows That Money is Good for Me"

I hope you find this script helpful, let me know if you get
any major releases or insights from tapping it.

Merry Christmas!!!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

EFT - Day 2 & Personal peace procedure


Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts works closely with her colleague Sue Beer and together with there work they share a wealth of tapping information and a unique way of blending different methodologies such as NLP, Erikson hypnosis, the work of Byron Katie and the Emotional Freedom Technique together.

Personal peace procedure:

Alina Frank
Alina Frank has specialized in women's issues including intimacy, relationships, and sexual/reproductive health.

Gwyneth Moss
Gwyneth has been studying emotional health and practicing EFT since 2001 and as well as hearing about Gwyneth's first EFT aha moment when successfully working on a medical doctor with OCD you will also discover what a great innovator she is, creating many new ways of using EFT, including using a three stage process that can be used on both animals and humans with great success.

Marie Holliday
Marie Holliday lives in the beautiful country of Spain on a finca, or farm, with her partner and two dogs and has lived in Spain and the Canaries for about eighteen years in all. Marie learned EFT many years ago when attending Dr Alex Lees Course in Spain whilst he was visiting from Canada.

Monday, January 11, 2010

EFT - Gary Craig talks about his retirement

Interview with Gary Craig:

Dr Carol Look
As well as paying tribute to Gary, Carol also shares with us her experience of working with Gary Craig on a new film on war veterans and how EFT is helping them to deal with the trauma of war. We will be posting details of the film soon. Carol also talks about why Gary Craig has been so successful at getting the word out about EFT and how you can get over your blocks and get clear using the Emotional Freedom Techniques to become successful in any area of your life.

Ann Adams
As well as paying tribute to Gary Craig, Ann Adams talks about when she first met Gary and how impressed she was with the way Gary worked and by watching him both on stage and video it helped her with her own work with children. Ann also talks about the first time she attended an EFT workshop and thought that tapping was "the dumbest thing she had ever seen in her life".

Dr Patricia Carrington
Dr Patricia Carrington talks about how she started with Thought Field Therapy(TFT) and realized that it was complicated and decided to start her own way of doing the process called AcuTap, just like many others including Fred Gallo. Later Patricia discovered EFT in 1995 and later moved over to using the process because she was so impressed by both Gary and the EFT method. Patrica also shares her experience of how EFT grew from strength to strength and pays tribute to Gary and his ability to guide the EFT ship and share it with the world.