Monday, May 27, 2013

Axiatonal New SuperScience called Medical Astronomy. It will be the Re-Integration of the Axiatonal System to Heal and to Rejuvenate the Body and astral Alignment to the Cosmos and once Again be Literaly One with the Cosmos as was meant to be. video: The Melchizedek Method of Axiatonal Alignment In the Holy Order of Melchizedek, Axiatonal is a Baptism of Light and Sound. It is connected to Sacred Geometry, the Star of Tetrahedron and the Star of David. Axiatonal Alignmentis more than a healing modality it is an initiation into Divine Awareness. As a healing modality Axiatonal opens blocked energy pathways/meridians that hold back the Divine flow of Love from Father to Mother. Axiatonal Alignment will assist you to remember your Divine connection. Axiatonal Alignment reconnects one to the golden Axiatonal Lines -- a very subtle cosmic lattice/grid of light that is infinite in nature and interconnects all things with Divinity. Axiatonal Lines exist throughout this Universe, all the Galaxies, our Solar System, our Planet and our bodies. They not only connect all of our body parts much like the Meriden System, but they connect us to the Earth, Stars, Galaxies and to the Divine Mind Itself. Every living organism has an Axiatonal system. Axiatonal Lines control the renewing functions of our body and connect with the cosmic grid that is everywhere in the Universe. When you extend the acupuncture lines of the body, and connect them to the cosmic grid, it aligns the body to the Axiatonal Lines of the living universe and the person's higher self. When the Human Race chose to separate from the Divine Source as our ego grew all so important, we disconnected from the Divine Mind. This damaged the Axiatonal Lines preventing us from reconnecting to our Divine Source. This is the mythical story of the exile from Eden. The Earth is Eden when we are connected to The Divine Love that is everything everywhere at all times. Axiatonal repairs the damage of separation so we can be one with "ALL THAT IS"! Priests in the Order of Melchizedek and the office of the Christ have been working with Axiatonal Alignment to reconnect beings to the Divine Source as individual beings are ready to reconnect to Divinity. This is the same method used by Jesus (Sananda) when he would touch the tops of individual's heads (Jesus/Sanada is a Christ and a Melchizedek Priest). Reconnection of your Axiatonal Lines through this method or another is necessary for Ascension. Axiatonal is an intensive energetic technique that incorporates meridians and energy. It opens blocked meridians allowing the free flow of energies that may have been trapped due to our resistance or denial of a spiritual experience (every experience is a spiritual experience). As we open to the free flow of energy we will release all cellular memories that we have been afraid to examine. This may result in memory flashbacks that we can look at from a different perspective. We may see that our judgment of those moments came from a distorted perspective. We can now see the experience for what it is rather than what we made it to be. When this happens a healing begins at the cause level. Fear, judgment, hatred, loathing, lusting, resistance and denial block the flow of Divine Love/energy. We hold onto things and stop moving forward through issues. Our bodies get backed up causing cancer, heart dis-ease and other physical maladies that keep us from experiencing the Divine Love all the time. Fear keeps us in separation. Ascension happens when we become the Love. Baptism by water cleansed you of your guilt and shame of separation. Axiatonal repairs the damage the ego caused. What does the average person experience from Axiatonal Alignment? It could be as simple as being more aware of your surroundings, seeing things you never saw before, feeling more attuned with the world, experiencing an increase in your senses, an enhancement of various types of initiative awareness, or feeling better physically. It could be an improvement of major illnesses, a deep profound relaxation, a sense of total peace within oneself, a "lightness" as if all the weight of the world has been lifted, balancing of the male and female sides of the body, highly motivated, deep concentration, dreams clearer and more vivid, answers to problems being given in dreams, more focused, feeling a connection to the "ALL". Axiatonal Alignment integrates the Whole Body bringing it into balance and harmony. It can be used alone or combined with any other healing therapy (when used with any other healing modality, it takes that therapy to a deeper level). The Axiatonal procedures align the body's energy vertically, horizontally, then sew it all together, and finally give it the delicate gift of golden light energy from the Creator into the crown Chakra, through the body, reconnecting one with Mother Earth. Axiatonal changes the lives of all who experience it... to experience this therapy once is to be a believer. References: "The Melchizedek Method of Axiatonal Alignment" By Soaring Eagle, "The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch" by J. J. Hurtak

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Chakra Light Magic

From a basic understanding of the chakra's we can now use a combination of them for Healing, Astral Projection, Telepathic Communition with all forms of life and more. Take an hour to advance your capabilities Through these principles we learn to use a combination of chakra energies for different purposes. We can use telepathy to communicate with animals or have everyone at workshop see our thoughts before they become words. Use the third for astral projection to visit friends far away or use the healing energy of the heart with astral projection to heal those same far away friends. videos How to activate 1 chakra, and clean a chakra:

Shamanic Kundalini Workshop Videos: video 1 video 2 video 3 video 4 video 5 The Shamanic Kundalini is a safe means to raise the Kundalini energy without danger. You can be shown to do this in two hours rather than Eastern Kundalini training that may take years. Some of the side effects are a rainbow aura of DIVINE protection, making conscious contact with your Higher Self or being able to astral project into you own body and look for possible problems as I did when I broke and repaired my collar bones after a motorcycle accident. Through these teachings you can remember anything that you ask!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Greenmedinfo Research

Deep Consciousness Bodywork for Ascension

From: The Immeasurable Importance of Deep Consciousness Bodywork for Ascension When we embark on the mystical path of Ascension, we're essentially performing inner alchemy. Everything is consciousness, even matter and energy. They're all formed from 'elementals' of awareness. Even when people are awake to the interconnectivity of their soul, there's still varying degrees of insensitivity and identification with the physical. In other words the subtlety of the soul is getting dissipated - drowned out - within the density of Separation Consciousness. One utterly invaluable way of dissolving this identification and thereby catalysing our spiritual evolution - our Ascension - is through Deep Consciousness Bodywork... Reality is created by what your attention is focused on We'll often hear that reality is created by what your attention is focused on. This frequently leads to trying to shape reality in some particular way - often a mind-led, desire-based sense of lack, which is only surface level (see Law of Attraction). Yes, everything is consciousness and therefore the outer world is shaped by what we're being within. But desire is still associated with the lower densities, as is denial, which locks fragments of soul consciousness into materiality. In other words... You can intentionally bring your attention into the higher realms of consciousness through meditation for example, but unless you've harmonised the various flows of energy throughout your body, then you'll simply be sucked back down again at some point. This is what happens during reincarnation. That's why at Openhand we speak so frequently on our courses about 'softening into the body'. By this we mean increasing internal sensitivity and the sense of letting go. It's no doubt a challenge. The yearning is for the higher sense of lightness, the bliss of interconnectedness, but if you miss the ballast, firstly the expansion will be less complete, the experiences less expansive (less 'spiritual') and secondly, at some point you'll still have to come back and deal with the density. Increasing inner intimacy Breath of course is a powerful tool for increasing inner intimacy. We can use breath as a vehicle of awareness, bringing attention into the deep recesses of the body. But it is only a vehicle. It's focused attention that must then take over, once breath has delivered you to the threshold of transition. It is then feeling attention that must direct you to the revealing threads of consciousness which next want to be 'pulled'. By this, I mean a subtle vibration or sense will reveal itself... I remember once sitting in meditation with uplifting background music. I'd been feeling the sense of higher dimensional presence in the room and was wondering how to connect? True Benevolence will never distract you 'out there' to some glamorous apparition. It stays tantalisingly just out of reach, thus encouraging and empowering you to go deeper within, where the entirety of the universe is to be found. And so the 'promise' inspired deeper inner focus, and softening into my body, working with the feelings of denseness and loosening identification. In other words, feeling through the density until I no longer formed limiting opinions (judgments) about what I was feeling. So all the while, this is leading into a greater reaching outwards by reaching ever further inwards. I was expanding to fill the room through inner consciousness space. It's then that I truly felt the presence. A slight inner pull drew me forwards - because I was sitting, I almost fell over. But instead, realised to stand, then to begin to sway with the music, then to move and gently dance. My hands were open to tingling vibrations which guided me in an exquisite swirling pattern. I was dancing with spirit! It is experiences like this, which led me to develop Openhand's soulmotion Approach to Deep Consciousness Bodywork So this is what I mean by Deep Consciousness Bodywork and how it can open you up to your divine birth right: multi dimensional living, which is both divine and magical. To summarise, it requires a very attentive approach in order to perform this inner alchemy... o Surrender: A high degree of surrender is required. By this, meaning to continually relinquish the desire for reality to be a particular way (needing any kind of outcome) or trying to shape reality. o Sensitivity: there's the need to become increasingly sensitive by responding to what you're truly feeling - even if that's pain. To be truly soft, you have to feel the heat of the coals of attachment before you let them go. Otherwise it will simply take you into detached denial. o Intimacy: sensitivity leads to increasing inner intimacy, which is exploring exactly what's there in your field, without forming judgment or opinion. We explore simply 'what is'. o Softening: in exploring 'what is', there's a sense of softening into this vibration, unwinding any tension or tightness. You make it increasingly malleable by deeply penetrating as much of the feeling as possible with your awareness. o Expansion: when you've softened into that particular experience, you've 'pulled the thread' of revealing consciousness and begun to watch it unravel, then it's about allowing the expansion to happen through you. Watch for what wants to happen next, naturally of its own accord. This is when truly peak experiences can take place. Alchemy through movement Of course movement is one way of bringing increased internal intimacy for this level of alchemy. Hence the popularity of yoga, Tai Chi, dance, walking in nature and to a degree, various sports. However in all of these, if true spiritual evolution is to be catalysed, we have to be careful we're not once more conditioning the body rather than increasing its sensitivity. So take exercise for example: in order to have the maximum evolutionary effect, we'd need to have full attention in every part of the body that is exercising, every muscle, fibre and sinew. We'd need to be letting go within the movement and not allowing any kind of desensitised detachment from happening. All too often you can see - even with the meditational arts like yoga - there's still some subtle desire to achieve this or that; a particular form or posture for example. The risk is to decrease inner intimacy by conditioning the body, when what we're really looking for, is to use the practice as a vehicle to penetrate the elementals of consciousness. Internal struggle is what we're working to release or even the denial of insensivity. If there's any need for some form of outcome, then in that moment, we're aligning with the density of bodymind rather than penetrating it with the softeness of the soul. A new internal vocabulary So this is what I mean by Deep Consciousness Bodywork. I know it may seem like speaking a different language! In many ways it is. It's an entirely new vocabulary that can access the dormant aspects of inner self. Practically everything in society seems designed to desensitise; with its chemical 'excito stimulants' to block or distract from the revealing threads of higher awareness. It takes great patience and persistence to master this inner alchemy. In the early days, it frequently left me frustrated until I realised the frustration was the thread I needed to accept as my current reality and soften into. But actually it's relatively simple, once we truly surrender the need for any kind of outcome in this world. When we do, the wonders of the universe unfold magically into view. There's liberation, but not just release from, rather freedom to unfold into. There's a depth of majesty, mysticism and magic that expands beyond imagination, which we're all seeded to master. To me, this is the power of Deep Consciousness Bodywork. It catalyses and accelerates our Ascension.