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Step 6: The Science of Success

According to ancient myths, our lives are played out at the whims of gods and goddesses rolling dice and amusing themselves with our fortunes and disasters. If we succeeded in this world, we were lucky, and if we failed, well, maybe Zeus was just having a bad hair day.

Sounds a little ridiculous, doesn't it?

That's because all of us have had the experience of working diligently, maybe for years, to achieve a goal, and then others congratulate us on our good luck when we know full well that luck had nothing to do with it.

Luck?! Yeah right...

Random good fortune is rare, gods or no gods. Personally, I have spent twenty years studying the top achievers in many fields, and it's obvious to me that luck is rarely a factor, unless we want to redefine it as L.U.C.K.: "living under correct knowledge."

The reason I titled my book The Science of Success is that I have learned success and true Harmonic Wealth™ can indeed be measured and duplicated, two criteria for scientific study. And the truth is that the internal game runs the external game: consciousness drives results, as you've been learning throughout this e-mail series. Most people tend to think the opposite, however; they believe they have to do something different to get different results, but the reality is that they have to be something different. Being is consciousness.

Remember your school locker...

Truly, when you get the combination of how things work at a consciousness level, then you can open the door to success every single time. It's just like having the combination to a padlock. If you don't have the combination, then you may open it periodically (success may occur temporarily), and then you'll chalk it up to chance, but you'll also set yourself up for frustration and failure.

Many people do this.

They have a great month or quarter or year, then it slips from their fingers and they don't know why. That's because they don't know consciously what is driving them unconsciously — the TBS as you've learned in the previous e-mail lessons.

Creating a rapport between those two levels of consciousness is really what The Power to Win Weekend is all about: How do we consciously choose where we're going, what we're about, what we want to create in our lives, and then hand it over to the unconscious mind to move the body into action to create the result?

Like learning to ride a bike — or...

It's like learning to drive a stick shift. At first, you have an awful lot to consciously control: the gears, the clutch, the steering wheel, the brake, the accelerator. Then, in time, it becomes automatic, unconscious.

How often do you drive totally unconscious...

And we even develop the ability to drive from one place to another without thinking at all, to arrive at our destination and wonder, How did I get here? In fact, we might even go places we didn't plan to go, such as the office on a Saturday, just because we're on autopilot.

Life can be like that, too. But if we want to create a genuine rapport between the conscious and unconscious where we choose our destination and the unconscious supports us in getting there, we can use the Seven Laws of Harmonic Wealth™ from The Power to Win Weekend, which was based on the work I did for my book, The Science of Success.

Each of these laws, which I called SuperLaws, were drawn from physics and applied to daily life. We have been studying these laws already in small pieces throughout the course of this e-mail series.

Laws, not Luck, is the name of the game...

The first SuperLaw, "The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy," overarches all the others. It states that energy is always moving and changing form; everything is energy, and energy is motion.

If you talked to a physicist and asked, "What creates our universe," he or she would answer, "Energy."

If you requested a description of energy, you would hear something like, "It's in and through everything, and all that ever was and shall be. It has always existed and it can never be created or destroyed. It's always coming into form, moving through form and out of form."

Then, if you went to a theologian and asked the same question, you would get a similar explanation:
"What creates our universe?"
"Would you describe God?"
"God is in and through everything, all that ever was and ever shall be..."
Same thing. It's just a matter of terms.

So clearly, whether you are partial to science or theology, energy/God is the source of everything; everything is comprised of energy. I once read that in our bodies, we each have enough energy to light up the whole North American continent for a week. Convert that to kilowatt hours, and it's worth billions. We are, just as everything else is, comprised of energy.

So our foremost task in following the laws of success, indeed the laws of the universe, is to use that energy wisely, which doesn't just mean to spend that energy, but also to collect, condense and escalate it. Who we are and the results we can produce are a direct reflection of the amount of energy we have within us.

There is a time and place for massive action, but there is also a time and place for no action. Clearly, to sit still even for a little while takes a lot of courage, since most members of our society don't buy into this idea. Instead, they're of the opinion that it's perfectly okay to go, go, go on the highway of life at 80 miles an hour and never stop for gas.

Extend the metaphor and it holds true: this is impossible to maintain, or the vehicles (we) break down. No gas, no go.

We see people for whom the go, go, go has paid off financially, yet their emotional lives run on empty. They've ego-powered themselves into certain monetary results, but they haven't taken the time to fill up in a long, long time.

Likewise, we know those who have admirable relationships but are financially broke, those who are devoted to spiritual practice but are also sick all the time, those who have great health but no real spiritual connection. All great teachers and sages have told us repeatedly that life is meant to be fulfilling and complete in all areas; we are meant to experience Harmonic Wealth™. Why is it, then, that so many of us lack vitality — positive energy — in one or more areas of our lives?

To the degree that we increase our personal velocity through the constant balance of yang (activity) and yin (inactivity/receptivity), we will find our environment and our world will change.

How can you put this to work in your life?
If you passionately feel that something is right to do, do it passionately. If you are ambivalent or uncertain, wait. Take time each day to be alone and journey inside (yin).

Turn off "the plug-in drug" (a.k.a. the TV). This income and energy reducer transmits a constant stream of electrons right into your brain that can put you in a trance and dull your mind. Witness the most popular programs: nightly news, reality TV, Jerry Springer, WWF, organized sports — and then study history and the fall of great empires.

Stop listening to and reading the news. This can keep you in a constant state of fear and disempowerment. Doubt me? Prove me wrong! Everything we are told is murder, mayhem, and sensationalism. Everything communicated will ultimately dull the senses, limit creativity, and suggest that we are totally out of control and unable to do anything about the world in which we live.
We've explored only one of the SuperLaws in this lesson. But there are six more to help you create as much success, balance, and happiness in your life as you could ever want. And these are just a few of the vital life lessons you'll master during The Power to Win Weekend.

In less than 72 hours, you'll be able to turn on a brand-new flow of energy in your life. You'll discover the truth of who you really are — the unique, timeless, universal soul who deserves the best life has to offer — and you'll leave the weekend with both the drive, the skills, and the mindset to create what you've always wanted.

Bold claims? Maybe...

I realize these are big claims, and I do not make them lightly. But they are backed up by the results of thousands of people just like you who have learned how to supercharge their daily existence with the kind of success that creates not burnout but balance, not hardship but happiness. If you want to see some of their comments, click here.

And if you already believe passionately that this weekend is right for you, click here and join me for the doorway to your new level of Harmonic Wealth™ — because you deserve The Power to Win!

Your Coach,

James Arthur Ray

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