Monday, March 30, 2009

The two most important crop circles:

ABOUT MAURICE OSBORN Maurice Osborn is an independent crop circle and UFO researcher. His work was instrumental in bringing about the creation of The Sagan Continuation Project (SCP) by Marshall Masters of The mission of the all-volunteer SCP is to continue the outbound contact efforts of astronomer Carl E. Sagan by using the Internet to repetitively beam a reply message into space via our immense network of communication satellites. THE SAGAN CONTINUATION PROJECT: SENDING CONTACT MESSAGES VIA THE INTERNET FOR FREE The SCP contact message is designed to use the lingua digital of the World Wide Web as the communication medium via communication signals radiating into space, beyond the many communication satellites presently serving the Internet. The 29-word outbound Internet SCP contact message was composed by computer consultant and SCP founder, Marshall Masters at the request of UFO and crop circle researcher, Maurice Osborn. RELATED WEB PAGE: MAURICE OSBORN CREATES A CROP CIRCLE IN ENGLAND USING THE SCP CONTACT MESSAGE In September 2004, Maurice used the SCP contact message to construct a man-made crop circle in England His effort represents a significant milestone in the history of crop circle research, because no institution or government funded his efforts. The message he sent to the stars last August with the help of many volunteers in both England and America, is every bit as sophisticated as the 1974 message, astronomer Carl Sagan beamed into space using the powerful (and expensive) Arecibo telescope. CONTACT MAURICE You can email Maurice at for more information about his work and this program:

The U.S. and ETs by Maurice Osborn:

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