Tuesday, January 12, 2010

EFT - Day 2 & Personal peace procedure


Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts works closely with her colleague Sue Beer and together with there work they share a wealth of tapping information and a unique way of blending different methodologies such as NLP, Erikson hypnosis, the work of Byron Katie and the Emotional Freedom Technique together.

Personal peace procedure:

Alina Frank
Alina Frank has specialized in women's issues including intimacy, relationships, and sexual/reproductive health.

Gwyneth Moss
Gwyneth has been studying emotional health and practicing EFT since 2001 and as well as hearing about Gwyneth's first EFT aha moment when successfully working on a medical doctor with OCD you will also discover what a great innovator she is, creating many new ways of using EFT, including using a three stage process that can be used on both animals and humans with great success.

Marie Holliday
Marie Holliday lives in the beautiful country of Spain on a finca, or farm, with her partner and two dogs and has lived in Spain and the Canaries for about eighteen years in all. Marie learned EFT many years ago when attending Dr Alex Lees Course in Spain whilst he was visiting from Canada.

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