Monday, May 24, 2010


A Gift for You c

We sit in a pose in which it is most convenient to us. Once we pick a pose, we should close our eyes very gently, just as we do when going to sleep, and concentrate on seeing what lies in front of us. There should be no pressure on the eyes. We should not concentrate on the forehead. Instead, we should keep our eyeballs horizontal, as if we were looking straight ahead.

When we close our eyes we will see first darkness. That which sees the darkness is our inner eye. With the inner eye, we should gaze lovingly, sweetly, and penetratingly into whatever is in front of us. We should be attentive, as if we were watching a movie screen and waiting for the movie to begin. This is a process in which we do not worry about the world outside or what is going on in the body below. We are only trying to invert so as to reach worlds the within.

Once we close our eyes and focus our attention in front of us, the mind will distract our concentration with thoughts. To provide assistance to help bring our attention to the eye focus and to still the mind, we should repeat any names of God with which we feel comfortable. While gazing into the middle of what lies in front of us, we repeat the chosen name. The name is to be repeated mentally, with the tongue of thought. They are to be repeated slowly, at intervals, not in quick succession. There should be a slight pause between each name.

Our job is to sit calmly and quietly and lovingly gaze into the darkness lying in front of us. As we do so, the attention will automatically begin to collect at the single eye. There are vistas and vistas of sights inside. As the sensory currents withdraw, we forget the body. We will begin to see some flashes of light, or lights of various colors. We should continue to gaze with full attention into the middle of whatever is lying in front of us. Look intently and penetrate deeply to find out what is there. Then concentrate more and more, these lights will stabilize, and we may see red, white, green, blue, violet, purple, yellow, orange or golden light, or flashes of light. Whatever we see, we should concentrate in the middle of it. We may see inner stars, moon, and sun. As we gaze attentively into the middle of whatever we see, the Power of God will guide us beyond the physical into the higher planes.

We can tap into the divinity whenever we want. The bliss and happiness we experience in meditation stays with us even after we come out of the meditation. It is a wellspring of love and peace and the experience is so powerful and deeply fulfilling that it helps us to transcend the pains and sorrows of life. This is the gift we can achieve through meditation.

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