Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hydration wand - Quantum Age Water Stirwands™


The missing links and the solution to the hydration, oxygenation and detoxification of human cells.
You need do nothing more than drink the standard daily recommended amount of water, stirred with a Stirwand™ for 20 seconds. Continued use will maintain therapeutic hydration levels, consistently saturating every cell with oxygen to optimize the action of the body’s many cleansing systems.

Stirwands™ increase Baseline Hydration 28.5%
Stirwands™ increase Baseline Blood Oxygen 10.25%
Stirwands™ reduce Baseline Toxins 18.2%
Substantial testing shows that Stirwand™ technology balances the chemistry in virtually any potable water.

How do Stirwands™ work?
Based on natural energy. The high-matrix minerals are not being added to the water. The minerals are enclosed in medical grade polymers – nothing leaves the wand, nothing enters it. It’s all based on energy, not mechanically or artificially altering water.

The Stirwand™ naturally and non-invasively restores the balance needed in water so that it can hydrate and oxygenate cells to their fullest potential by making the energy and contents of the water molecule fully available to the cell's aquaporins. Stirwand™ technology actually drops the specific gravity of the water, allowing single water molecules to move into and through the aquaporin channels. Critical factors in water that are important for hydration are aligned and stabilized by the exclusive blend of minerals. These factors include resistivity, conductivity, surface tension, specific gravity, pH and correct charge. Clinical trials prove that drinking water balanced naturally with Stirwand™ technology is as vital a source of oxygen for our cells as is breathing oxygen through our lungs. See our Executive Summary which summarizes all of the clinical trials, the science behind the technology, the importance of hydration, agriculture and aquaculture applications and more. And read the “White Paper” by Exavier Phoenix for a discussion of high-matrix minerals.

Fenestra Research studied nearly 40,000 people in a 7 year period, all drinking enough water, and found that a whopping 94% of them were still dehydrated. We’re drinking more water, spending more money on the water we drink, yet still dehydrated. Finally, there is a simple, natural and safe solution. It’s not the source of water, or how much it costs that counts – it’s the balance of it before you drink it.

Stirwands™ increase baseline hydration 28.5% (30 days).
Stirwands™ increase baseline blood oxygen 10.25% (14 days).
Stirwands™ decrease total body toxins 18.2% (within 90 days – the placebo group had NO significant change in cellular detoxification)

For optimal benefits, drink the amount of water you need (half your body weight in ounces, daily) and make every ounce of it stirred water.

Stirwands™ are not designed to change the pH level as clinical studies show the pH level is not a factor in increasing hydration. What the Stirwands™ do is stabilize the existing pH, which is a critical factor in hydration. The Stirwand™ technology focuses only on the required balance of water chemistry for meeting the criteria set forth by Nobel Prize science of how the human cell hydrates and oxygenates, and Fenestra Research’s 8 parameters of water that are key to hydration. Please refer to our Executive Summary for further discussion of these parameters.


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