Friday, February 11, 2011

Certified Natural Health Professionals



CNHP requires five seminars as the basis of our certification. Each certification seminar deals with a particular area of learning needed to become a Certified Natural Health Professional. Candidates are to attend and complete five certification seminars on the various theories and techniques used by natural health practitioners. Each seminar is led by a competent, experienced and dedicated instructor. A minimum of thirteen hours of study, classroom participation and practical demonstration is required in order to become certified. Initial certification is dependent upon the successful completion of a written exam given at the end of most seminars.

The five certification seminars are:

Nutrition - Covers the basic elements of health such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals

Body Systems - Understanding the organs, glands and tissues that handle all bodily processes

Iridology - Discovering weakened areas of the body quickly and accurately

Body Work - Bringing the structural aspect of the body into balance for a better impact on health

Practicum - Combining the legal, emotional and practical aspects of discussing health with others

While good students never stop learning, the information in these seminars provides the student with the hands-on application of traditional natural health information, concepts and strategies. To maintain certification, graduates must attend a minimum of one CNHP Capstone per year.

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