Thursday, April 5, 2012

recommended food suppliers and brands

Grass Fed/Pasture Raised Meats and Eggs:

US Wellness Meats

TX Bar Organics (Yes, it says “organic” but this beef is grass fed AND finished!!)

Grass Fed Traditions (Soy Free Eggs and Grass Fed Meat Options) (search your area for local suppliers)

Coconut Oil, Jarred Tomato Product, Spices, Skin Care, etc…

Tropical Traditions

Hands down best coconut oil I have ever tried and if you look at the sidebar on the left and do some exploring you’ll find organic strained tomatoes, tomato paste, sun dried tomatoes, spices, coconut flakes, lotions, soaps and much more!

I love using their tomato products as they all come in glass jars and I can avoid cans!! I am in no way a freak about always avoiding BPA and will still use canned tomatoes here and there as well as canned coconut milk (more on that later) but it’s nice to have options. If you read this article, I mirror her sentiments on the subject of BPA.

Penzeys Spices (Always fresh and tons of options!!)

Simply Organic (Lots of selection and good quality!)

Canned Full Fat Coconut Milk

Native Forest (Claims to not use BPA in their cans but more than that, I just like the stuff)

Thai Kitchen (Love how thick and creamy this brand is and it’s easy to find in most major grocery stores!)

Chaokoh (Like Thai Kitchen, yummy, fatty, coconut goodness)

Soy Sauce Replacement

Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos

Bragg Liquid Aminos (Yes, it’s soy based but it’s gluten free and fermented soy does not tend to be as problematic for folks, unlike other soy products. Overall, I highly recommend to avoid soy but a couple occasional tablespoons of fermented soy like Bragg Liquid Aminos for most folks is fine. BUT, like with anything else, if you can’t tolerate it, don’t eat it! Read this article for more information soy in general in which Mark also talks about fermented soy.)

Fish Sauce

Red Boat Fish Sauce (The awesome blogger over at NomNom Paleo turned me on to this stuff and I never looked back! I use it religiously to season my stir fry and curries.)

Kids Lunch Containers

Planet Box (Jaden’s all time FAVORITE lunch box. It’s sturdy, cute, and doesn’t spill all over the place. HIGHLY recommended for your school age kiddos)

Lunch Bots (I use these to pack Rowan’s snacks in for on the go!)

Klean Kanteen Insulated Thermos (Really and truly keeps hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold for HOURS!!)

Beef Jerky

Steve’s Originals (I simply would die without it. Period.)

US Wellness Meats (Their Beef Snack Sticks are yummy!!)

Community Shared Agriculture

GRUB (Where I get my veggies in good ol’ Chico CA)

Local Harvest (Where you can find a CSA near you and any farmer’s markets in your area!)

Almond Butter

Ammin Nut Company (a local Chico family making the best darn almond butter I have EVER had in my life. I have to make myself stop from eating the whole jar with a spoon. Consider yourself warned.)

Olive Oil

Bionaturae (Another one to add to the shopping cart thanks to Tropical Traditions)

Isern & Sons

Bacon, Sausage & Deli Meats

US Wellness Meats

Niman Ranch

Applegate Farms

So that just about wraps it up. I’m sure I have left something off so post to comments your questions about anything I may have missed and we will round this post out by filling in any blanks by YOU! What are YOUR favorite go to paleo supplies?

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