Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Consciousness and Quantum Coherence

James J. Hurtak, Ph.D. Ph.D. on non-local consciousness - presentation held at the Genesis II Symposium, Munich 2008.


"Reflections of light and intelligence on planet Earth"

Something else:
The Light Orbs Speak About Ascension
religion and spirituality have in common that both feel that this source is some benevolent being that seems to have some sort of attachment to us other than just a shared energy force. we as humans through out most of history have tried to explain our wonder, mysteries, natural causalities etc by believing that this source is somehow caring about us, it's extended creation. this thing is kinda like our computer. it takes information in and gives information out, it collects data, stores it, processes it etc. it doesn't have a care either way what goes in or goes out. we add to the information that gets stored within it. most people find that they prefer love over the alternative emotions because it make "us" feel better. this does not have anything to do with the force from which we came, this is "us" adding ourselves to it, not it adding itself to us. we are creating the creation as we go along until it stops. then what happens who knows. does this force take all that it has gathered within it and turn inward and then does the creative force once again spill it's guts out and there we are again?

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