Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kevin's story

" I have also tried many modalities and techniques in my spiritual awakening. Many help quit the mind and the business of life that had kept me searching until I found the truth about what i thought I knew. Everything had been made up in my head that I believed and most of it was full of lies and misinformation based on a belief system that came from my experience in my upbringing (family of origin, environment, social interaction, schooling, education, country). all these factors effect the story of what I wanted t believe in. Spent countless hours ,days ,weeks and years attempting to grow and nurture that untruth or false belief in the way I was creating my life.
Resistance has a way of being persistent and keeps us working and yearning for something else , something more or different than what I am experiencing because it doesn't fall into what I want to believe is real. The only thing that is Real is your experience in this exact moment of life. Everything other than that is a fragment of a moment past or a projected idea being created of what can be.
The first time someone explained this to me I was in resistance because it was so True I could not logically discount it in any way.
The more aware I become of my presence of being ( how I am in this moment of my experience ) the more I can let go of the illusions and just experience it , this , life. It will never be the way I see it and I can see it ever changing as I am .
This brings me to what I believe is the key to self enlightenment.
Being present in your experience without illusions of what it is , or resistance to seeing and experiencing life as it is outside of my limited mind , that I am just part of the whole, a micro universe interrelating with the ever-changing conscienceness of Being. I have experienced some incredible things happen in my life. Physical healing in my own body layer after layer as I open to more , more is healed. I understand when my body talks to me it is important for me to listen. I live the perfect life I have created thru the perfect actions to be who I am at this moment. As I continue to heal and let go of my mental and physical resistance I experience more and more of my spiritual connection to everything. This to me is the state of Acceptance /Bliss /Love /happiness.
No matter what it is that I am experiencing , if I can be present in it , be in acceptance of it and not put my ideas (mind creating
judgement) into what it is , I am able to see, feel and experience Gods grace and joy in that moment , this moment and Be Love.
Self healing,It is an inside job, always has been and always will be.
You can take all kinds of classes and be taught by some the most enlightened beings ( i have know some great ones) , it is still you that will make the choices in how you incorporate it into your own experience of being. We create it all . It is all about you/me valuing and seeing the perfectness that we are the way we are is exactly the way we are. The critical voice is always attempting to convince us we are suppose to be something else or we are suppose to be having different feelings or that we are not ok just the way we are. The levels of self (ego /idea of who we are) we let go of is equal to our ability to understanding that we are all part of the same conscienceness that is being created all around us and my thoughts give life to what ever it is that I am experiencing.
Knowing this (unconditional love of self is everything, anything less is resistance to self) as a core truth , I have found that as I love myself more and more , my ability to be more present and more loving only grows. I have had many a conversation with others to attempt to disprove the power of love and have not yet had one that could. Love is perpetual energy, always giving more than it takes and there is always more right behind it. Sweet stuff.
Once again this is all made up and it works for me , It is my way .
Peace and blessings
Kevin "

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