Monday, April 20, 2009

always question

As we are repeatedly and kindly reminded by the other side,...

* Always question everything you read, hear, encounter, discuss, visualize, discern. This is how we learn.

* Seek out what "resonates" with you and your particular "Truth"

* Meditate to find answers within

* Understand that your particular "Truth" is not static, but rather is fluid in nature.

For example, a young child views his or her parents a bit like all-knowing God-like creatures. That is the child's "Truth" at that point in its development. Later as the child develops into a teen, parents are often viewed in less-than-knowledgeable terms. (warm smile) That is that teen's "Truth" at that point in perceived time. Later, as the teen progresses into adulthood, most hold the "Truth" that parents are somewhere in between and are, indeed, a reflection of themselves.

Again, as each of us progresses along our various paths, our understanding and Truth matures and encompasses more of a total understanding.

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