Thursday, April 23, 2009

cellular intelligence

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, in your channeling in Redding, California, you told us that holding pills in one's hand can be an effective way to "heal." Question: Will that eliminate harmful side effects? Is it safe to hold Prozac? Can I hold a painkiller without negative after-effects?

ANSWER: We've been speaking about this for years. The Human Being has the ability to link to "cellular intelligence" in order to hold medications and benefit from the results. This is perhaps one of the strangest of all the Kryon teachings. However, it also forms the foundation for kinesiology, and in some ways, even homeopathy. In both those cases, cellular intelligence, beyond your own understanding, is activated to bring about changes in your chemistry or give you answers or messages that only it has.

We've told you that you might experiment with this by holding in your hand the medication you've been using. Just as in kinesiology, the body "knows" what you're holding. Call this strange if you wish, but even your own science is beginning to validate the process of meditating to change body chemistry. This gives validity to consciousness over matter, or in the case of what your science has seen, "the ability to significantly alter your own cellular structure through consciousness alone."*

Your body knows what your intent is, and also what substance you're holding. It is therefore possible to imbue the properties of the intent of using the substance into your cells. You're not actually using the substance, so there are no side effects of a drug, for instance. The body is reading what you wish the drug to do, and it is "seeing" the properties of the drug.

Be wise here. This is out of the experience of your normal reality, isn't it? Then if you wish to try this, go very slowly if the substance is important to your health. This will work on a case-by-case basis within the consciousness of each Human and the path they're on. But it will work with aspirin or insulin - substances with two very different purposes.

There have been those who have heard these words and have reduced their insulin levels substantially over time. They still need to actually inject some of it still, but only a fraction of what it used to be. This is the same principle as homeopathy, where one part in a million of a "cure" can be "seen" by the body. What the body is doing is reacting to your intent, the substance, and the consciousness around it.

*Editor's note: If you wish to try this, do it slowly and with ceremony. If you find that it's not working, then stop. Don't do it "cold turkey." Use common sense here, and experiment. But be aware that many have found it to work. Just think... a bottle of aspirin or antacids will last for years!
"I am probably on my third book about molecular biology and epigenetics. My newest find, which is probably old to many of you is: “The Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton. If you can get through the discussion on cells and formation, quantum physics, etc, it is very, very interesting. Also very, well written for the ‘non-scientific’ type person…which includes me. J. Trust me, the DNA of GOD was a lot tougher in the ‘cell’ discussion!!

So does it dove tail with what “you” program into your thoughts, you receive? Of course and that includes what you touch and feel. Can we heal ourselves? Absolutely!! Do ‘happy, happy’ thoughts do it? No. Can we be ‘physically’ out of balance at the same time that our thoughts, our spirit, our soul are out of balance? Absolutely! So read the book.. or something else that turns you on in the direction of balance. "

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