Friday, June 28, 2013

Meg Bendicte - Using the Sacred Geometry and the Vortex to Activate the Pineal Gland

Using the Sacred Geometry and the Vortex to Activate the Pineal Gland, Right Brain, Crystalline Brain, Removing Shadow Ego and Spinal Cord Aloha my friends! For those who may have missed this post on the first run, here’s everything you need to get started with to lay the foundation for working with Sacred Geometry. Over the last six months we’ve been merging our human body with our souls Light Body and going through the activation process with all these upgrades. Ascension is a process that takes work, no one is going to save you and if you want to evolve spiritually it takes a lot more than floating around your head in blissful states of meditation getting “close to God”. That’s nothing but an arrogant, egotistical load of New Age bullcrap designed to keep you in a state of non-action at the spiritual level. Trust me, I began meditating in the late 70′s for a couple years, then again in 1990 for awhile and once more in 2003-04. I’ve tried different approaches but until I stumbled on Meg’s method of vortex meditation I was like Helen Keller in my own head! Which I rather suspect most of you can relate to, you know meditating feels great but you wonder if it’s really taking you anywhere special in the end. So the following meditations are designed to get you up to date so you can start listening to the weekly shows and get maximum benefit from the work we’re doing now. This is powerful energy work my friends. I also promise you that it’s safe and will put you on to the ascension path. Just remember though, when you’re on the path toward ascension you still have a responsibility to live in service to others, to continue to build unity by raising awareness in your local community and around the world if possible. Over the last six months Meg has been helping us build a foundation so our light body can get fully activated, to clear out enslavement programs, remove duality and polarity from our fields and MUCH more. The difference this work has made in my life has been absolutely incredible, now I’m experiencing things I never imagined possible and only wish there were words to describe what’s been unfolding so I could better share the experience with you. All I can do is give you the ascension tools to work with and Meg will teach you the rest. Below are links to shows containing the basic foundation you need to get up to speed on building your light body, do yourself a big favor and carve out time each day to get caught up. Also very important, be sure to use Metatrons cube (pictured below) as your grounding platform to keep yourself protected and so you stay in your body, this is your vehicle to travel the universe on and stay safe with. Keep in mind this is highly advanced meditation work, in the beginning it really helped me to start breathing and going into a relaxed state while Meg is talking before she begins the group work. That way once she begins the healing session I’m not trying to stop the mind chatter while grounding myself, that may help you as well. Also remember, if you stay in the vortex at the end of the group session Meg takes calls and does healing that you can benefit from as well…learn these techniques and use them in your own meditations for healing, to be honest I’ve learned as much from the calls as the healing sessions. She’s done past life healing’s that were incredibly empowering to be a part of, we’ve all been blown away listening to Meg heal some of these callers. Many times you can even hear the callers physically respond sometimes with gasps, those are times when you know this is about as real as it gets. In addition during my healing session last week with her, when she had to go off planet to learn about my history. At one point my body was shaking hard when she pulled my soul fragment back from the energy whatever it got caught up in on Maldeck. I can honestly say that I feel so very blessed to have found Meg and the body of work she has pioneered for us, so that we may become the Divine 12 strand humans we were originally designed to be. From my experience, Meg Bendicte has proven herself as a real Earth Angel here teaching us about the Sacred gifts and tools we have at our disposal. I hope I’ve done this post justice so that you’re sufficiently inspired to take the time to explore the ascension tools handed down to us through her from Lord Metatron, Archangel Michael, the Christed civilizations and the Syrian High council. The team that’s guided and helped her over the last 20 years to pioneer this work for all ascending souls. Over the last six months I’ve also felt the presence of these Ascended Masters and Archangels as I worked through this material and was even graced with the presence of Archangel Michael one evening while meditating on my own. He appeared in front of me as a bright light the size of a tennis ball for about 10 seconds before exiting down a blue vortex, it was a moment I’ll never forget! And I owe Meg for her work in pioneering the path that took me to that point…talk about feeling blessed!! Your now standing at the doorway to your ascension my beloved friends, now is the time to let the healing begin by taking that first step, now! If not, what are you waiting for? Anyone who thinks Jesus is going to save them without doing the inner work on themselves is sadly mistaken, he came to teach us that Christ consciousness lies within you. It’s your own inner Light your looking for, so he taught his followers to go inside to find the Light of God. It was NEVER about worshiping him or carrying guilt for his crucifixion, all of that came from the Archonic presence running the five major religions as a way to keep the masses controlled and divided. Here are the keys to unlock the door, just open and step into your power! Link to archives: New Earth Central – Crystalline Brain Upgrade New Earth Central – Crystalline Infusion to Remove Duality Right Brain Activation Breaking Free of Enslavement Program Pineal Activation Neutralizing Ego Shadow! Megs website: Metatrons cube: This the Sacred geometry grounding platform you want to use any time you open the crown chakra to stay protected, very important and helpful tool for accessing your higher self and the higher dimensions.

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