Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Source of Pain and Suffering | Bashar .
To know why I have attracted this experience, I need to ask this question: “What did I learned about myself from this experience, which I would not have learned if I had not had this experience?”
It gave me the experience of darkness, and pain, to the point when I think all is lost. And then I see ligth again. I see the possibilities for grought, expencion. But I would rather not have the negative experiences.
By saying this I am invalidating the stepping stone. And it will not work. I am cutting this out of my path, it doesn't belong to be, but it does belong to me, or it would not have happened.
When I egnolege, and totaly validate that this has happened for a reason. It could have been done in another way, but this is the way I did it. Don't judge myself, don't judge my life for any less for having done it that way. DON'T WHISH IT GONE - LEARN WHAT IT THOUGHT ME! Accept it as a valuable stepping stone that brought me to where I am. When I accept, and validate it, for the lesson it gave me, then it doen't need to stay in my life. It is only the resestance that extends the pain of this experience. Because the pain is a result of the resistance to the natural me, to what is, to who I am.

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