Monday, August 5, 2013

Eric Dollard Tesla Longitudinal wave Energy SBARC Ham Radio with Chris Carson
it is that in part 4 of that video, you will see how the path of voltage is the path of time, matter, space, energy etc, expressed as a FTL (the 293,000miles per second wave) as compared to the standard C limit of 186,000 miles per will see how when they are FORCED at high current levels (inductance, below FTL, etc), that their vectoral shifts can be forced and integrated (or separated, depending on how you understand it) and produce free energy effects. The way it is shown is that the vortex motions are FORCED and the system goes high current AND electrostatic..and the 'drain' in the system is a 'field' (vortex) that is forced into existence. The part you can't see in the high current demonstration is that the filed is there, but invisible. This is the other aspect of all the over-unity devices. The unseen dimensional tie in with the FTL 293,000 miles a sec dimensional energy wave, or scalar wave. It is the most bizarre motor demonstration you can imagine. The KEY point is the ball bearings and their spin rates. Later it is shown how Tesla did it and how, for example, David Hamel managed to get multi-ton(!) spinning concrete forms to shoot off into space..and kill (shut down) every electronic device within miles. The electrostatic field of the local aether was disturbed in Hamel's experiments and the highway 401 outside of Toronto..would have stalled carts sitting on it, until the field effect dissipated. David then says, the Canadian Military would show up, within hours and take his stuff away. Again. David was messing with the underlying fabric of the expression of reality and thus electrical functions.... so electricity as an idea and reality, would fail, in the immediate vicinity. Like a continual low level EMP pulse, it was. Not permanent failure of electronics like an EMP pulse would produce (bull, it's actually a MASSIVE voltage change device, these so called EMP devices). This is covered in the Stan Deyo video linked on this forum..a video on the TR3B Anti gravity craft explanation, with regard to the underlying longitudinal wave.
Part 4:

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