Sunday, August 4, 2013

Vitamin C for heart health

The ability to reverse plaque through vitamins has been well-established. A 2 time nobel prize winning American scientist, Linus Pauling (considered to be the father of modern chemistry), used a therapy involving high dose vitamin C and the amino acid Lysine. This therapy is commonly called "The Pauling Therapy", named in his honor. It is also called "the unified theory of cardiovascular disease", which is the paper he wrote about it. The results of patients who go through this therapy is nothing short of amazing. To learn more about this therapy, see this site: An excellent book on the subject was written by the founder of the Vitamin C foundation and can be found here: If you want to skip the research and go straight to the Linus Pauling protocol, then go here: That last link goes straight to a PDF file, which is an excerpt from the book I linked to earlier. It describes the original Pauling protocol, and then adds more to it based on recent discoveries.

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