Thursday, September 19, 2013

HOPE girl Australia
We created a space and went around the room allowing each person to speak about their passions, visions and ideas. What happened next was magic. People starting meeting other people that shared the same passion and ideas, phone numbers were exchanged, meetings between them occurred later on and major collaboration began to take place with people that lived in the same communities whom had never met each other before. And the best part of all of this was the caliber of the ideas that were flying around the room. Many of the people there had extensive background and knowledge in some pretty big arena’s. Future leaders in sustainable healthy non- industrial food supply met and teamed up. Builders of a new sustainable society came with blueprints of villages and eco-friendly design. Future leaders in alternative education methods found each other at last. Musicians that all studied the healing frequencies of music all ended up in the same meeting… I see a future healing concert in our future! The ideas spread so quickly with little effort at all. Every person at this meeting was ready to take their vision to the next level.
When you stood in those rooms and observed what was taking place in front of you, you could see plain as day that the global evolution was beginning right here, right now in that room. When our full planetary transition takes place and we read about it in our new history books, these meetings will be at the beginning of our paradigm shifting story. Every person there was awake. Every person there was aware of the corrupt crumbling system and had a solution ready to go. Every person there was a planet changer who stood up when the call came.

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