Monday, September 16, 2013

Teal Scott - Sep 14, 2013

What you want? To create it you need to be in this vibration. 1. Why you want it? List reasons why you want it. Focus for at least 1 minute Get a journal . top – what I want, and a page on why I want it. 2. Visualizing what you want like you have it. Write in detail what your life will be if you have it. Write as much details as possible. Be realistic, to make your brain believe this is truth. Teach your kids to do this. Don’t be serious. It creates resistance. What does blame look to you, when you step out of it? What positive purpose it is serving to you? If you think you deserve it (something bad to happen to you it lets your brain to survive it. It makes us be the good one, and someone else be the bed one. We want to be rescued, and don’t want to stop being a victim. 1. EMDR – therapy for trauma. Rapid eye movement. Focus on your emotion. Less pain. And you will not be stuck in this memory, emotion, and be able to integrate it in your learning. It will not be causing us pain anymore, but will give us meaning. 2. Resquie your child-part from this memories. Go back and help the child-you. Create a place where you can have water, safe house, a helper or a guide so you can ask questions, switching place (a building, empty, where your painful memories are going to be stored, until you want to look at them.). Give your child a glass of water. Ask them what they need, and give it to them – love, hug, sleep, talk. Tell them you will be back again. Go back many time, until they need you. Resquie all your children – many. You can gain so much knowledge about yourself from this. Because trauma creates disassociation from life. We are living this life, but we are not part of it. We need to integrate the scary part of our life into our life as a learning experience. Sex: let yourself not to have sex. Recreational sex. Change a believe (sex is sinful): 1. How it makes me feel. What I do when I follow this believe. What is makes your life look life. 2. Consider the exact oposit – who would I be if I don’t have this believe? What will my life be? 3. Turn this on yourself – I make this believe true because of me (I make sex sinful). Prove to the joury that sex is not sinful, but you are making it sinful. Multiple reasonse why this is true. Mental game. 4. (Sex is pure) – oposit of above. How can you prove that? What reasonce you can find? TO get you out of the thinking, see the other points of view. I need to state open, so the “way out” will manifest and I can see it. Why is it hard to be nice to yourself? Recognise - They make it out of love. They want you to be good, protect you, etc. Tell yourself – “Thank you so much for making me be good! You care about me so much.” Dreams = me on another dimensions. Encountering your toughts in other dimensions. Feelings are the quid to desifer the dreams. Pay attention to who you feel in your dreams. Improve your toughts! About yourself. White down what you think about yourself. Do a lot of shadow work. If I am afraid – what will happen if I actualy do it? If I fail? If I sucseed? Because I can’t hold the pressuer. Why? Because I am week. What does it mean to be week? If I am week I am an emberesment. What will be bad about being an emberesment? People will ignore me. What is so bad about the? I will be alone. What is so bad about it? I will be better dead. – this is core believe. Work on it. Community United people Try to create your reality. 5 minutes every day. Keep a Synchronization journal. Write down what will show up, for your brain to see it is I created it. What messege do I want to share with the world? What can I do all day long, and not noticing the time go by? Create your personal religion from different parts of other teachings. Online forum: platform for a new society.

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