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My Auric Clearing - Part 1

On December 8th 2009 I had an Aura cleaning done by Trina Lindsey.

How it started:
I would like to offer them free to anyone interested until I
decide and prepare my own website. All they need to do is
email me at with their name, age,
location such as street, city, state and what they would like
me to clear for them.

Things that I clear include Morgellons, upper respiratory
infections and many other infections, bipolar disorder,
schizophrenia, and a gamot of mental disorders. Heart problems,
kidney infections, laryngitis, headaches and body aches, back
pain and it goes on and on. I also clear auras and karma by
removing demons, thought forms, soul fragments, personas,
personalities of others, and disincarnate souls. I can clear
houses, buildings and much more.

I prefer not to offer the free sessions to long-term chronic
problems because they may take several sessions to clear. But
I will take them on a case by case basis. I also will not work
on anyone without their permission: for instance smeone wanting
me to perform work on their spouse without the spouses
permission. Lastly if asking for me to remove disincarnates
and it is know that it is a truly evil soul please warn me so I
can set aside enough time for that clearing.

There is nothing people need to do to prepare except let me
know and get back to them with an appointment. I dont need to
talk with them on the phone, they dont need to do anything but
go about their normal business and forget about what I'm doing
until a few hours after the appointment time. Many pschically
sensative people feel it happening immediately, others dont
realize more than there is a voice in their head gone, they
feel blank for a while if multiple disincarnate souls are
removed or bipolar energies are brought together, or they have
a headache that wont go away with pain meds or they feel they
have the flu the next day. The headache and the flu requires a
phone call to me to let me know and I get rid of those in
minutes. Kinda freaky how it happens but it does. I've many
people into believers just by removing a simple headache within
seconds on the phone.

Please let me know if you think anyone would be interested.
Thanks Trina Lindsey,
RN BSN and
Psychic Healer working on Psychic Doctor Degree

Email about aura cleaning:

Dear... ,

Your Auric Clearing was fantastic! Please let me educate you for just a bit before I write your personalized report. This is information about the Auric Clearing in general, that I send to everyone, before I write the personalized report, which is in Blue....

You'll be having wonderful shifts in the next days and weeks... it feels like a "lightness" or a light-headedness, as the shifts occur. Your HolySpirit loves you and puts these shifts on your timeline according to its Will. I know I sound like I'm talking in parables, but it is a truth that there is no such thing as time or distance, to the Subconscious Mind (quantum physics too), hence Distance Healing. My point is, on my timeline, I did this session in about an hour, yet your HolySpirit directed the session, therefore several changes will happen in the exact "time" that they are supposed to, on your timeline, in the next days and weeks. So, you could be in the grocery store, or driving, and all of the sudden you feel "high" or spacey. Don't freak.. Just Allow!! You will be able to function just fine! It means you've had another quantum flux and you are shifting slightly into the next-best parallel reality. Wohoooo!

Your Auric Clearing by Soul Wisdom Energy Transformation went very well~! You have just had a very powerful session in which major blockages in the subtle bodies have been removed. We at SoulWisdom salute you for your open mind, your advanced thinking, that led you to greater freedom and accelerated evolution of your life. Your Light Body will be integrating from this session for a few days. (After-session instructions included below.) Your personalized session is in blue.
There are a few kinds of blockages that everyone has which affect the flow of Life Force in the body. These are not "solid" in the material sense, but they are "solid" in faster time flows, in the seven subtle bodies that operate in these faster-frequency time flows. They are blockages of life-force energies, and they become "solidified" in the subtle bodies due to stress, trauma, and unresolved emotions such as fear, hatred, self-pity, et cetera. The emotions in a human being can become quite powerful, and these "manifest" as blockages that look very real to a clairvoyant person who can "see" these different frequency bands. (An example of frequency bands are Infrared, Visible Light, Ultraviolet, Gamma, X-Ray)
The blockages (emotional thoughforms) often look like grayish orbs (spheres) representing an accumulation of emotional energy that has not been owned as wisdom, that is unresolved and not forgiven, and these orbs become condensed and solidified in the subtle bodies, and locate themselves in the body's seals, or energy centers, according to the frequency. In other words, each of the seven energy centers, or seals, which are located in the groin, lower intestines, abdomen, heart, throat, pineal, and pituitary, correspond with different emotional frequencies, so the kind of emotion determines where the blockage will be located in the seals. For example, an unresolved experience of heartbreak, or rejection in love, will probably have a blockage in the heart seal, and an experience of the guilt of not speaking the truth will have a blockage in the throat seal. (These are very simplified examples of a complex subject, but I hope this gives you an idea.)

Most people are addicted to the emotional chemistry, produced by the brain, from various emotions. The top three most addictive "drugs" of emotion are hatred, self pity and redemption. (Redemption is when someone "saves" us or rescues us from our pain and suffering. The brain produces opiates. Often, this plays out as sin/redemption cycles, where we play victim/tyrant dramas, then we get to "kiss and make up". Powerful redemption addiction there.) These three emotions are just as addictive as heroin. It is emotional chemistry, produced by emotionally embracing these attitudes, that cause the body to age and die within only seven to ten decades. When we unplug these "voices", the body becomes more alive, and we experience a greater spiritual maturity, and lengthen our life. (The movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?!" illustrates emotional addictions quite handily! :) :)


It's very common to encounter a discarnate person in a session. This is someone who has died, but didn't go through the "Tunnel" to the Plane of Bliss, but instead remained on the astral level, the Infrared level, hanging around people they know. When a discarnate shows up in a session, the session is blocked from continuing until they are assisted to the Plane of Bliss. I explain to them that you can't reincarnate from Infrared, or the "astral"; that you must go through the Tunnel to the Plane of Bliss, where you have a Life Review, and there is an agenda there that must be fulfilled before another incarnation is possible. Discarnates are very "earthbound". They usually feel they have a right to dominate the person they are "attached" to, through some kind of karmic contract such as "You betrayed me" or, "you abandoned me" or "you said you would be with me forever and never leave me", or it's a bond of hatred, where they are punishing the person that they are hanging around, etc. When they go to the Plane of Bliss, the only way they can be around physical people again is to incarnate as a newborn baby, with a fresh new start! :) Now that they are gone, you will probably feel more freedom from their influence. More peace of mind. In other words, their "voices in your head" are now gone.

Examples of discarnates

In your session, there was a "mean-spirited" presence around you -- it was a discarnate. She had been your mother in a past life, and she was extraordinarily punishing, wrathful, and harshly judgmental against you. I worked with her so that she understood that she should release her karmic connection to you, and go through the Tunnel to the Plane of Bliss. I'm glad her influence is not around you anymore! She can now have a "Life Review" and evolve.

An "occupant" is a thoughtform that thinks it owns the body, and is hindering a person's evolution. These are thoughtforms that can sometimes have very strong magnetic fields that attract undesirable experiences and relationships. These are the top-priority removals, as occupants interfere with a more natural flow of people, places, times things and events. When they are removed, their influence is also removed, and a person's experience of people, places, times things and events manifests more in accordance with the person's deeper, loftier desires of their HolySpirit. Occupants often enter a seal (chakra, as the NewAgers call them) of the body during periods of illness, trauma, or stress, and usually during the ages of 0 to18. We scan the Light Body in a systematic way, identifying occupants and all lesser-thoughtforms associated with them, removing them as we go.
I removed one occupant from the groin (1st seal), one from the abdomen (2nd seal), one occupant from the stomach area (3rd seal), one from the thymus (4th seal), two from the throat (5th seal), and one from the pineal (6th seal). and one from the pituitary (7th seal). With the occupants gone, you will likely notice feelings of greater peace and calm, and you'll notice that things and circumstances in your life begin to flow more harmoniously with your soul's agenda. During this next year, this will become quite evident!

What the Seals Represent

The first seal (groin) represents sex and survival. This is the "root" seal, where the kundalini energy sits. It is very common for most people to have an occupant in the first seal. I'm sure you can imagine how many sexual issues and survival issues that people have. The benefit of removing occupants from peoples' first seal is that it helps their subconscious mind to absolve issues related to this seal.

The second seal, located in the abdomen area, represents "pain and suffering". The occupant I removed from the second seal was very "solidified", very intense. Now that it is absolved, you may possibly find that in the next days, weeks and months, that you'll notice a greater peace and calm "bubbles up" to the surface of your conscious mind, now that a lot of emotional trauma has been absolved from the second seal. I would, however, advise a few Karmic Sessions because the suppression and brutalization has been going on for millions of years, so there are many layers (neural net layers) of attitudes, archetypes and personalities that relate to these issues.

I also removed an occupant from the third seal. The third seal represents power/control and their opposite -- subjugation/domination, and victimization. Control issues are central to just about everyone's life. "I'm in control" swings to its opposite "I'm not in control". (Emotions always fulfill their opposite, it's a fundamental trait of the emotional body itself.) "I must control <> I can't control" The word "Control", in these swings, applies to controlling/not controlling life in general -- people, places, times, things and events, and also Self. Because of past-life intense traumas, betrayal, abandonment, we often struggle to feel powerful because we feel powerless. Or, if we're feeling emotionally powerful and in control, the pesky thing about emotional states is that emotionally "powerful" will swing to its opposite again, where we feel "powerless". In Karmics, as we peel away and remove these emotional opposites, the swings begin to slow down, and we begin to notice a new evenness, and we don't get triggered into swings as much. In this example, when we release any neediness to control anyone, and we stop arguing our power in the world, a wonderful thing happens... we notice that female control freaks, and men who suppress/govern women disappear from our reality. We really do create our reality. It's not a matter of finding "balance", in any of the seals (chakras). That never happens, because the emotional body always swings. It is polarized, not static. It's better to remove/forgive/absolve the archetypes themselves -- unplug the entire program! That's where the so-called "balance" is. That's when we have greater peace. Because we're free of the whole bag! Heheheh (Yay!)

I removed an occupant from the thymus, or 4th seal. The fourth seal represents love and heartbreak. The "kundalini" energy that sits in the first seal and moves upwards towards the head was blocked at the fourth seal. In past lives you have suffered from traumas, been victimized. Most people spend an enormous amount of energy suppressing our contempt, from unconscious victimization, and fear of heartbreak.

The occupant I removed from the fifth seal (throat) was also an important freedom for you. The fifth seal represents the "Word" -- times when we didn't speak up when we should have; times when we didn't tell the truth; it can also represent times when we've been angry and yelled some blasphemies, heheheh! Most people are a bit "choked up" in the fifth seal, usually because we're afraid to speak our truth. We're often not aware of how much our words affect our reality. If we complain a lot, then we're reinforcing our inner Victim that likes to blame others for our own unhappiness. If we swear at people (like in traffic, heheheh) then the body reacts as if we're cursing ourselves. We all would do better to learn to forgive more often~! :)

I removed an occupant from the 6th seal. Blockages in the 6th seal usually represent "obsession" or "Insanity" from events that we could not make any sense out of, such as a small child being molested by its father, or a nonsensical act of violence against us. In past lives, like most people, you've had experiences that have been maddening, so I'm very glad to have removed that occupant. You're likely to feel a peace-and-calm "bubble up" from your Subconscious, as this session integrates.

Removing the occupant from the 7th seal is of great benefit to you as well. The 7th seal represents "god-concepts" such as "God has abandoned me", "God has betrayed me", "God is cruel and fickle", "God is a jerk, how could 'He' let this happen?", etc. The psychotic God-concept of the Christian/Catholic doctrine, that "God" is outside of us, when we are God, is a major set-up for inner bereavements of all kinds. They invented "Satan" so that we could have a bit of enjoyment in life, and invented a "God" that would punish us for it. I call that a psychotic religion. Religious mind control is heavy in all of us, making peace of mind difficult unless we learn a truthful god-concept that aligns with science and quantum physics -- the true "mind of God". I humbly beseech people to purchase "Ramtha" The White Book, because in Ram's story of how he became enlightened, he describes the Unknown God brilliantly. So, with this occupant removed, you've taken a major step in uprooting the "brutal God", and I hope you replace it with knowledge! "The keys to the Kingdom of Heaven is knowledge" -- Ramtha

The 7th seal occupant was the most "solidified" one, that required a longer time to absolve. Most people have an "ideologue" of "God" in their unconscious, of a "God" that we must please, but that is an illusion. This was great: By removing this occupant, you can now make this paradigm shift: "We don't ask "God" for what we want; we are God and we Create what we want." -- Ramtha

Isn't that beautiful? 

With all these blockages removed, and the forgiving of many karmic issues related to them, you are going to experience some pleasant changes!

This was a very intense and wonderful session~!!~!

I encourage you to gain knowledge that will help you release karmic baggage in general... please purchase a Ramtha CD, DVD, book, from With greater Knowledge, your Subconscious has much more Lofty to enact in your life!

The personality tries to control our lives, yet it's our Deeper Self that is the best at doing that. Most people never find their deeper, intuitive Self because it's a feeling, it has no words. Some have called it "the small, still voice of God-within." The personality, which is seated in the neocortex of the brain, just doesn't have the resources to do the job -- to create joy, to bring about opportunities. These seemingly "miraculous" things are the reward for becoming an adept at using the midbrain, or psychic brain, which has the ability to bring about the mystical in life. Few people ever access this, hence most peoples' lives are a survival struggle, a power struggle to compete to survive. That's the lot of humanity, basically. I hope you choose to study the Ramtha materials, starting with the book "Ramtha", because if you choose to acquire more knowledge about a god-concept that aligns with quantum physics instead of religion, you'll have a more operative basis with which to direct your life. When you build a new spiritual neural net (a new "library" of spiritual knowledge in the neocortexes of your brain) then I can help you in Karmic sessions much more than if you didn't have that knowledge. I can still help you quite a bit, but it's up to you to change the basic, underlying paradigm that the emotional body itself is built upon, and no one can do that without knowledge. I can remove intense traumas, but I cannot change anyone's decisions or attitudes (obviously *smile*)

So... I worked a long time to remove some of the unconscious past-life traumas (in the form of holographic thoughtforms), such as depression, anger, fear, guilt and shame ... you had some really grand releases, and I removed as much as I could in one session. When these emotional thoughtforms were absolved, large, beautiful golden soul fragments were retrieved spontaneously into your Light Body. (These "soul fragments" are the life force that had previously been "tied up" in the unresolved emotions, the thoughtforms.) Your auric field danced with beautiful colors. This is what it looks like clairvoyantly when thoughtforms (holograms) unwind and the soul energy is retrieved. Beautiful~!

During the session and particularly at the end, when everything is released, the life-force that was tied up in the attachments then returns through the subtle bodies. This means more life force circulates throughout the body. Clairvoyantly, this healing looks like swirls of color around the auric field, and infinitely small sacred geometric rainbow forms entered all the cells. It's very beautiful to "see".

As you integrate this session, you will probably feel a bit strange, like you are a different person. This is because some of this heavy karma has lifted from you. You now have a fabulous opportunity to change your attitude so that your reality changes~! Grand~!

This session took about an hour on my timeline, but please remember: You are releasing, and will continue to release magnetic fields of these intense emotions quite strongly for several days, and release them more slowly into the weeks ahead, from this session. It will get better. Please grin and bear the discomforts of integrating this session because your body may possibly feel like it's recovering from a long debilitating illness. Actually, on a practical level, it is. I believe that it is releases like these that are so valuable in preventing illnesses from manifesting in the future. If you don't feel very much, which is also possible, don't worry about that either, the body is releasing these magnetic fields regardless, so don't think the session didn't work.

I humbly give you my admiration for your willingness to forgive and hence, move on to greater destiny, greater timelines, greater parallel realities. I salute you!

The benefits to you will last long into the future!

Please email me soon and let me know how you are doing, okay?

Lots of love to you,
Carol Hathor [[[[ put your name and sign-off here]]]]

After-Session Instructions
After your session, you may feel very different, as your unconscious adjusts to the removals. You've released very deep layers of old emotional pain, and so much came off that you may be a bit uncomfortable for a few days. You may feel "odd" or "different" or "strange". This is because the blockages that you have been accustomed to, for many lifetimes, are now gone. (yay!)
You may have "divine fever". That is when your body temperature goes up and your skin feels warm to the touch, as if you have a low-grade fever. This is a sign that your Light Body is "burning off" old emotional trauma, old identities, old contracts. It means also that the brain is opening to greater genius, greater creativity, greater peace and happiness. Divine fever is a very good sign that the session was indeed very effective. In some cases, there is a mild depression as the emotional body adjusts to higher frequencies. Also there can be temporary headaches, nausea, or need for extra sleep. These are all "symptoms" of shedding "spiritual sickness" from many lifetimes of the past.
You may have strange dreams, sometimes unsettling or very "odd" dreams. Don't place significance on these dreams or try to analyze them. Please remember this is the processing and letting go of traumatic and painful issues that were unresolved in your unconscious. This is a natural process of letting go, so please let go. Analyzing would be "holding on". In a few days you are going to be feeling very much better. You'll feel a lightness that you may not have felt in many lifetimes regarding the issues addressed in your session because the issues or unresolved traumas are often centuries old.
Also, your body may signal you to eat extra sweets or salt. The sessions work on the "electrical" system of the body, the nervous system, and sweets and salt are one of the fastest ways for the body to produce electrolytes, to help integrate the session. So, if your body is asking for sweets or salt after a session, please comply! :) :)
Feeling Weepy -- Our thoughts create dark thoughtforms from our emotions of self-pity, stress, worry, resentment, fears, victimization, et cetera, et cetera. When we take our power back from the demons of our mind, their darkness "unravels", or comes unwound, and our fragmented soul energy that created the demons becomes its original golden-white color, and returns to us. It returns into the Light Body. It's the "prodigal son" of our fractured self that "cleans up" and returns home to the throne of God-Within. A grand thing indeed!

As this life force returns to us, there is often the need to weep. This is not emotional weeping, this is the effect of the soul fragment coming in through the subtle bodies and integrating. So please allow yourself to weep without analyzing it. Our personality will not understand the weeping, so please don't "layer" the weeping with self-judgement that "crying is bad". That is the silly alter-ego that really doesn't have a clue what is going on. Allow yourself to cry. In this case, when soul energy returns, we're not crying because we're wallowing in self-pity. Our Spirit is crying and it is a cleansing. In such instances, "Every tear shed adds a year to your life" (Ramtha)
In some cases, there is a mild depression as the emotional body adjusts to higher frequencies. If emotional discomfort persists longer than three days, please go to your health food store and get a naturopathic remedy for PMS. (You too, guys!) These formulas contain a natural herb called Sepia, which soothes the emotional body. Take maximum dosage for three days, then taper off. You won't need it longer than seven days, in most cases.

If you are still feeling a significant level of discomfort on the fourth day after the session, please email us and we will check in on you to see if there is any activation remaining from the session. This is very rare, about a 1% chance, yet this is why we ask our clients to please email us a few days after the session and let us know how you are doing.
I would like for you to summon your "Blue Self". This is your fourth-level Self that integrates everything from the session, and is believed to perfect your DNA!! (According to Ramtha and the ancient schools of wisdom). Imagine you are liquefying in an ultraviolet blue bubble of Light. If you practise this daily, you may possibly begin to notice better health, and a better sense of well-being.
Also, since this session was so intense, I would like you to visualize the
Void, a midnight blue sky with no stars. See it in your frontal lobes (just
behind your forehead, the most sacred place of the body, because great mind
begins with working in this way) The Void is the Source of All Things, the
Mother-Father Principle, your subconscious recognizes this is the God
Within. Ask your god for a symbol that represents *joy*. When you see it,
memorize it and see it in the Void as often as you can. You might be grumpy
and emotional for a few days, as your subconscious continues to release all
this karmic yucky stuff, and by focusing on your Symbol, you'll ride
through the integration process with more ease. Do this as you fall asleep,
in the middle of the night, and in the morning when you first wake up. If
your God begins to show you other symbols, excellent! :)
You'll very likely notice long-term benefits from this session. Your future has likely changed because it is no longer influenced by these unconscious forces, your life span may very possibly have increased, your life force most probably has increased also -- makes sense -- removing blockages and attachments always enhances life-force. If you pay close attention, you'll notice which "voices" we unplugged from the neocortex (the seat of the personality).

And... a reminder of your "Health Insurance Policy"...

Nutrition for Integration of SoulWisdom Sessions and hence, changing the DNA

Most people don't know what health risks they're taking by being trace-mineral deficient. So many dis-eases are caused by a deficiency of one trace mineral or another, that who knows which trace mineral could be needed for what ailment? Selenium deficiency causes heart problems, tin deficiency causes baldness, then later, deafness, copper deficiency causes the skin to lose elasticity (wrinkles), the list goes on and on. I don't have data on how many diseases are caused by trace mineral deficiencies, but I do recall a source that said calcium deficiency can cause 147 different diseases.
Also, our DNA does not change without calcium!

Coral Calcium Supreme

Ramtha has recommended an extraordinary calcium, magnesium and trace mineral supplement that he says also has hydrogen, which the scientists don't know about coral -- the hydrogen it contains is extremely beneficial, apparently. Ram said that in the days of the Giants, when grapes grew as big as melons, it was because the soil was hydrogen enriched It was once an ancient seabed -- full of small crustacean shells, as coral calcium is, and eating the food grown in that soil is why no one ever got sick, and why they lived for hundreds of years.
Ramtha was very specific about this brand: It's called Coral Calcium "Supreme" from Okinawa Japan, formulated by Bob Barefoot. It has 75 trace minerals, also extremely bioavailable because the coral has already "digested" it, and the all-important magnesium is processed into food form by the coral as well. Ram has said that calcium and magnesium are the two most important minerals for longevity. Yet both are difficult to find in bioavailable form, and this is it. Ram has said that calcium must be readily available to the body in order to reverse aging, to maintain health of all tissues, to provide lightning-quick brain function, and to replicate DNA through the RNA. With enough calcium, magnesium, hydrogen and trace minerals, he said that the body may possibly replicate DNA/RNA at youthful levels~!!! (Of course if we work to eliminate unconscious emotional addictions and stress points (fears) that are wearing the body out.)

This is the best supplement for the price that I have ever seen, because not only is it calcium in a 100% bioavailable form, it also replaces my Bcomplex formula, it's got A, C, D, E as well. It's my only supplement, and worth the price. Unlike so many supplements that are supposed to increase metabolism and make me more "perky", this one has actually been doing that. But not right away. It has slowly improved my health, not just another herbal/nutritional high that I crash from. Ramtha also said that healing the body means healing our attitude. Humorously, he said to give this coral calcium to someone with a really bad attitude, heheheh~!! To order it, call 1-800-506-5402.

Note: Ramtha also asked us to read the book accompanying it because he wants us to know the science. The book recommends 25,000 IU of vitamin A daily, which is the equivalent of two or three carrots (I don't remember exactly) and also 5,000 IU of vitamin D daily to help absorb all the trace minerals and calcium.
Coral Calcium Supreme

ONLY $14.50 per bottle

~~~Karmic Sessions
Soul Wisdom's Karmic Sessions deal with the removal of "karmic contracts" that are causing disruption in our lives. Our definition of karmic contracts is: Decisions, truths, concepts, alignments, contracts, oaths, vows, unresolved emotions and attitudes, held consciously and unconsciously that create, influence or magnetize events and experience in current reality.
These are always polarized, hence they "output", or radiate, discordant magnetic fields. Examples of polarized issues are: "I love myself, I don't love myself; I must forgive, I can't forgive; I love men/women, I despise men/women; God loves me, god doesn't love me, et cetera. These unresolved, polarized emotions and attitudes are carried by our soul's memory from lifetime to lifetime, and become "hardwired" into the brain's neocortex of the bodies we've incarnated into. Unless the neural nets of polarized issues are unplugged from the brain's programming, through obtaining releases from the subconscious level of awareness, any kind of energy work will not be
permanent. Most "energy" modalities, and even psychiatry, rarely obtain such deep releases in such a short time, so you might possibly consider yourself lucky that you found our work!! We do! *smile!*
The most important paradigm for understanding this work is that the subconscious, the god-within, does not judge. SoulWisdom's "God-Concept", as understood from Ramtha's teachings, is that God is Everything -- it is the "platform of thought" that sees, allows, and loves everything. It does not see that we are wrong or right. It just sees. And loves. It is Oneness with all things, so if we wish something on someone else, we're also wishing it onto ourselves. Another example is that if we hate someone, they're only reflecting back to us our own self-hatred. Masters who are awakening become acutely aware that what they see in another so are they. For how could we recognize something in someone else unless we have been the same way?

The God-within allows us to be, loves us, and says "so be it" to whatever we emotionally embrace. The more passionately we embrace anything -- fear or love, and anything in between -- the faster the experience of that emotion will manifest. This is the true paradigm that has been taught by Masters and Christs for eons -- that whatever we emotionally embrace becomes law in our kingdom.
SoulWisdom's Sessions are directed by the person's GodSelf, the subconscious, not the Practitioner. The Practitioner facilitates the release of the issues that the GodSelf shows us. This "True Self", your deep-subconscious Self, shows us the priority issues, the source-decisions that cause the greatest fragmentations of Life Force and the greatest suffering. The holographic language of the deep subconscious is comprised of archetypes, personas, polarized contracts and potentials/constructs on each of the seven levels of awareness. Polarized contracts are absolved, all contract-generated thoughtforms are transmuted, all related neural nets are unplugged, which corresponds to the quantum level of awareness, or the Void.

Cool, yes?!
"Heal the mind, and new parallel realities emerge!" Carol Hathor
SoulWisdom Energy Healing
Distance Mind Healing , circa 1996
Carol Hathor, Personal Transformation Facilitator and Founder
"Accessing the deeper mind for permanent and complete releases
of unconsciously-held terrors, guilt, unworthiness -- the
source-attitudes of virtually every emotional
discomfort and physical disease." -Carol Hathor
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Copyright © 2009 and beyond infinitum... SoulWisdom Energy Transformation, Carol Hathor

Thanks and Good Lucky

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